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  1. Evernote developers appear to be totally asleep on this fundamental problem that has been ongoing for months. Copy and paste are fairly fundamental in such a program. Any update from Evernote? Was hoping the new version of Big Sur might help, but it doesn't .
  2. Dear All, Here is the latest response from Evernote which is a step in the right direction. The workaround seems to work for single images etc. Thank you for your patience. Between your reply yesterday afternoon and today, I was able to locate the Evernote forum post that I think you were referring to in order to understand more about the issue. I was also able to talk with one of our developers about this issue. They let me know that the developers are aware that doing a copy and paste of a file or image from Evernote to a 3rd party application isn't work correctly. They are working
  3. True - the problem is NOT fixed with 10.6.9 - you cannot copy an image or file even into macmail - all you get is a blue question-mark.
  4. Having same issue re. copy/paste - originally thought to do with Apple M1 chip and Rosetta 2, but new version of EN now won't work on my 2018 Intel macbook (luckily have an older version that works well). Thinking of moving to Onenote after 7 years or so with Evernote - will raise again directly with Evernote on Monday
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