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  1. I am a long-time premium user (~9years). I love the IDEA of a home page and I even looked into notion for awhile for that specific reason. However, in it's current form I find it less than useful. Other than scratchpad, it's really just displaying the stuff that's already available in the sidebar (a list of shortcuts, a list of tags, a list of notebooks). The following changes would improve it a lot, in my opinion: users should be able to pin more than one note! Maybe I have a to-do list and a calendar, and a most-often-accessed resource that I'd like displayed on my home page. I was really surprised that this feature wasn't present the "notes" and "tags" widgets should be editable--I should be able to choose WHICH tags I access most often and want to see listed in the widget. otherwise I might as well just choose from the sidebar menu or make everything a shortcut I should be able to set it that Evernote always opens to my home page (this seems like a no-brainer.....) it would be ideal if simple edits could be made to pinned notes from Home without fully opening the note (I'm mostly thinking of a to-do list or similar). scratch pad is great for jotting down a quick idea but I want to be able to update ongoing, frequently accessed lists I've never left a suggestion before but hope it's helpful feedback and am curious if other users agree. 🙂
  2. evernote is no longer listed in my share menu and when i go to settings its not even listed as an extension that I can add.......any ideas?
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