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  1. Having installed the EN version 10 some month or so after launch, then having serious problems with notes disappearing - neither I nor the EN tech support could locate these, I went back to 6.25. When version 10.7.6 was released I, foolishly, thought maybe the bugs were all ironed out - again I'm returning to version 6.25 as a temporary measure until I can find an alternative. I'm sad to have to leave after 9 years, but I just can't trust Evernote any longer.
  2. As far as I know I don't have local notes. The strange think is I lost the HDD on the laptop and after installing W10 again and syncing EN to the laptop, which is when I had an extra 120 notes. Surely, they can only come from the cloud. Doc
  3. Why do I have more EN notes on my W10 laptop than my W10 Desktop? - I have 120 more notes on the laptop Doc
  4. After "chatting" with technical support for an hour on the similar problem, multiply word search, I have on Android and Windows - the most annoying think is they act like this is the first time this has happened, and no one else is experiencing the same problem 😡 - All software has problems (I was a software developer) but to pretend there isn't a problem is extremely annoying - just downloaded version still the same search results. Doc
  5. Thank you - That worked great with MS Word, and I've tested that on a text note, which is what the genealogy program uses for notes attached to events. The only slight problem is the address in the text box is not clickable - but does work okay if I copy that address into my browser. That will really help link my source documents back to the events. Thanks again Doc. I've tried TinyURL - which helps with large web addresses in text note
  6. It does look like that is available in the windows version, only Copy Internal Link# Thanks
  7. Hi, I use my EN for my genealogy research. Is it possible to link to an EN note from within a Word / Text document? I use a genealogy program, Brother's Keeper, to keep track of events in my ancestor's lives and store the research data in EN - I want to enter a link back to the note where 'proof' of the event is stored. Example. A text document with a link to an EN note where the source of information came from. Brother's Keeper event - Charles Smith born 12 September 1849 Evernote - Charles Smith - containing a letter with Charles Smiths date of birth on it. Do
  8. Thanks. When I get get good access to the internet I will try any uninstall and reinstall the windows EN. I can't think of anything else. Doc
  9. Hi the topic seems to hang in September 2019 - was this solved? Because my hyperlinks have stopped working on the Windows version ( of EN. The same links are working on Android. Doc
  10. Hi Thanks for you comments - I'm unsure how to share these notes, but as the notes are public records I have attached one which as it is an image of a computer printed document (which I would guess was professionally scanned, as it came from the British National Archives) I was really surprised that it wasn't indexed. In fact I've had a response from EN support and he can't get the image to index either - Onenote has no problem with the Jpeg. Another worrisome problem is that, as support confirmed, there is no way of knowing how many of my notes have not been indexed. Support sugges
  11. Hi, I uploaded quite a few notes back on 23rd June 2019, and now I'm going through those notes, checking and tagging, and find that many have still not been indexed - 18th July 2019. My understanding is that unless the notes are indexed, any search against these notes will fail. I have tried 3 times to sort this out with EN support - twice they have suggested Recreate Full Text Search Index, which I've done, but this didn't solve the problem. Today's session with EN support I could not get them to understand indexing - Have I got the wrong idea about indexing? Many of the notes are hand
  12. Brothers Keeper doesn't change the file format. When I export my data up to something like Ancestry or FMP, I don't include photos or documents. I tried FamilyTreeMaker many years ago, and decided to stay with BK. Doc
  13. I'll watch out for file deletion - I'll make a couple of backups before I try anything. The data files rarely change - although only this week I did change one - FindMyPast had released a new version of the 1939 census page - which does happen as people "fall off the perch" and they are allowed to release the data under Data Protection. The option to save the files directly from Brothers Keeper isn't available - I could at the end of session drag the files to Evernote - which could be a safer option. Thanks
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