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  1. I wish I could get an answer to solve 'few bugs' my syncing problem got upgraded on the 4th September by the 9th not one acknowledgement, suggestion, or a solution. Doc
  2. I've had the same problem - I raised a support ticket - after a couple of suggestion they gave up. Never found a solution, although it is happening less now. I'm always concerned at downloading their latest version, with what new bugs it will bring! I use EN for my research on my genealogy hobby - I really can't imagine how businesses get on with such buggy software. Doc
  3. Thanks. Getting to that 'ding' is a problem I was hoping to solve as I have over 20,000 notes. Perhaps, in a new iteration of version 10 we will get the 'ding' and the few other things we are missing! Doc
  4. Hi, I purchased a new laptop, how do I know when all the notes have been downloaded from the server to the laptop? Thanks Anthony
  5. I've bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my Samsung S6 Lite which is working great apart from the speller checker not working with Evernote (It works fine with MS Word) - Is there a setting to active this? Doc
  6. Using the latest Android version on a Samsung S6 lite. Inputted 2 lines of data into a note and V10 produced 3 versions of the same note. How do I stop this happening? Doc
  7. Yes, I know this has been discussed in many posts - but not found a solution. I have tried leaving the computer logged into Evernote overnight - not one new note was synced. I've reinstalled the software. I've rebooted. Any further suggestions please? Doc
  8. Got a reply from EN support - not the one I was expecting "Sometimes the small note differences like this can be calculated weird on different devices if you have some shared notebooks. It's even possible that this is actually a counting error and the notes are actually still there. I am glad to hear that the difference is only 4 notes (No mention of the 20,924 files different!) though and our team is aware already of issues like this. They are currently working on a fix for this." This is the end for me - I've tried exporting to Nimbus and Onenote - neither worked. I will move to another note app and use EN to search old data - not as if that works either - that is another support request, which is waiting for an answer. Thanks for the suggestions Doc
  9. I will raise the 'feature' with the support team, but I can't see how they are NOT aware of the problem. What I can't understand is how other users who really depend on the EN data like businesses and serious research projects manage. For me all the data supports hobbies - mostly genealogy. I really hope Evernote get their act together. For me I'm trapped by Evernote, I've tried time and time again to export my data into other programs like OneNote and Nimbus, but I never got more than half the data across - and much of the exported notes are gobbledygook.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion - I'll give it a try. Doc
  11. Speed test results show 29mb download and 9mb upload. Downloading the cache I had everything turned off I could. I suspect the problem is a bottleneck to the island of Cyprus, where I live. Doc
  12. Thanks - I will try reporting this to the support team - but not holding my breath. For most of the requests for help, I had another one 2 weeks ago, and the response was the usual "uninstall, delete the Evernote folder and reinstall". I don't know if it a very slow internet connection, but with 20,000 notes the rebuilding of the Evernote folder take 5 days. Doc
  13. Hi, I'm running the same version 10 of Evernote on my laptop and desktop computers, but the cache files in the Evernote folder if different by some 20,000 files - Why would the desktop have so many more files? Thanks, Doc
  14. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit running the latest version on windows and Android.

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