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Many times I'm away from the internet and need my notes to be available offline. I've left my laptop running (Legacy) EN for 3 days, after checking today I can see very little evidence that the notes have been downloading to the laptop. Is there a setting o could of missed?



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If you are running Evernote Legacy,  a copy of your database is stored on your local hard drive by default.  If you use windows,  search your hard drive for a file ending .EXB,  or look at Tools>Options from the Evernote menu bar.  You should be able to see where Evernote stores its databases.  As long as you remain signed into Evernote you should be able to view and edit your notes anywhere,  on or offline.

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That explains a lot - I've been looking at the files in ....\AppData\Roaming\Evernote and the files in theses folders on my desktop and laptop are a similar size - around 57 GB. Now looking at ... \Evernote\databases the desktop computer has 57 GB and the laptop 13 GB. I tried disconnecting the desktop from the internet and I could not find a note I could not access. Thanks. Okay why is the laptop taking so long to download the data? - I've a fibre connection at 200 meg. Could there is corruption and I need to restart from scratch?


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Legacy and v10.x have different databases,  as you obviously realised;  there is a 'quick' way to update your laptop Legacy installation,  but I've not tried it where v10 is also installed - you may find the app becomes unstable.  If that happens,  you'd have to start over downloading from the Server so nothing is lost,  but some time.

Here's what I suggest you could do:

  1. Copy the databases folder on your desktop to a usb drive.
  2. Sign out of Evernote on the laptop and take it offline.
  3. Locate the same folder on the laptop hard drive.  Rename it to Databases.old. 
  4. Upload the thunb drive copy in its place.
  5. Restart the laptop and sign back in.

With a little luck Evernote won't notice the transplant and you can continue from there.  If anything does go wrong you have two layers of protection.

  1. Delete the thumb drive copy folder from your laptop and un-rename the original folder
  2. Uninstall Evernote Legacy completely and start over...

Hope that helps...

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3 hours ago, doctorkeo said:

am I better off deleting the v10 database or just leave alone

If you start v10 and then sign out,  you should have the chance to opt out of keeping your database on that device. Select that option,  complete your sign-out,  and you will minimise the v10 footprint on that device until you decide to use it again.

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