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  1. Hi Thanks for you comments - I'm unsure how to share these notes, but as the notes are public records I have attached one which as it is an image of a computer printed document (which I would guess was professionally scanned, as it came from the British National Archives) I was really surprised that it wasn't indexed. In fact I've had a response from EN support and he can't get the image to index either - Onenote has no problem with the Jpeg. Another worrisome problem is that, as support confirmed, there is no way of knowing how many of my notes have not been indexed. Support suggested looking through my notes, but as there are some 12,000, not very practical. Doc.
  2. Hi, I uploaded quite a few notes back on 23rd June 2019, and now I'm going through those notes, checking and tagging, and find that many have still not been indexed - 18th July 2019. My understanding is that unless the notes are indexed, any search against these notes will fail. I have tried 3 times to sort this out with EN support - twice they have suggested Recreate Full Text Search Index, which I've done, but this didn't solve the problem. Today's session with EN support I could not get them to understand indexing - Have I got the wrong idea about indexing? Many of the notes are hand written, many are typed, but as EN should do hand written notes - I will take anything it can find! EN asked me to upload a note that wasn't indexed. These are the responses I got - (I uploaded the same note to Onenote it was instantly searchable - although only the pre printed text on this sample.) a - The image might need to be upscaled to find the text. b - The image indexed when separating the image into each page c - It looks like when the entire image is added into the note, the image is shrieked down to fit with the image. This would explain why the app is having issues indexing them. Can anyone explain these? Thanks Doc
  3. Brothers Keeper doesn't change the file format. When I export my data up to something like Ancestry or FMP, I don't include photos or documents. I tried FamilyTreeMaker many years ago, and decided to stay with BK. Doc
  4. I'll watch out for file deletion - I'll make a couple of backups before I try anything. The data files rarely change - although only this week I did change one - FindMyPast had released a new version of the 1939 census page - which does happen as people "fall off the perch" and they are allowed to release the data under Data Protection. The option to save the files directly from Brothers Keeper isn't available - I could at the end of session drag the files to Evernote - which could be a safer option. Thanks
  5. I'm using Windows - Zapier sounds just what I'm looking for - Thanks
  6. Is there a way to automatically create a note in EN when new files are saved in a Google Drive folder? I have set up my genealogy program (Brothers Keeper) to store all of documents on Google Drive (this way I can share the data with my desktop and laptop). Most of the files are JPGs, pdf and text so by creating a note for these documents they would become searchable. I was thinking of something like IFTTT but have zero experience of this or similar product. Any suggestions please. Thanks Doc
  7. I second (and whatever I need to say) to try to get Evernote to add this very basic feature.
  8. Really 2019 and not solved! Or am I missing something.
  9. What I don't understand is that the EN clipper fails for me everyday, but not completely. I use Android EN clipper to clip the UK's front pages from the BBC website, but always there are some images missing from the clipping mainly from the end of clipped image. Is there a better clipper for Android Chrome?
  10. I tried the tip from Anthony Statera - thanks. This did not work for me. I tried a clip before rebooting and after both the same. The really strange thing is that the first part of the clipping is reasonable, as I scroll down the clipping the text is fuzzy. I have 3 monitors, 1 4k and 2 1920 X 1080. Been running the 3 monitors for a couple of years at least. No problems until recently. My work around, although not ideal, us to use my Samsung TAB S2 running Android 7. The EN clipper is still producing clear text.
  11. Reloaded and synced all the data - download update yesterday and still have problem with the search and now the predicted text
  12. I have now Done a reboot. Uninstalled Evernote. Rebooted my Tablet. Resynced the offline data. I still have the search problem with searching for items within attached (docx) documents and text within a note on offline notes. Both searches are sucessful if I am online. The Android version I have installed is 7.9.6. This version also has a very annoying bug with the predicted text - which I now have turned off. Thanks. Doc. Update. accessing the same data via my LG G2 Android telephone, the above searches work - so what conclusions can I draw from these new findings about my Samsung S2 Tablet.?
  13. I have at the moment followed DTLOW suggestion, but it take a while to re sync the data. I will post an update when I've synced and tested the searches, Doc
  14. Thank you for your reply. The two Word documents I mention are stored on the Samsung Tablet, and were loaded on the Evernote notes from the Tablet and are set to be available offline. Since posting the original posting I have tested some other Evernote notes that only contain text and are also set to be available offline; my search results also reported no finds on these notes. This is really disappointing as I was hoping to use Evernote for all of my research, and at nine out of ten places the Internet is either not available/ unreliable/ too expensive. From your posting it looks like my only options are to go to Windows (which for me means lugging my netbook around) or finding another Android program to handle notes. Doc
  15. Evernote for Android. Am I expecting too much of my Android Tablet, Samsung Tab S2? I have two Microsoft Word documents, docx, loaded into two separate Evernote notes and set to be available offline. When I search Evernote I can only locate items within these documents if I am online. Is this correct? If this type of search is not available offline on the Android, would the search be available offline on a Windows Tablet like a Microsoft Surface? Regards Doc
  16. Hi, I've numerous documents that I've used the excellent Evernote Android mobile App to create new notes from use of the camera, and these have been OCR'ed - My problem is when I do a search, Evernote finds the target words BUT the 'finds' are not highlighted. Am I missing something I should be doing? Thanks. Doc Evernote Premium Account.
  17. I did the import - not to move to OneNote but as a backup - You never know what is around the corner - Anyway the import took 3 hours - I've no idea what it did for 3 hours because I can't find any notes that have been imported - It claimed it was a success!! Update I did find about half of the notes that were imported into OneNote which was useless as any kind of backup.
  18. I have been contacted by the Evernote support team – twice now. You are correct I am devastated about the lost family history information – I’m going through old backups of OneNote – I can believe what an ass I am in believing that Evernote was a safe portal for my data. My day today will be more searching for anything, anywhere. I’ve been using Evernote for a few months on a very low key usage, without any problems – Then because of the changes with OneNote (Why, is beyond me!) and numerous sync errors – Version conflicts (Even the same version!) – Obscure error messages, I made the jump to Evernote. I’ve just tried to preserve any data that is up on Evernote before that disappears too. I exported all of my notes to a mht file– that failed to export the images in the good notes – What is the best file format to export.
  19. I've got the exact same thing - and I've just imported all of my Onenote into Everynote thinking my days of Sync errors, obscure error messages - version problems were all behind me - Yes, I’ve had frustrating problems BUT over the years I have never lost any data (That I know to!) but now very valuable (only to me) bits of my family history has disappeared - It looks like I've wasted a year’s subscription (Taken out the day before I found this problem) - which I know is nothing to the value of my old family photos and research notes that have gone missing. I am living in hope that Everynote's support team come back a solution - I can't find one on the forum pages! Doc Update - As I search through my new Evernote note - I've found that some text & images are completely missing - I assume that the Onenote import failed to import without reporting an error.
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