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  1. nah he keeps telling he/she is not part of the company which I doubt. coz nobody has time to reply to every single thing in a forum unless he has nothing to do in his life. I bet he/she is a relative of an admin here who has given a sideline/extra income to keep the forum alive. 😂 as a matter of fact with 20,873 post he/she made, that would be enough data set to create a full blown A.I chatbot that has his attitude in it. 😂 I love to see one 😂
  2. as you already see. from my screen shot. the web was last log-in 25 months ago. the android was last login 3 weeks ago. and today I log on to my laptop. if you claim it that web client counts as a device has been announced only since 2020. then it should have pop up on my android 3 weeks ago. actually it should have pop up on my laptop for several week already since I'm more active on my laptop. but no it only pop up today. I already unsync my WEB a while ago coz I don't really use that Sh*t I was really surprise that the WEB was considered a device ... #PFT you can tell on how I was so conveniently using it for several months after I become a free user and suddenly out of the blue I was told to unsync. I know it's so hard to defend your aw so f%&# awesome software. Keep up the hard work. #PFT
  3. so this is a thing? I have been in an evernote premium user for over 10yrs. and I Decided to drop in for Notion last year. I'm still using Evernote for quick offline note taking. Then suddenly this Pop's up today. If I remember it correctly free user can log-in to 2 devices. when it pop up.. I was curious coz I only have 2 devices that I've installed evernote. so I proceed to click the unsync a device to find out. And guess what.. Evernote just go f%$&*& low. that they decided the "WEB" part is a "Device". 😂😂 why not revise the free user to 1 device instead of trying to go technical on us?
  4. this is timely, I wonder why it appears on my inbox a day after I subscribe to notion. LOL anyway, if you are looking for a new note taking app try notion. I believe this will be my last year in evernote. it's been more than 10yrs. but I'm going to warn you before hand. Notion takes a bit of a learning curve before you become convenient on it. if you have basic programming skill (so basic in which at the level of a high school student) you may be able to tame it. I started using it last month and took me several redesign attempt on the structure of my database. before I finally figure out the best suitable for my case use. if you don't know where to start in notion. you go focus on "Database" first. find tutorials about notion database. coz the structure of your notion will be base on how you design your database. Notion is more focus on organizing. and Evernote is more of Quick notes, something like write and forget, I'm still gonna use my evernote. but I'll soon be no longer be a paid user. some very useful advice since you are familiar with evernote. in evernote you have notebook, inside notebooks you have pages. (that's how simple it is) in notion the so called "pages" is more like a Room. the databases are Shelves. but the Shelves can exist in multiple room all at once via link database view. good luck.
  5. Make the note or the whole notebook public. And convert the link to QR code. Stick the QR code in your fridge. This way you don't rely on its app coz you can view it on your browser. Been doing this on my plastic storage bin. Putting everything in a note so I don't need to open every bin to find what inside. Every bin has QR code.
  6. I already tried clearing cache yesterday. I tried pushing the sync button but it just make the loading animation forever. Today I tried logging out. And it doesn't make me log out too. Haha Finally I cleared all data. And it works.
  7. Just now my evernote on android doesn't sync at all. the last note in there is Nov 8. the latest note I created is just today in my desktop and web app is doing well. there are 4 notes created from Nov 9 and today. but the android app doesn't have it. I tried editing something on my android but that note I edited didn't show in the desktop and web. so it is clear that the android app is the problem here.
  8. He completely stated his use case. Which I can relate to. More than 100 photos on a single note. Multiple notes for a single customer. One trello card can hold unlimited photos. A single card can hold unlimited comment (notes). And you can also link multiple cards. There is also a trello to evernote integration. So he can transition bit by bit. Not to mention trello has the custom field for easy filtration of customer profile. And there is the map view too. Where you can pin location of your customer/project. The best feature is the automation. I love this part coz I printed different QR code for my employees to create card via 'email to trello' with automation to append card name with time variables. The only downside is the offline part. Evernote is better on that part.
  9. Forget it they wont. (theres no hope for that) But I can advice/suggest you to look at trello. Trello has unlimited attachment with 250mb limit each. (standard and premium) This is what im using for my small business. 10mb max unlimited attachment for free user. But it will take you a lot of time setting up an automated board that works for you.
  10. Very well then atleast we have "it here for the record." Lets see where the industry of computing tech is heading. Right now most evernote user hates the current sluggish windows version. That gives them sort of evernote is not prioritizing windows and slowly shifting to focus on mobile version. Their actions through the years of developing their app speaks for itself.
  11. Read my post carefully. First paragraph ' they haven't implemented it on android platform.' 2nd paragraph ' make some excuse such as 'we are now discontinuing windows support'' What do you think will happen if evernote Discontinued windows support? Since windows is slowly embracing android to it platform (I already attach a screenshot for you to comprehend since you cant on my last comment). It's not hard to predict that sooner or later evernote will ditch windows to cut cost. And if that happen. Encryption feature is gone for good. This is why to "remove all doubt, I hope they implement it the text encryption on android" Now do you get my point?
  12. This part is where the doubt are. Specially that for ages they haven't implemented it on android platform. It's just a matter of time when they just going to pull the plug of the feature and make some excuse such as 'we are now discontinuing windows support' Coz windows now is slowly moving on trying to embrace android in the operating system. Unless the developer implement the text encryption feature in android to end all these doubt.
  13. I disagree, a thief will not waste time stealing on a place that is not worth the sweat. (evernote) An app that's primary job is to store password is the most dangerous place to store private data. It's just a matter of time untill all the current developer will be replaced by incompetent new generation of developers. Software as we know it is always on it peak popularity at their original founder and team. Once they get old and got replace by younger one things get to a new direction (good or worst). Attackers are always young and motivated. -------- I just hope evernote become transparent over this feature rather than trying on mind conditioning their customer to slowly remove the feature.
  14. Of course, of course everyone has it. You just cant use it. Hey mind if I replace the door in your home with a plastic curtain. Don't worry you still can live there. That's what the rent you are paying anyway not the doors. Oh and I plan to increase the rent next month. But you're not going to be affected. You should Be grateful. ... ... ... ...
  15. This one.. The android widget. That doesnt even fit/resize to full width.. And no 'list' notes... Its so pathetic looking widget.
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