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  1. Thanks. I guess I'll go back to 6.9 then. I also have the old version of the clipper.
  2. 1. on my case when I post a URL it doesn't include some few part on the beginning. (look at the screen shot below.. that's how it looks) when you click it ... you get an error on the browser.. coz it really didn't include those part on the address bar. 2. I have a bookmark notebook that contains almost 600 bookmark notes... and when ever I click that notebook it's TOO DAMN LAG it is hard to scroll down. all alignment inside that notebook were all messed up (not just on that notebook but literally all note that are bookmarked input by evernote clipper extension are all messed up)... usually the link and description is right aligned. (if you look at the image below ... the link and description went below) the remarks were also removed from the evernote clipper.
  3. 2016 and still not yet resolve? I also encounter this thing today... I visited one the site that I need to log in so I look at my evernote to look at the log in information on that site (which is encrypted of course) and by chance I hit the back space... and it really got deleted.. lucky you can "undo" it (ctrl z). but the question is what if somebody who happen to play some prank on you and deleted those notes... Damn... we need solution here.
  4. remember oldest twitter version. where you can just simply input [what you are doing]. without opening evernote app and create new notes just to enter some few words. I believe Twitter was created long time ago as [record] your everyday life for some kind of medical purpose such as when you suddenly got sick and you need to go back and check what causes it by looking at your past twits but the world drag twitter and utilize/transform into something like advertisement and business communication tool. lol maybe we could bring that back here where you can [record] [note taking] your everyday life in [private].
  5. Every time there is an update I "ALWAYS" find my self in this situation... I don't know maybe it is time for evernote to explain the hell out of it (it's probably not about evernote but the windows system). if so I guess they should asked Microsoft itself what the hell is wrong with them. LOL
  6. I have this error too not only in evernote but also on skype.. I believe it is something to do with my restoration from windows 10 back to windows 7.. I'm pretty sure there are more other software on my system is going to get the same error once an update is ready.. I hate this..
  7. is there a plan for evernote to create an intelegent evernote clipper for facebook post, notes, photo , feeds and album I'll made this easy to explain by example.. I saw an album from facebook of different hairstyle for men.. a very informative album but when you try to use evernote clipper.. well.. it doesn't work. so at the end you just create a notebook and paste the link there. but with that solution there is a danger that you might not see it in the future it the user deleted the album and or deleted his account or you are not connected to the internet. there is way to do it but it needs to be done manually.. by downloading each photo and post it on a notebook one by one. ------------------ just leaving this here for the record for developers to think and consider developing something for it, facebook is one of the tool that most people are using now a days it would great if you can have a clipper that works perfectly with thier website.
  8. nope, trading analysis most often doesn't need comment or feedback. technical analysis will just guide them to what to trade on the next day. what I like on evernote is the feeling of something discrete/private. the most powerfull feature that evernote have that I really wanted is the reminder. which I can set even after a year. usefull for weekly/monthly chart trading plans. but I'll try to look if there's much better option. thanks!
  9. Nevermind, I guess i'll just upgrade to business if I reach to that limit. I just hope ... that if I reach the 5000 limit. there is something waiting for me in there. I hope so. (since my problem is "sharing limit" I hope I can settle an aggrement since in order to share my notebook a client needs to install evernote which is a win win situation for both me and evernote.)
  10. Business account is too much. what I'm saying is .. there are lots of small and average business who need more but not to the point of what a business account is offering. it is somewhere in between business and premium.
  11. I'm a stock trader and was planning to use evernote as my note taking on technical analaysis and planning to have a "paid subscription" by sharing my notebook to my clients. my problem is not the limit of notebook but the number of people you can share a personal notebook with which is only 500 LOL. so what I'm requesting is .... atleast give us premium user an option to add more notebooks/sharing limit (not for free ofcourse) but a one time payment. like $30 for additional 500 number of people you can share a personal notebook with.
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