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  1. Here's the deal.  If you get rid of the old version of the web interface I will jump to another product.  I will never upgrade to premium unless I see some assurances that the old version will not be abandoned.  As soon as I see such assurances I will upgrade to premium.  It's just that simple.

    I don't care about how much work you are doing under the hood, I don't care about how pretty the new version is,  At its core, it's just awful.  Since EN appears to be preventing new accounts to access the old version I'm guessing it's master plan is to one day say, "O look the majority of our users are using the new version, it must be a success, time to close down the old version."  If that's really the plan all I can say is, God bless your little hearts.

  2. @Aseem Bansal We put a fix in for this. Took some time to track down. Can you try again and let us know if your problem is still there?
  3. There are decisions under uncertainty that companies make that are only later found to be serious mistakes but that are difficult to reverse.  Beware Evernote: You are playing with fire.  You have lit an explosive on both ends.  You have a short-fuse to make the new interface work.  And, for the reasons  below, you are burning up your customers' faith, trust, and the company's brand equity.

    Evernote is still leaving the Sword of Damocles over the heads of users for whom the new interface is a complete deal-breaker.  

    First, there is no guarantee that the old interface will be kept.  Second, there is no guarantee the company won't eventually force all users to adopt it.  Third, there is no guarantee that customer concerns and recommendations regarding how to improve the new interface will be considered and acted up.  Fourth, there is every reason to suppose that Evernote will not take them fully into account when the new interface clearly has been shaped not as a design artifact but instead as an aesthetic fashion statement that merely follows the current trend initiated by Jony Ives at Apple.

    What basis do users have for continued loyalty?  For trust?  I respectfully suggest you change your portrait to one that makes you look like a serious person who has the appropriate humility to represent your company in the service of its customers.

  4. Hi Jason! Thanks for this feature request. We'll look into this.
  5. Got it - We added a feature to scroll past the end by a few lines, but I hear you wanting to scroll past by a lot more. We'll look into this. Thanks for the request!
  6. Hi @PeEllAvaj - we put a fix in for this a while ago. Can you tell me what browser version and OS version you're running?
  7. @Aseem Bansal We're working on this one! This has to do with the way that our editor is talking to our web clipper. I'll keep you updated as we make progress. In the short term, if you use Firefox or IE you won't see this problem.
  8. @jim232777 If you have an older account, you should be able to try the new version without worry. You should be able to switch back in settings if you have an account that was created before August of last year. @JuanAraya Any newer accounts will only have access to the new web client.
  9. Hi folks! We're working on some exciting stuff back here, but a good amount of it is under the surface. Look forward to announcements of improvements over the next 6 months. In the meantime, we've also been fixing some bugs: Note list does not display Search using any: tag:tagname1 tag:tagname2 does not return results We fixed the search logic on this so it should work just like any other client. Can't create anchor text when adding link This bug was introduced our new editor experience. This should be fixed on Chrome, Safari, and Opera. "Enter Valid Phone Number" message for user trying to setup 2FA with valid phone number This should be fixed as well. However, if you're using a phone number that cannot receive text messages, you will still see this message. Thanks for the reports - keep them coming Best, Karen
  10. Hi Doug! Thanks for the post. We're currently investing in some other areas, but we'll take this idea into consideration as we think about design improvements we need to make going forward.
  11. Evernote has a presence in China called Yinxiang. Depending on where you are located, we may auto-redirect you to our yinxiang site, which is exclusively in Chinese. There may be a banner that pops up that allows you do avoid this redirect - we're looking into it. I know we also allow you to switch to our "Evernote International" service on this page app.yinxiang.com/Login.action We'll look into this a little further and I'll update if I have more info. In the meantime, I know some browsers offer the user the option to translate pages (e.g. Chrome).
  12. Hi Aseem! Thanks for the idea. It's one we've heard before, but it's generally been directed at the desktop teams. As a workaround, I know there are extensions that shut down certain tabs if you haven't looked at it in a while - possibly it could be configured to password protect certain sites? Haven't looked into it, tbh
  13. @schaft Cool, got it. This is a feature we've added with our new editor and we're not currently exploring ways to turn off type-behind shortcuts. You can hit CTRL-Z (or Command-Z on Mac) to undo the auto-list.
  14. Hey Kino! Unfortunately we can't override browser-controlled keyboard commands. If your browser wants to save the webpage with that key command, then your browser will try to save the webpage
  15. Hmm I just tried the following combos and got the following results: "1" does not create an auto-list "1." does create an auto-lsit "1 ." does not create a auto-list I'm having some difficult understanding the issue, but it might have to do with our new beta. We are currently running a beta editor on Chrome, Opera, and Safari. @schaft what browser/OS versions are you using? Not sure if this is a bug or feature request.
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