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  1. How long can this possibly take to implement? Didn't anyone notice that it was an ability we had in the older version (in fact, down to the second)? Precise time settings are helpful when ordering notes in a todo list.
  2. So. just so I understand it. When they were creating the new version the quality control person saw that the legacy version allowed reminder time settings to the second, but thought that time settings to the nearest half-hour in the new version was close enough. Of course, I assume there was a quality control check independent of the programmer. If I wanted close enough programing I would be using Google Keep for free.
  3. Ideally, the user should be able to set a default time as a specific time or as the current time. But it's not just the default time on a newly created reminder that's the problem. It used to be that if all you did was change a date on a reminder the time would not change. Now if I want to push a reminder forward to a future date at the same time I have to change both the date and the time. It sounds like such a small thing, but it does get to be pretty annoying.
  4. By accident, I got this to work (i.e. without the balloon). start a bullet list type in the text for the item select the item with the mouse attach a link using a right click.
  5. As soon as I have figure out a good alternative I will leave EN. I depend on the web version. The old version continues to erode, and the new version is stuck on stupid. The worst part is I don't get the feeling that EN ownership gives a damn. I have gone from an EN fanatic to feeling like a victim.
  6. There needs to be the ability to select multiple notes in the web version (new version).
  7. I have had this problem all week long, both at the office and at home. For me, the problem is in the classic web version. I don't have the same problem when I use the beta, but then I'm stuck using the version that I find significantly lacking in functionality (at least compared to the classic version). It may finally be enough to drive me to One Note.
  8. Thanks gazumped for the explanation. If the move is more toward the desktop functionality, that would be great. Interestingly enough I really prefer the old web to the desktop for some reason. Maybe this is because I can't use the desktop version at work, so I just get used to navigating with the web layout. But I would be pleased to see the direction go more to the desktop experience and as far far away from the beast as possible. I really liked the article, I always felt there had to be some driving force behind all this madness. It's kind of scary to see how far "group think"
  9. No, I'm sure they have to move forward for the common good for reasons that my small brain can't begin to understand. What I really want this time is that they really listen to the users about current functionality that should be retained, and not just assume that anyone with a brain must be a minimalist. There is nothing in that document that tells me they realize unresponsiveness to users was part of why the beast version failed, so I have to wonder if they see that as a problem. Maybe a little sarcasm will help wake them up.
  10. Here's the interpretation: Our first attempt was an utter failure. Our next attempt will be good for attracting new developers to EN, which of course, is our real reason for existence. No, we don't need the advice of hundreds of thousands of our loyal users. We are writing this epistle of blah blah blah to explain why we just can't leave well enough alone. We are using the Blah Blah language so that our mortal users won't dare admit to their ignorance by daring to make suggestions that only waste our valuable time in providing nonresponsive responses. Sincerely, Your EN Team
  11. Here's the deal.  If you get rid of the old version of the web interface I will jump to another product.  I will never upgrade to premium unless I see some assurances that the old version will not be abandoned.  As soon as I see such assurances I will upgrade to premium.  It's just that simple.

    I don't care about how much work you are doing under the hood, I don't care about how pretty the new version is,  At its core, it's just awful.  Since EN appears to be preventing new accounts to access the old version I'm guessing it's master plan is to one day say, "O look the majority of our users are using the new version, it must be a success, time to close down the old version."  If that's really the plan all I can say is, God bless your little hearts.

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