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  1. Thanks to you and DTLow for your speedy replies. I had no idea that ENEX does not capture Notebook membership for individual notes. What about stacks? Would exporting a stack also lose Notebook membership?
  2. The File Export function is not exporting. I'm using (308816) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). From within EN for Windows, I tried to backup my notes as an ENEX file. The notes were already fully synced. I have about 75,000 notes. Within a millisecond of clicking "SAVE," I got a dialog box saying, "Export Succeeded." Sure enough there is an ENEX file it created, but what I got seems to be an XML file of about 333 KB containing just one of my notes. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I'd appreciate any help, please.
  3. Can Evernote see, edit, download, and permanently delete my Google contacts? I don't recall seeing such a 'scary' warning before from Googoo, the company that (as we all know) "does no evil." I was shocked to see a message onscreen saying this. It happened while trying to explore Google's "Backup and Sync," which seems to be their favored way of accessing Google Drive these days. Before I could even view Google Drive, "Backup and Sync" wanted me to first go over some Google "Account stuff" including reviewing and either deleting or approving third party companies to whom I've given vari
  4. Is anyone able to use the web clipper at all?! In any browser? Is there some Secret War going on by Google against Evernote? I pose this question with utmost seriousness, because Web Clipper's failure seems to be a longstanding problem that could have been fixed by now. Web Clipper not working in Chrome has been going on, to my knowledge, for at least 6 months. If the original problem with web clipper were some change in Chrome last Fall, why has the Evernote development team not fixed the problem by now? The fact that they have not suggests to me, tell me if this is incorrect, that ch
  5. Is Web Clipper working for you? Have you had problems with it in Chrome? or with other browsers? Gazumped helpfully suggested trying another browser, when I earlier posted that Web Clipper for over a month had not been working in Chrome. Opera solved the problem. But now Web Clipper in Opera will no longer clip Google Search results pages, which for my needs presents a major pain. (And Web Clipper in Chrome still will not clip.) I welcome any suggestions (including workarounds) though is it necessary to keep trying different browsers? Surely, since Chrome is so popular
  6. I side-stepped this issue by switching 5 weeks ago to Opera, which resolved the Chrome Web Clipper not saving. Perhaps the failure-to-clip arose because of some Chrome update? Now, Web Clipper in Opera will no longer save Google Search Page results, which is more than an inconvenience. What to do? I know there are other browsers, like Brave. And I'm grateful for Gazumped's earlier advice to try a different browser. But I'm saddened that the Web Clipper product cannot simply be made to work, and that users have to resort to work-arounds for a product so central to Evernote's
  7. Suddenly everything, regardless of site will not fully save. It reaches some limit, e.g. 33% or 89%, and just keeps spinning but never reaches 100% much less syncs fully.
  8. Thanks. Will try Vivaldi. My first efforts to install it didn't work. Got message, "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." Thinking that Kaspersky Total Security may be blockading it, I made the exe file an "exception" and now I can't launch Vivaldi.2.0.1309.42.exe at all. Any thoughts welcome.
  9. Thank you Gazumped for your reply. Here's one example, this Google search page screenshot. YMMV but I often run across the need to scroll horizontally. The note becomes fairly useless, when you have to scroll to read each line of text. I, too, have a 20+" screen. What have we come to, when a Google search result page requires horizontal scrolling? This is perhaps the simplest imaginable web page, yet it cannot be displayed in its the full width. What planet is the company on? There is a technical term for this. "Steel" yourself. The technical term is, "silliness." More accurately,
  10. Please, despite the "rant" nature of this post, do not stop trying! I'm entitled to spill my disgust, because there is a vital, longstanding and fundamental process-engineering lesson that Evernote shows little sign of learning. The tags of the latest web interface is the occasion for this rant, but is merely symptomatic of a systemic engineering problem. In your new web interface, why have you assumed it is appropriate to divide tags into 5 columns? Your use of 5 columns means that nearly all of my tags are cropped and thus can't be distinguished from each other. So, what I
  11. I'd like to learn from others how they use tags. I've used them for years but am dissatisfied with my approach. My clipped notes are for a book I"m writing. Can you describe any key successes you have had with tags? I'd appreciate your insights, methods, successes. Do you have some process you follow systematically with tags to organize your Notes? My tagging "system" is an evolving and chaotic work in progress. I started to organize them hierarchically long ago but "stalled" finishing it. Oh! And, can tags be printed? Can they be exported for printing?
  12. Why can't Evernote show a Note without the need for horizontal scrolling? Using the Chrome Web Clipper, it's discouraging to discover what a high proportion of my Notes require it. As everyone knows, horizontal scrolling makes it difficult to impossible to read text, when it does not wrap. (I assume that no one finds this need to scroll horizontally beneficial in any way.) Is there some way to resolve this issue? Will it ever be fixed? Is it on Evernote's list of problems to fix or capabilities to add? Regarding what an Evernote user can do, can you know before clipping whether a pa
  13. So, the web service when free permits syncing with 2 and no more than 2 devices? Is that the deal? If that's the case, then I'm OK with my PC and smartphone, right? I just should not add more? And then, without Premium and only Basic, I can access the cloud version online through either device, right? And I"m limited per month to how much data?
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