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  1. Great Troubleshooting Info for Evernote. Wasn't sure if my search problems were user issues or a real bug. I guess I am not as disconnected (old retired guy...) as I thought.
  2. I did not know their was different web interfaces for Evernote (I have shut off notifications from Evernote)... I found the menu option that allows me to "switch to the new Evernote web" and that fixed my problem on Firefox (Happy Days!) I then opened Evernote in edge and IE, I got the same message on both browsers "Sorry, we don't support your browser at this moment." and offered a button " Continue to older version". 98% of my evernote use is done using Firefox, specifically my wife has vigorously complained about the problem on Firefox so if my wife is happy I am happy un
  3. Using both Firefox & Edge I can no longer get ANY search results when searching a "your notebooks" for specific text. This has always worked for me on all browsers (Firefox, Edge & IE), now when I search for a specific text I get "No Notes Found for xxxx" If I perform the exact same search in IE I get the results I expect. I thought it was a Firefox issue as they are really "battening down the hatches" when it comes to privacy but the same thing happens with the Edge browser. Any Suggestions?
  4. The infamous "spouse mode", I am familiar with it... Last Night I rounded up all devices that Evernote is installed on and leaned a few things... 1st It appears that Evernote counts ALL installations against your two free devices, as soon as you sync any device with your account on the Evernote server it is registered as one of your two devices, if you already have two devices a new device will not sync. Last night my Win 7 desktop asked for a password to sync, I gave it my Evernote password and it indicated a sync error, I attempted to sync again and was reminded of t
  5. After the above statement I re-installed Evernote on my win 7 desktop machine and was not running or using the Evernote apps on my android and IOS devices but still received " Your using Evernote on more than 2 devices" message on my desktop machine. Both my Android & IOS device were not being used and were asleep yet still received the message, Is their more to this than I understand?
  6. This changes everything... Will have to re-think my plan, thanks for clarifying
  7. Thanks for your help!, I use many web applications like filckr and tumblr that will read a local folder when I tell it to, thought Evernote might do the same. I think I can attach a file to a note and meet my goal, the file is a HTML dump of an old database that I used before Evernote. I gave up all of my Evernote desktop apps because I have two portable devices that need access to Evernote, this uses up my free limit so all of my other computers use web access. In addition one of my portable devices is an IOS device and Evernote indicates no web access on IOS. I was happy before the
  8. Now that I have given up all of my desktop applications of Evernote I need to know if their is a way to use the import folder that I used with the desktop version with Web only access to Evernote?
  9. It appears that I cannot submit a support ticket as I am not a paying customer? I have this problem on 2 computers at my house and my work computer all using firefox, this time I noticed that the script that stopped is different (below) from the last one (above). I have been uninstalling the Evernote application from all of my computers and using the web interface, but it is almost unusable. I dont know if it is a Firefox or Evernote problem, PLEASE advise. Thanks!
  10. Where is your signature ? I am having the same problem in Firefox after uninstalling desktop version.
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