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  1. But you had time to 'apologize' for it. Hmmm... Seriously, I can spend hours trying to get a post just right. With respect, jefito, since you know the forums like the back of your hand, how about sharing some links to the posts you alluded to?
  2. The new UI makes me want to cry. It's bad enough that note hierarchy is only 3 levels deep, (notebook stack, notebook and note, Is there a post anywhere that explains why this must be?) now the designers are obscuring a clear view of my notebooks' tree structure in order to cram in skeuomorphic ornamentation that adds zero visual information. Is Moleskine paying you for the notebook grid view? It serves NO purpose. And the notebook list view, with notebooks jumping around and switching columns whenever you click on a notebook stack or resize the window? How is that helpful? Sorry for my tone, I did not have time to be nicer.
  3. It sounds like Evernote is definitely going to implement links between notes, which might serve as a workaround toward this feature, especially if Evernote uses what I refer to a note as syntax. A modest proposal: every note is also a notebook! I was going to suggest that you turn the notebook/note paradigm into a tree paradigm (where each note also has a notebook attribute) but I believe that allowing users to order notes in a notebook manually will be logically equivalent, at least for most purposes. Also, keeping the tree paradigm acyclic might be a challenge. Having said that, a graph of notes might be interesting...
  4. +1 Alternatively or additionally, I'd like to be able to clone a saved search and modify the cloned saved search. The particular use-case here is to create new GTD contexts, but use-cases abound.
  5. +1 If Evernote wants to be my brain, (and assuming each note is a thought,) it must store thoughts the way my brain does; allowing arbitrary associations (i.e. links between notes) and the use of (ability to click on) arbitrary pictures to retrieve information.
  6. Auto-delete would require some form of up-front processing on the part of the user, who has to decide a year before the note goes away wether he'll want the note to auto-delete. I'd say it's safest to tag notes you think are disposable and view them in tag view every so often sorted by date created.
  7. I'm running Chrome and as I type this, the word Evernote is flagged as a misspelling. Anyone else notice this? (This post makes more sense if you read it in an Andy Rooney voice.)
  8. Evernote needs a back button so I can get back to the last selected note after I click in to a new notebook or a new note. [edit] It could be an optional toolbar button so as not to distract people once they become Evernote Jedi. [/edit]
  9. BnF, just so other readers of this thread aren't confused; I wrote that "My use case happens to be GTD..." in response to jbenson2's request for an example of how a manual sort might be used. I did not mention GTD in my original feature request because I see this feature as something anyone might use constantly once they clicked on a note and realized they could drag it up or down within a notebook.
  10. I don't see this as a GTD feature request-- If I know that a notebook is sorted just the way I like it, I can scroll to the middle or the end of the notebook to find the note I need without having to remember the title of the note. It seems technically fairly do-able; if I'm wrong, let me know. I'm sure I can make Evernote work as my GTD system as-is. I don't even particularly want a 'due date' field for notes at this time, because if you're doing GTD right (which I rarely am) you're looking at your lists often enough that you have a sense of when things are due, and you're looking at an actual calender (which is only for things with hard deadlines) as well.
  11. Hi Burgers 'n' Fries I look forward to learning from your experience with Evernote, and you could be right about me not using Evernote features as intended, but I'm trying to use them in a way that feels intuitive and requesting a feature I think a lot of people would find intuitive to use as well. I commend your great memory for the names of things you have named; I am not so blessed. "Did I call that list 'Linux commands', 'terminal controls', or 'server shortcuts'?" is the kind of question I ask myself all the time. Why shouldn't I just Google a picture of a penguin with a wrench, stick it on my Evernote toolbar, and click the picture when I need to know how to fiddle with boxen?
  12. How many times have you started a new list (to-do, code snippets, etc.) because it took more than five seconds to find the old list in Evernote (or any list manager)? Happens to me all the time. Evernote needs to be easy to find data in and get data out of when I need to access it, not just easy to put data into. What I'm describing is really just bookmarks, every web browser has them. Ease of use and not cluttering up the Evernote object model for developers are important concerns, but we're talking about an extra drop-down in the "customize toolbar" window, not a UI redesign. It could be a premium feature if you're worried about scaring off new users with complexity. ( ka-ching )
  13. Hi metrodon I just imported everything from OmniFocus (and Bento and OmniOutliner) into Evernote because I like the idea that it aims to be your 'second brain'. Evernote should (eventually) do things the human brain does such as use images to speed up the recall of information. I agree that if every feature available on the "customize toolbar" menu were on the toolbar it would be cluttered, but if you don't like this feature you'd never have to think about it. I know where the saved searches are, but I plan to have a lot of saved searches and to use some a lot more than others. Stacks of saved searches wouldn't be a bad idea either. I don't agree that your app shouldn't "bother" with a feature, since computers are tireless, but I understand that features have to be maintained by developers. I happen to think this feature (perhaps my favorite feature in OmniFocus) will get a lot of use from power users, especially since it would work just as well for quickly getting to Tags and Notebooks. If tracking the images were an issue for the development team, you could just say that images must already be in an Evernote Note to be used as toolbar badges.
  14. jbenson2, My use case happens to be GTD, where each Notebook is a "project" and each Note is a "next action". Another use case might be a writer or journalist needing to manually organize a story. Numbering the title of each Note in a notebook might work, and then using fractions (e.g. 1.25) when I need to squeeze a Note in between whole numbers, but I think Evernote can make this happen.
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