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Make the new Tasks hierarchical

John Romano


The new Tasks feature looks amazing. Calendaring, and flagging is great. The task rollup view is fantastic!

BUT it's missing a critical piece for viability. Hierarchy.

Big tasks are most easily accomplished when you break them down into sub tasks (like the SMART method).
You need to be able to nest tasks to most effectively accomplish your goals.

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 8.53.53 AM.png

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One more option will be when EN enables tasks to be placed inside of tables.

It will be pretty easy to create a note for a project, place a table into it (like proposed / planned / working on / test / release / archive) and - BAM - you have got a home made KANBAN board you can share with contributors and use to run a full project in a nutshell.

EN staff has already mentioned in the forum that tasks in tables is on their agenda. 

The future is full of new opportunities !

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Agreed!  One way to do this now is with the existing notebook hierarchy.  You could give a big project its own notebook filled with notes for each higher-level task in the project.  And then each note task could be filled with all the subtasks needed to complete that.  If you have a lot of projects like that, you could even use notebook stacks to organize those.

All that being said, I agree that native nested tasks would be better in some situations.

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