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  1. Hi Evernote, I disagree with most posters. I found the predictive titling fantastic - until you changed it. Previously it was based on the title of the calendar event. Thus if I created a note during a meeting, the note would be titled against that meeting - e.g. "Meeting with Joe the plumber" or "Worksession with client team". Now it auto-titles from the location which is worse than useless. You can geo-tag the notes anyway, but who would ever title a note "Note at 16 Arnold Street" or "Note at Sydney Airport"? Please revert to the calendar titles. Please!
  2. New Evernotes used to suggest a Title based on the Meeting name from my calendar - which was excellent - e.g. "Meeting with Dave the Plumber" or "Due Diligence Discussion with Peter". However, now the auto-suggestion has switched to the location, which is a waste of time, e.g. "Meeting at 18 George Street" or "Meeting at Mascot Airport". Which bright spark introduced this change and how soon until we can get it backed out?! Thanks.
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