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  1. This is what I have been doing as well. I really thought they would take it to the next level and create an online editor that lets someone share and edit the note but not require you to sign into evernote in a traditional way. This is kind of a big deal because it makes we evernote users are an island.
  2. So how does everyone do this today? All I can figure out is to print to pdf and then email the PDF which is very clumbsy. Any other ideas appreciated. I've been on the fence about moving everything to Keep awaiting the new version simply because sharing was is so much easier in KEEP. Now that this feature has gotten worse in the new evernote, I'm giving it serious thought. I have thousands of notes in my evernote and the pain of moving them will be significant.
  3. I use the email to evernote feature and the webclipper feature all the time. In recent versions, evernote attempts to automatically file the new note in a specific notebook. This engine is almost always wrong. In Webclipper I can change it before its sent but in email, I can't (unless I put the notation in the subject line). I always end up having to search for notes as the never end up in the right place. Is there a way to turn this feature off and just have all the notes go to my default? Or is there a way to reset the algorithm so i can attempt to retrain it. Right now its a mess.
  4. It doesn't email any. It emails you a chat request to join evernote and collaborate on the doc. that is unless you use the public link.
  5. Yes, I know you can send someone a link but that again is another step. It opens in the browser and the receiver needs to know how to save it or print or whatever. I just want to send the doc in a standard format directly. No muss no fuss.
  6. I interact with many people who are not cloud or collaboration tool Friendly. I understand why Evernote would want to share notes by having the other person log in. let's face it though, there are many that aren't going to do that. I would really like to be able to export and send something to someone without it being in a strange format or having them have to click on a link. Word, PDF, even google docs would work just fine for an export. If you want to be the platform of choice, open and easy is the way to go.
  7. I get this as well. When I say "yes" proceed, it comes back in a few seconds.
  8. If scrolling worked I would be fine. The screen realestate limitation is tough for me.
  9. So this would be a big help to me as I'm an avid evernote user. I'm on a Surface Pro 3. This screen doesn't seem to exist. When you say to open the app, do you mean the desktop app or the touch app?
  10. the workaround above makes no sense. Why doesn't the ink note get scanned when synced? I use evernote inknote all the time for me handwritten notes in meetings and such. I would very much like this feature of having them OCR scanned.
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