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  1. I asked the question and the reply was what I expected "Unfortunately you can no longer download or install the previous Evernote Web Clipper" Google is well known for introducing new products and then discontinuing them a year or two later, but at least they give plenty of notice to their users. Evernote on the other hand just removes one of their most useful tools and doesn't bother giving any notice. @Jay-Bob
  2. I put in a support ticket about this and this is the response from Evernote - "you can save emails to Evernote on the previous version of Evernote Web Clipper. Unfortunately, we haven’t built this feature into the new Evernote Web Clipper. This is one of a handful of features we are still considering".
  3. Are you using Evernote 10 Android versions on your Chromebook? I'm still on the old version because my Chromebook is stuck on Android 9.0. I know some Chromebooks are now on Android 11. The Evernote Linux Beta version works very well on my Chromebook.
  4. The response from tech support is "they will pass the feature suggestion to the development team" which suggests they never introduced it on the first place. No mention of a fix.
  5. Why aren't we getting shortcuts for the web version? Of all the web apps I use Evernote is the only on that doesn't have keyboard shortcuts.
  6. I put in a support ticket about this, the reply I got was that this is a known issue and a fix is coming in the next update, no indication though of when that will be.
  7. When I click on a hyperlink inside a note I can't get the linked webpage to open, all I get is a blank screen with a "Done" button in the top right hand corner. Clicking on "Done" returns me to the note. Is anyone else experiencing this? (Using Samsung Galaxy S10)
  8. I noticed the web version updated to 10.6.9 today. Since the update I have had issues with reminders, I create a new note and then click to add a reminder but nothing happens, if I refresh the page, or if I go to another note and then back to my new note I can then click to add a reminder and the option to add the reminder pops up as it should do. It doesn't happen all the time, I would say that out of 6 notes I have added today 4 of them would not initially let me add a reminder.
  9. I wouldn't know about the desktop app as I use a Chromebook which is why I use the web version, certainly in the web app you can refresh your web page using the refresh button (F5 I think on windows).
  10. You don't need the Google Triangle icon anymore to add a Google document to an Evernote note, I found this by accident, all you need to do now to add a Google document is from within the google document select file-share or get link - copy the link and then paste it into your Evernote note then press enter and the link will change to a rich link like the one shown here. To opne the Google doc just click on your link and it will open the item in your browser (assuming you're logged in to Google that is)
  11. You'll find that there is a bit of a delay when adding or deleting tags for the search to work, if you refresh your browser after adding the tag that will sometimes help
  12. Good to see that the web version has some new features. Images and PDF annotations are now possible, that is a big improvement for me, also sketching is a great addition. I have also found that Evernote Web loads much faster now, I use Google Chrome in a Chromebook and rely on the web version all the time. I have also found that you can now add Google Docs links once again (which I found by accident), I haven't seen anything announced about that. If you use Google Docs and want to have a link to a document in Google Drive inside an Evernote note the way to add the ink is to select the share option on your Google document which opens a share box, copy the share link and then paste it into your Evernote note, press enter and the URL will convert to a rich link with the document name showing. Clicking on this link will open your Google document.
  13. I raised a support ticket for this happening on the web version and was told that files above 20mb now only show as attachments but there are plans to allow bigger files as pages in the pipeline.
  14. Today my web version has changed from 6.18 to 10.0.0 but I can't see that anything has changed, no new features or bugs repaired that I can see.
  15. I have noticed this too. Exactly how you describe it, I found that refreshing the web page failed to recify the issue and as you say it can only be solved by logging out and back in again. This started with the last update v6.18 which appears to have broken a lot of things including remembering sort order of notes. For those of us that use Chromebook this is frustrating since we don't have much choice, I do have the Android app installed on my Chromebook which I tend to use more than the web app but that is very buggy.
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