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  1. I raised a support ticket for this happening on the web version and was told that files above 20mb now only show as attachments but there are plans to allow bigger files as pages in the pipeline.
  2. Today my web version has changed from 6.18 to 10.0.0 but I can't see that anything has changed, no new features or bugs repaired that I can see.
  3. I have noticed this too. Exactly how you describe it, I found that refreshing the web page failed to recify the issue and as you say it can only be solved by logging out and back in again. This started with the last update v6.18 which appears to have broken a lot of things including remembering sort order of notes. For those of us that use Chromebook this is frustrating since we don't have much choice, I do have the Android app installed on my Chromebook which I tend to use more than the web app but that is very buggy.
  4. I see today version 6.18 has been released. I thought we were doing well until I notice that the ability to save the sorting of notes alphabetically which was added in version 6.17 is now broke. Yes you select to sort alphabetically but as soon as you close the browser and reopen it the sort order is gone. This is the problem with Evernote and has been for sometime, one thing gets fixed and it breakes something else. I don't see what else is new in 6.18, the only thing I can find that is different is the broken sort order.
  5. The new version 6.17 seems to have fixed this. If you sort your notes A-Z and then close the browser, when you reopen the browser you should find that the sort order is still the same as you set it to ie: A-Z.
  6. Got it, yes I have replied to that thread
  7. Also it looks as though when you set a sort order for notes and close the web interface and reopen it, the sort order is remembered from the last setting used , before this release it always defaulted to sorting by recently updated.
  8. There is a new option to move a note by selecting an icon next to the notebook name at the top of a note, that's useful!
  9. Hello I use a Chromebook so only have the Web version and Android app at my disposal. When using the Android app I have to use the mouse/touchpad to navigate around due to the lack of keyboard shortcuts. I have a problem in that to annotate an image on android you have to long tap your finger on the screen to bring up the options. You can't do this with the mouse so does anyone know how to invoke the annotate option using a mouse/touchpad or keyboard? I do have a touchscreen Chromebook but when in my office it is plugged into a large monitor which does not have a touchscreen, the option I have is to only annotate when using the Chromebook screen rather than an external one, but having the keyboard option would be useful. Unfortunately there is no annotation option on the Web version.
  10. It depends where you are when you move the note. If you have "All Notes" selected then when you select another notebook to move the note to then that note stays in focus. However if you are in a specific notebook then when you move a note to another notebook yes it goes away and the focus switches to the next note in the notebook you are in. I agree that this wants fixing, or the ability to open the note in a separate window which you can do in the windows evernote app, then you can keep the note in focus. I agree about the cumbersome way to move a note between notebooks, not only is it three steps but there is no way of quickly selecting a notebook from the picker, no "recently used" at the top of the list, or search facility. You have to scroll down until you find the notebook you want. This is a step back from the old web version which did have a drop down picker when you clicked on the notebook icon at the top of the note. Same with tags too, which, it would make more sense if the tag selector was at the top of the note as in the windows app and not hidden away at the bottom on the web version.
  11. On demand sync is not an option for me, I need my notes offline because I often have to work where there is no access to the internet. Have no idea what this registry setting is all about, are you saying that by adjusting this it will stop the lock ups? I have done some more looking at this "not responding" issue. When I updated to this latest version I also did some tidying up of tags and notebooks, I have added some styles to various tags and notebooks. Now whenever Evernote syncs the not responding state always comes when the activity log shows: [11680] 0% Updating 129 local item styles I have tried several syncs and watched the activity log and every time consistently the lock up occurs at the same point that the activity log shows that message. Should have to update the item styles every time it syncs when none of the styles have been changed since the last sync?
  12. Since this last update I am finding that when a sync is running I am not able to do anything until the Sync is finished, if I try to do anything then Evernote locks up with "not responding" sometimes for several minutes. Once the sync is finished everything is fine. I am not using on demand sync. I have almost 12,000 notes and am using Evernote Business.
  13. I contacted support about this and was told a fix is coming out shortly. I find that if you just ignore it and close the window you will automatically get connected anyway.
  14. My version in Chrome is 6.10.1 (35f63f9/ I keep getting logged out, even with Chrome browser open if I come back to it after an hour or two I have to log back in to use the clipper.
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