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  1. On demand sync is not an option for me, I need my notes offline because I often have to work where there is no access to the internet. Have no idea what this registry setting is all about, are you saying that by adjusting this it will stop the lock ups? I have done some more looking at this "not responding" issue. When I updated to this latest version I also did some tidying up of tags and notebooks, I have added some styles to various tags and notebooks. Now whenever Evernote syncs the not responding state always comes when the activity log shows: [11680] 0% Updating 129 local item styles I have tried several syncs and watched the activity log and every time consistently the lock up occurs at the same point that the activity log shows that message. Should have to update the item styles every time it syncs when none of the styles have been changed since the last sync?
  2. Since this last update I am finding that when a sync is running I am not able to do anything until the Sync is finished, if I try to do anything then Evernote locks up with "not responding" sometimes for several minutes. Once the sync is finished everything is fine. I am not using on demand sync. I have almost 12,000 notes and am using Evernote Business.
  3. I contacted support about this and was told a fix is coming out shortly. I find that if you just ignore it and close the window you will automatically get connected anyway.
  4. My version in Chrome is 6.10.1 (35f63f9/ I keep getting logged out, even with Chrome browser open if I come back to it after an hour or two I have to log back in to use the clipper.
  5. It appears that every time I want to add a google drive document to a note I am having to re-authorise Evernote to access my Google Account. This is only happening on my windows version, the web and android versions are OK.
  6. Yes it does start to work for that instance but the next time I add a drive file I have to go through the same process to re-authorise.
  7. It is authorised, there is no problem accessing my google drive files and linking them to Evernote, I do it on the web version and android, it's just the windows version that shows this error.
  8. Just love the remember view settings option, brilliant.
  9. The link to Google Drive docs is very welcome, it works and places an icon for the link but the title of the drive doc is missing, instead it says "Title not available" as per the attached image which gets confusing if you have links to several documents.
  10. Given that business users pay a hefty premium I think that having to vote for this facility is not acceptable, Business users should get some priority for the monies they pay evernote. Evernote says "Evernote Business - Powering team productivity. The individual power of Evernote Premium, plus added team and admin features to get more done" But they don't say there are limitations like this anywhere in their sales pitch. Recent changes in Evernote Windows have just exasperated this even more. At least in the older windows it was simply a matter of selecting another notebook (business or personal) from the dropdown notebook picker or even drag and drop, even that has now been removed and extra clicks are required to "copy to business". It wouldn't be so bad if there was a way of having a default business notebook but everything that gets emailed to Evernote lands in the personal default notebook and then has to be manually moved in either windows or the mobile version but not in the web version. I use android, if I can move notebooks easily on this platform it can't be so difficult to have this on the web platform.
  11. I tried the optimisation option but never even got to completing this, everytime I select this option Evernote just locks up "not responding" I went away and left it for almost two hours and when I came back it was still not responding so I had to kill this through the task manager.
  12. I too have instant sync disabled and it makes no difference. Other times it locks up is when creating new note and tabbing from the title to the note body or pressing F3 to select tags and yes also closing a note if it is open in a separate window.
  13. Prior to this recent update I was getting lots of "not responding" states whilst using Evernote, I have upgraded to this version now and its even worse. Particularly when syncing. I can be working away in a note then as soon as it begins to sync the app just freezes and I get "not responding" if I don't notice and either press a key or click the mouse then the whole thing grays out and I get the windows message asking me if I want to wait or close the program. Very frustrating and totally unproductive. Any suggestions anyone?
  14. I am getting lots of "not responding" states in this version, in particular when syncing is taking place.
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