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  1. I will answer later today. I testet a minutes ago and it still work. But I need my siesta
  2. Do you have a Plus or Premium? Everything you sleep with Evernote Web Clipper use Evernote. Logg in one https://www.evernote.com/Settings.actionand see your usage for this month. If you have a Basic account, the solution upgrade or wait till your account reset.
  3. The new Widgets with dark theme are nice. I've used widgets in many years. Multiple, on my tablet I have 5 Evernote widget. Can't get enough The new dark themed are softer for my eyes
  4. I use Table of Content How do I create a table of contents with links to other notes? And when a new notes is created, I add it using "Copy note link" How to use note links to connect between notes
  5. Which particular feature are you missing? (I'm guessing 'dark theme', but in which widget? Or the main app?) In the latest version for Android 7.2 the widgets are included in the app.The widget app is disconnected
  6. I start paying so I can have offline notebooks in my phone and tablet. Mobile data cost (I have 4 GB incl. in my Mobile subscription (up to 4G), if I need more it cost app. $7/GB.) And my home Wifi is at home. So instead of saving notes and and trippel check that all I need is in the right place, I start paying
  7. You're not the first struggle to find the settings. And asking is a good way of learning.
  8. Tested this http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJegA26Ye5FuKoMqyyGiiRzyYoYGEWQ_1Q/
  9. Andrew from Transpose have send me a mail "Whoa, super weird! Nice bug, we'll get it fixed And thanks for fielding all those Evernote questions! I should say, this one might take a little while--we're getting major updates out the door (hopefully this week!), so Evernote stuff is taking a backseat- Andrew" So now they know. And...
  10. 1 In the early start of Transpose (this summer) that wasn't fixed. But now since mid June, the tags I add to the template is added as tags in Evernote. http://www.evernote.com/l/AQLLanEMGbVM-I8Z0WFtyaUZr46kICmrvVY/ 2 Tested and no tags. I use 2015-09 as a tag. But figures from 0 to 99 seems impossible... And contacted support. "Not possible to use figures ex 09 as a tag. Any reason to that? 2015-09 works fine. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88455-widgetshortcut-to-create-new-note-with-specific-tag-andor-in-specific-notebook/" 3 In multiple choice / check boxes it possible to make the choice a tag. for example https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86166-foodmeal-medication-log/ (the food I check is the tag in Evernote.) 4 No. Most of the services need an Internet connection. I've had copies (I just copied some note to a notebook I call _template ) of Transpose template I use when my Internet connection is sleeping. Michael has some good ideas https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85293-templates-and-tabstructure/?p=362612
  11. 1 The notebook needs to exist to get chosen. So first create a notebook in Evernote And when you're finished with your template you save it and follow this http://help.transpose.com/Connected-Apps-and-Services/connect-other-apps-and-services 2 In your browser, Firefox you find "page" and "add to home screen" in the menu, in Chrome "add to home screen" is directly in the menu, no extra swiping. And you can change the name of the shortcut (I use 5 templates and all has the name Transpose as default... https://transpose.com/public/profile/42132/ This is anonymized version of my most used templates) You can use Web forms. http://help.transpose.com/Web-Forms/creating-a-web-form If you are going to share to form/template Webform is safer. No access to your Transpose account
  12. This is my Diary template in Transpose https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87067-diary-template-in-transpose/ Add to homescreen and you have a shortcut to a new note.
  13. Here is the a part of the Windows Desktop guide https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows/#6 Hope its make it's easier to figure out
  14. Here is information about Evernote account levels the comparison chart from Evernote Knowledge Base More details than on the pricing page
  15. Codes make emojis... Happens sometimes. ( ) and some letters and characters = smiles or Emoji
  16. Have you checked out http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxys6/galaxy-gifts/?
  17. Headset. I tested on my phone and with my Wirex M-Dex Bluetooth streamer (Connect my hearing aid to my phone) and it's worked fine. Both Speech to text and audio note.
  18. Irritating. And I using Bluetooth isn't a Premium or Plus feature... Have you the possibility to borrow and test someone else? Does it work with headset with cable?
  19. When I got anything in Conflicting Changes I try to figure out why, how, and all that. Often it is some syncing problem. Just for a second. The notebook Conflicting notes are very important so I and many more can reconstruct our notes.
  20. You can test Whiteline (print out paper from their webpage before buying anything. The app is free and is available for Android at Whitelines LINK and iOS Whitelines LINK After you have scanned you send to Evernote, Dropbox, Mail or just keep in the app. Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine The book are sold in many stores around the world and online at Evernote Market example of a picture I use the dotted SketchBook https://www.evernote.com/shard/s258/sh/9bcb44b4-09b3-4843-86aa-aaa44ac3870f/705fef0c450fb75e Dotted lines make the picture more clear. But you can test any paper you like. Dear Thanks ..unfortunately whiteline link is not compatible with Galaxy tab A .. Is there is any options Regards Sami Hi You can try use whitelines without the app and scan with Evernote document camera. And test other paper and more or less light to get good contrast. I scan a lot. And with a extra lamp or spotlight many impossible paper turn out nice.
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