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  1. No Only in premium and business https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452
  2. In Evernote basic 5 mail ever to Evernote And 50 per month from Evernote. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23283158
  3. Hi! Some fields only show if they are used as form. Like Dropdown, Multiple choice For ex. I have to use Checkboxes in this https://transpose.com/public/template/template_6629d851-2/and https://transpose.com/public/template/medicine-log-2-3/ instead of DropDown so all alternative shows in the note. In https://transpose.com/public/template/medicine-log-2/I use Multiple Choice (no need for all alternative to show in the note) http://help.transpose.com/
  4. And where in Thunderbird are you altering the subject when it meets your filter criteria? No place. "When you forward an email into Evernote, auto-filing will look for similar notes inside your account and apply the same notebook and tags." https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23480523 It works 80-90%
  5. I use filter in Thunderbird to send mail from some sender to Evernote. Works fine. Thunderbird forward the mail when Thunderbird is on.
  6. This was fixed in one of the earlier betas. (Can't remember which one off hand...) When I have deadlines I don't install betas... Just in case...
  7. I just published one template When where what? https://transpose.com/public/template/where-what-when/ It uses Google maps, just start typing and the form help you find right
  8. If do Button recipe? Put the button as a widget and just tap it to create a note or append a list. Choose text for the note "dinner at time and place" www.IFTTT.com
  9. What do you mean, by "the annoying Read-only pop-up" ?I'm still waiting for a Read-Only mode, to prevent unintended note changes. Evernote for Android does a perfect job there ! When Evernote start in Windows (often when Evernote is in autostart) it shows a "read - only" pop-up. A bug Everything is editable and so. So no readonly mode yet. Just a lying pop-up window
  10. A very smooth update. Finally resizing columns in tables! And copy-paste. That will make my life a little easier! I just hope that the annoying Read-only pop-up will be buried and forgotten... Haven't restart main computer...
  11. In settings - notebook you select default notebook
  12. Some threads on the forum Stacks within stacks within stacks[organization] How I use tags to replicate nested folders ...Trying to replace the "folder" metaphor with tags - Evernote General ...
  13. Nestled folder isn't possible in Evernote Stacks and Notebooks is the two levels.
  14. Account A Export every notebook to Enex (check out that tags is follow) Account B Create notebooks with the same name, put in a stack. Import every Enex one by one and move to the new notebook.
  15. Yeah I got a chock when the counter shows 9.9 GB day 2. Took a while to find oxygen and brain to read.
  16. I moved some notes to one account a year ago Export as ENEX and import in the other account
  17. I have 3 accounts. One Premium for "everything" 13600+ Think it's time to do some merging again (Available in all Androids (2) and my computer) One Basic, 212 notes, for employees to read shared notes from my Premium (available in old tablet and laptop) And one Basic with 70 notes, for test and education (only the computer and web) Switch between my premium and this in the Windows Desktop when needed. It works fine.
  18. Okay tool Maybe I fix a new Evernote account and start cataloging my books...
  19. The weekly maintenance, service is approximately 15 minutes. Evernote status service release maintenance
  20. I love IFTTT's Maintenance messages https://twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/613823318987247616
  21. Agree. I have printed from Evernote once last 6 months. But sometimes I need to print paper, maybe sign and put in an envelope and put some silly stamps on and put in a yellow box. My life still need a printer. Not often anymore. E-service and E-ID have changed a lot in a few years.
  22. Evernote needs its own Fail Whale* for these "all systems fully available" status updates. This outage happened at a bad time for me today as I had some updates on my desktop that did not sync and I needed them for some out'n'about, time-sensitive errands. Had to recompile everything on the fly culling info from Gmail, an Excel file and a few paper documents. I do not like to appear disorganized in front of others. So, a bit peeved I was. *A suggestion, please: When irregularly scheduled maintenance takes over two hours longer than expected, give me a gottam humourous animated gif or something as a way of apology for severely underestimating the downtime, which I only learned about after completing my errands. More animated elephants http://www.heathersanimations.com/elephantsone.html
  23. And I'm quite sure that if fish or water living animal uses Gmail and what to have to print they would use some high tech waterproof model.
  24. Has been 4 intense months. Water leak from the apartment above mine (chaos is right description) First Evernote unlimited And the automatic warning mail if the account has abnormal usage. And no mail to Basic users (witch been a boomerang issue on the forum) And nagging pop-ups about to write protections (many posts about that too) And now backtracks to a limit max usage per month (I wonder if this is going to generate post, threads like the mail to Evernote did or do.) PS My kitchen is back to normal. No extra ventilation costing a lot on the electric bill.
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