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  1. Have you logged in at https://www.evernote.com/Login.action and checked the Trash there?
  2. I need my siesta

  3. I haven't found any way to do that in Android.
  4. I've been using Jorte Calender for many years. And bought many icons (Hello Kitty!) So this when Jorte starts sync with Evernote I was curios. And I tested. Like it! And I can recommend Jorte if you what to have your notes in calendar. Synchronize with several Calendar Services. Supported in 27 languages. Launcher Function send a schedule appointment as a URL link. Widgets on Android devices Home Screen. All you can Use! Icons and Daily calendars Attach Notes from Evernote to Events: With Jorte Premium you can attach notes from Evernote on the events on Jorte. This is a convenient feature to use, if you need to attach notes from a conference that you are attending to the schedule of the event for instance, and other similar cases.Premium $2.99/month $29.99/year iOS Andriod Windows https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1179777145381746 http://www.jorte.com/en/ http://www.jorte.com/en/#download
  5. Evernote in Jorte Calendar... wow

  6. 500 SEK Google Play prepaid from my brother! Yes... (app $57, €52, £37)

  7. And now you can chat. And share notes through a chat
  8. You're welcome. Offline is a very good feature. Especially in phones where it can cost a lot when using Internet
  9. I'm going to check my old tablet. I have a Basic account... have a good night In the old tablet I have same version, and the settings menu is the same. Incl Work Chat
  10. When did you upgrade? Have you tested log out and in on your phone?
  11. I giving me a piercing in birthday gift!

  12. Sorry but there isn't any other way to empty trash. Using webversion in your PC won't install Evernote.
  13. You can use the webversion https://www.evernote.com/Home.action
  14. Hi The microphone is behind the green paper clips in the note And if isn't available on the green + (in the right lower corner) for create a new audio note you can press the + little longer and edit it. And adjust to your use. Widgets aren't like other apps. Even if the icon is on one home screen you need to display the widget you would like to use. In Evernote there is some to choose from. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/104076733 Quick Tip: Start using widgets on your Android device
  15. I'm going to check my old tablet. I have a Basic account... have a good night
  16. In my settings I have Account Camera Notebooks Notes Work Chat in swedish Guides Syncronize Content
  17. Can you check the settings - Work Chat? There's check box for view and not view work chat
  18. What version of Android do you use? What phone/tablet?
  19. Sort notes in notebooks (private, finance, work, bookmark, health and so) 140-160 (have some temporary notebooks) Tags 2000 + YY-MM-DD title in many notes Search daily
  20. 13182 including 800 local in Windows And app 2500 is packed in ENEX and deleted from Evernote No lag and locking everything after installing more memory (from 2 GB to 8 GB)
  21. I tested the settings. Checked and unchecked the save to gallery in the camera settings. With x the evernote camera save in the folder and I can see in the gallery. If I deleted the folder a new one was created when taking a new pictures. And unchecked no pictures was saved in the folder. If I delete the folder no new was created with settings unchecked. There is some thing with the checkbox in the settings. Some seems to not work. A bug? Yes you can delete the duplicate. If you use some cloud for backup you can check if the pictures are there. I too have to take a couple of shots before I got a sharp scan. But the latest version is quite better then the old ones. I haven't give up once In this version of evernote. (I have no broadband so I'm on my phone and zapping between typ and read your post. Hope I don't miss anything or so)
  22. There was a bug in an older version on Evernote android so it sometimes (for me all times created duplicate pictures) in the picture-folder. Since some month I don't have seen that in the tablet, in the I save on gallery.
  23. I tested a few minutes age. Checked it and scanned todays paper And there they were, just like before. In that folder, showing in the gallery
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