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  1. Need Cheezedoodles or popcorn

  2. 3:00 in the early morning, sun is knocking in the horizon

  3. New screenshots of IF Do Button.

  4. When I switch to English Evernote Web old version the date setting change from YY-MM-DD to DDmmYY and when I switch back it stayed that way... hope its reset after a reboot or bad word or so
  5. Daystar up - Morticia down

  6. listen to joy division

  7. Backup till Dropbox...

  8. Like a boomerang topics quick return...

  9. Updating and syncing... and deleting

  10. Time for Midsomer murder. A swedish tradition since 1997!

  11. 4 in the moring. And I'm little sleepy.

  12. over 500 notes with only screenshots in

  13. In Android there is an app called Copy2Evernote it sends all copied text (with some limit) to a new note in Evernote. And often multiplical a. Very annoying and very useful. With a separate notebook and regular deleting the app can be useful.
  14. Midsommarafton! Strawberry and wipped cream...

  15. Swedish midsommar and first weekend in Ramadan at the same time!

  16. Need Cheezedoodles

  17. A very sunny morning. Goodnight!

  18. My computer loves all new GB...

  19. My DDR3 memory to my computer has arrived...

  20. Exporting 12000+ notes in 146 notebooks to ENEX

  21. Updating and syncing...

  22. Monday morning... Just saying

  23. 6 GB memory to my computer is on its way!

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