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  1. I think it's always been Alt+Shift+D on Windows. For example, here's a thread from 2011 that talks about those shortcuts: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18735-insert-datetime-stamp-into-note-body/ For me Ctrl+Shift+D worked fine before...
  2. Ctrl + Shift + D = not date and time anymore Alt + Shift + D = date and time
  3. Thanks! I don't travel (okay, commute with subway, but not with airplane) But travel costs, and money and finance... And the blue house didn't fit my lifestyle, but in the old phone books in Sweden the health care section was blue!
  4. Syncing and moving to Samsung Galaxy S6 128GB...

  5. First November 05:22 in the morning!

  6. Smart stickers - notebook (translated to English) - Tag Blue house - Healthcare Medicine - Healthcare Medicine Yellow lighting - Employee - My PA documents Orange X (I know that not a good thing) - Private note about health status - "Nightbook" In Swedish Dairy is called Dagbok (day-book) Green √ - ToDo, remember - Nightowl Blue airplane - Finance - Finance Misc Purple big house - Diary, Thoughts, personal note - 24-7
  7. Hi Okay, thanks. Much better. The old versions still on the webpage above the picture "1. Download Backupery for Evernote to the computer where your Evernote application is installed." And one more thing on my whishlist: Choose where to save the backups.
  8. Yeah 2 are exactly the same... If I'm going to pay for this program I need The choose notebooks And how often Before that I have some difficulty to find it practical
  9. All backups since I installed the program. And I turn off the computer in the morning. I like backups, but...
  10. It is just an obsolete screenshot on our website. Default settings are every third day. One more note: actually we are going to add compression of backup directory + we have already implemented deletion of backup duplications. Does that answer your question? Please let me know. Hi The screenshot in my post is from my computer. And I can't change from 3 hours. Is it a bug? Do you want my log file? Every third day is okay!
  11. I have the same questing as Gazumped and It seems that the default settings are every third hour. With a huge database this will be hard And make the users choose notebooks or stacks. I have some notebooks like archive. To backup them every third hours is not necessary, not even once a week.
  12. The tag for this night is "piercing" and "Fakturor" (invoice)

  13. I found a huge reason for more than one notebook when I started syncing some notebooks into Jorte Calendar. Tested and put all my (over 15000) notes into the calendar crashed my phone, twice. If you don't need for more than one notebook, don't have more... I need more than one... And I tag all notes .NB "notebooks name" so I easy can restore from ENEX (I export stacks) if I need to. But I still use notebooks
  14. Do you have a Plus or Premium? Everything you sleep with Evernote Web Clipper use Evernote. Logg in one https://www.evernote.com/Settings.actionand see your usage for this month. If you have a Basic account, the solution upgrade or wait till your account reset.
  15. The new Widgets with dark theme are nice. I've used widgets in many years. Multiple, on my tablet I have 5 Evernote widget. Can't get enough The new dark themed are softer for my eyes
  16. Andrew from Transpose have send me a mail "Whoa, super weird! Nice bug, we'll get it fixed And thanks for fielding all those Evernote questions! I should say, this one might take a little while--we're getting major updates out the door (hopefully this week!), so Evernote stuff is taking a backseat- Andrew" So now they know. And...
  17. 1 In the early start of Transpose (this summer) that wasn't fixed. But now since mid June, the tags I add to the template is added as tags in Evernote. http://www.evernote.com/l/AQLLanEMGbVM-I8Z0WFtyaUZr46kICmrvVY/ 2 Tested and no tags. I use 2015-09 as a tag. But figures from 0 to 99 seems impossible... And contacted support. "Not possible to use figures ex 09 as a tag. Any reason to that? 2015-09 works fine. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88455-widgetshortcut-to-create-new-note-with-specific-tag-andor-in-specific-notebook/" 3 In multiple choice / check boxes it possible to make the choice a tag. for example https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86166-foodmeal-medication-log/ (the food I check is the tag in Evernote.) 4 No. Most of the services need an Internet connection. I've had copies (I just copied some note to a notebook I call _template ) of Transpose template I use when my Internet connection is sleeping. Michael has some good ideas https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85293-templates-and-tabstructure/?p=362612
  18. 2015-09-21 creating my first backup on the new LaCie Porsche (not even look like a car!)

  19. 1 The notebook needs to exist to get chosen. So first create a notebook in Evernote And when you're finished with your template you save it and follow this http://help.transpose.com/Connected-Apps-and-Services/connect-other-apps-and-services 2 In your browser, Firefox you find "page" and "add to home screen" in the menu, in Chrome "add to home screen" is directly in the menu, no extra swiping. And you can change the name of the shortcut (I use 5 templates and all has the name Transpose as default... https://transpose.com/public/profile/42132/ This is anonymized version of my most used templates) You can use Web forms. http://help.transpose.com/Web-Forms/creating-a-web-form If you are going to share to form/template Webform is safer. No access to your Transpose account
  20. This is my Diary template in Transpose https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87067-diary-template-in-transpose/ Add to homescreen and you have a shortcut to a new note.
  21. Setting up new rutins for backup - Welcome 4TB LaCie Porsche

  22. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168592 Okay, i'm going to take a siesta
  23. Need a lullaby...

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