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  1. Tried looking in trash and all notes. They simply vanished! I have been using evernote for over 6 years, and have not had anything like this happen before. Thanks Rick
  2. You have been copied on Ticket # 3007535 This is my ticket number. Do to a fluke of losing my phone, having the battery die, and return to me today, I had all the notes in offline mode on the phone. I charged up the phone, put it in airplane mode and copied all the notes into a new notebook. So far this was the only thing that saved my but. I just lose about 12 days of work. As soon as I synced the old notebook was also gone off my phone. Thanks Rick
  3. Was on chrome doing administrative chores, since you can not do them on desktop. I unpublished some notebooks and removed a user. Suddenly my main notebook in which I keep all my current order info in is gone. I did a chat but the rep said there is no activity log when using the web. She next wanted to know if they were gone off all my devices, and they are except for one tablet that had not been connected for 12 days. She said to go in there and copy and paste the notes, however, there was no info, just note titles. As of now there is nothing else of which I can think to fix this issue. I have been moved to level 2 support, but who knows when they will get to me. None of the notes in that notebook were in the trash. Anyone else have this issue with possible solution? TIA Rick
  4. No problems at all with our pcs. never did get help from "support". By changing to business for 3 times the price, all problems went away with work chat and sharing. Of course that was after we went thru all the problems of converting. Piece of advice for anyone converting, backup your data directory before converting!
  5. Thanks for the reply. I did a support. It took exactly the same time from the 17th to the 23rd to get a reply from them. Wow what really great support. We finally decided since we could get no help from support, to just manually go through all the notes to solve the issue of the double notes.
  6. We just recently changed from premium to business. I thought this was going to be an improvement. We were having problems with premium as to shared notebooks tags those type of things. We began to have problems when trying to convert personal notebooks to business. After uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote some of the problems went away. We had to do this many times. We finally got three notebooks converted, but when we went to do the fourth we began to have major problem. We lost 1300 notes. Fortunately though, I had backed up the Evernote data directory, at least that's what I thought it was fortunate. When I copied it into the Evernote directory and open up Evernote things really went crazy. I now had 700 extra notes, and 1300 of them were in the trash. Now using the same account on two computers one computer has 1700 notes the other has 2200 notes. Email support has been very slow and has not helped. Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?
  7. Seems the only way you can see the notes in shared notebooks, is know what notebook they are in and choose that one to view from all notebooks. I agree should be easier. Rick
  8. The new work chat really is messed up. We have three premium accounts. Main account shares several notebooks. The other two accounts with which these notebooks are shared can NOT work chat any notes in those notebooks. Also the send via email is grayed out on those notebooks. As usual, support has been very slow and no help at all. Want to guess what they suggested? 1. Reinstall Evernote - their answer to everything, very seldom fixes anything. 2. Re-share notebooks - thier second answer to everything, seldom fixes anything. Neither 1 or 2 had any affect on the two accounts. We have committed to using evernote in our business, but are beginning to look at ONeNote just because of problems like this. Seems almost every time a new version of evernote comes out, some things are fixed but others are broken. We would have MUCH rather had very good tables rather than a worthless chat feature. Just my 2 cents worth. Rick
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