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  1. Listen to Ebba Grön...

  2. 22 July. Remember Utöya!

  3. Like a boomerang topics quick return...

  4. Time for Midsomer murder. A swedish tradition!

  5. Daystar up - Morticia down!

  6. over 14000 notes. Time to merge...

  7. Still have the same problem with the internet connection, don't find the DNSserver

  8. Now should my broadband works fine.

  9. Hope my broadband will be fixed quick and easy when the technician arrive 9:30am (in 5 hour) s

  10. I don't think I it's a good time idea and have your email in a post.
  11. Hi! Evernote have some guides for users. Evernote support Getting started with Evernote (Mac, Android, Windows desktop, Windows Phone, Windows 8(touch), iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  12. Is this to old? [ios] How to create a new tag in Evernote on iPad? - iOS Help ...
  13. I don't use iPad/Phone. But I'm aware of the differents between the os
  14. Daystar up - Morticia down

  15. TagsTags give you the option of adding keywords to notes in order to improve searchability. One or more tags can be added to a note. Common uses for tags include associating notes with categories, people, memories or locations. To view all of the tags in your Evernote account, tap the Tags panel on the Home Screen Evernote Business users are provided with separate personal and business tag lists. Tap the appropriate Tags List from the Home Screen you would like to edit or manage. Creating or Adding Tags to a NoteTo add a tag to a note, do the following: Open a new or existing note Tap more... located in the top-left corner of the note editor just beneath the Note title Tap Add Tag and begin typing. Existing tags that begin with the same letter(s) will appear as clickable buttons for you to select from. Type a new tag or tap the tag(s) from the options presented Tap anywhere outside of the list of tags to return to the note editor Tap Done when you have finished adding and editing all your tagshttps://evernote.com/evernote/guide/ios/#5
  16. Backup time. Need a new external hard drive...

  17. 5:00 monday morning!

  18. Need my broadband - one sync in 5 h isn't okay!

  19. Why make something simple when you can complicate things? ;-)

  20. Saturday 11 July. Remember Srebrenica!

  21. Unfortunately, that does NOT work in EN Mac 6.0.15. I can create a Table in a cell using MS Word, then copy/paste to EN Mac. But I can't add a Table to a cell in EN Mac. I realized that and add what os and EN I using. All this differential features... A very list, searchable is needed
  22. A table in a table http://www.evernote.com/l/AQJXSlHeEu1MJqBQdK3bzQO_VwdsMMgzBXQ/ Edit: latest version of Evernote on Windows 7pro
  23. So tired of the DNSserver playing hide and seek.

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