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  1. Yeah I got a chock when the counter shows 9.9 GB day 2. Took a while to find oxygen and brain to read.
  2. I moved some notes to one account a year ago Export as ENEX and import in the other account
  3. I have 3 accounts. One Premium for "everything" 13600+ Think it's time to do some merging again (Available in all Androids (2) and my computer) One Basic, 212 notes, for employees to read shared notes from my Premium (available in old tablet and laptop) And one Basic with 70 notes, for test and education (only the computer and web) Switch between my premium and this in the Windows Desktop when needed. It works fine.
  4. Okay tool Maybe I fix a new Evernote account and start cataloging my books...
  5. Conflicting changes - my life in a nutshell

  6. The weekly maintenance, service is approximately 15 minutes. Evernote status service release maintenance
  7. I love IFTTT's Maintenance messages https://twitter.com/MorticiaB/status/613823318987247616
  8. Sunday 4:00 morning. Need sleep before the piercing, shopping and fixing new wheel

  9. Agree. I have printed from Evernote once last 6 months. But sometimes I need to print paper, maybe sign and put in an envelope and put some silly stamps on and put in a yellow box. My life still need a printer. Not often anymore. E-service and E-ID have changed a lot in a few years.
  10. Evernote needs its own Fail Whale* for these "all systems fully available" status updates. This outage happened at a bad time for me today as I had some updates on my desktop that did not sync and I needed them for some out'n'about, time-sensitive errands. Had to recompile everything on the fly culling info from Gmail, an Excel file and a few paper documents. I do not like to appear disorganized in front of others. So, a bit peeved I was. *A suggestion, please: When irregularly scheduled maintenance takes over two hours longer than expected, give me a gottam humourous animated gif or something as a way of apology for severely underestimating the downtime, which I only learned about after completing my errands. More animated elephants http://www.heathersanimations.com/elephantsone.html
  11. And I'm quite sure that if fish or water living animal uses Gmail and what to have to print they would use some high tech waterproof model.
  12. Has been 4 intense months. Water leak from the apartment above mine (chaos is right description) First Evernote unlimited And the automatic warning mail if the account has abnormal usage. And no mail to Basic users (witch been a boomerang issue on the forum) And nagging pop-ups about to write protections (many posts about that too) And now backtracks to a limit max usage per month (I wonder if this is going to generate post, threads like the mail to Evernote did or do.) PS My kitchen is back to normal. No extra ventilation costing a lot on the electric bill.
  13. 16:38 and time for siesta

  14. Evernote clarifies top plan’s ‘unlimited’ storage: 10GB per month Brittany Hillen - Aug 11, 2015 In April, Evernote introduced updated plans in the form of Plus and Premium, both of which come with a subscription fee and features commensurate with what each plan offers. The premium feature is targeted at Evernote power users — those who use it frequently, likely daily, and need ample space to do so. As such, Evernote announced that the premium plan offers “unlimited” storage, but users soon discovered that, as with buffets and mobile plans, there’s still a limit -- the company just didn’t anticipate you’d manage to hit it. --- http://www.slashgear.com/evernote-clarifies-top-plans-unlimited-storage-10gb-per-month-11396465/
  15. My phone, tablet and Windows still tells me that it's unlimited data. Probably because I can't log in and get updated
  16. Just read this on Twitter Evernote News Evernote backtracks on unlimited storage for Premium tier; sets 10GB monthly limit Jordan Novet August 11, 2015 5:47 PM Note-taking app Evernote today announced that it’s rolling back unlimited storage for its Premium subscription tier of service, which first became available in late April. Going forward, Evernote Premium will be capped at 10 GB storage per month. Before the April introduction of the $49.99/year Premium tier, Evernote’s paid service allowed users to store as much as 4 GB per month. And before that, the limit was 1 GB a month. So the unlimited storage option must have proved quite appetizing for some Evernote users. But Evernote was unpleasantly surprised by the consumer response to its offer. “Unfortunately, ‘unlimited’ is such a powerful term that it ended up being both confusing and problematic. Almost instantly, people began using Evernote in a completely new way: mass file storage and backup,” Evernote vice president of marketing and brand Andrew Sinkov wrote in a blog post on the news today. Service quality went down, Sinkov wrote. .... http://venturebeat.com/2015/08/11/evernote-backtracks-on-unlimited-storage-for-premium-tier-sets-10gb-monthly-limit/
  17. Same here I've tested tonight and a while ago. And the computer have been turn off and on between. And if I have the view "all notes" or "notebooks" the screenshot is saved in the notebook I set up. But if I view a notebook the screenshot is saved in that. I haven't thought about it earlier.
  18. Need more time...

  19. Clipped and saved! Going start using PhraseExpress instead of my old, not available anymore program
  20. I tag all invoice Obetald (Unpaid) when I mail them to Evernote and when they are paid I tag them Betald (Paid) and delete the tag Obetald. I have the tag Obetald as a shortcut so they are easy to find.
  21. We have been reading about this. This is some of the threads
  22. Have you logged in at https://www.evernote.com/Login.action and checked the Trash there?
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