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Unable to add new tag in updated windows app

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Maybe I'm missing something with the new update, but I can't find a way of adding a new tag to a note. WHen I click on 'edit tags...' the pop up lets me select existing tags, but not create a new one. It just says 'no tags found'. Is there a better way of doing this?

I'm not sure what the rationale of hiding tags away is in the new update - it used to be so quick to add or remove tags to notes, one of the key strengths of evernote. 

Any help really appreciated!




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Hi there, the solution is not to use the "edit tags" menu. I'm not actually sure why that exists at all - perhaps they will eventually add the ability to add a tag from there as well.

In the meantime, to add a tag to a note, you have a few options: look at the bottom of the active note for a small status bar, click in the space that says "add tag" and start typing.


As you type, tags that match will be suggested, or you will be given the option to create a new tab by hitting tab or enter:



Or you can hit F3 (Cmd-' on Mac) to jump to the tag field without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Or you can create all the tags that you need in advance by clicking on the "Tags" list on the left-hand sidebar, and then you'll be able to use the "Edit tags" menu to select them for a particular note. Until you forget to create one tag, and then you're back to doing it one of the above ways. 😕 I hope that helps.


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11 hours ago, Fred Martineau said:

it used to be so quick to add or remove tags to notes

@Paul A.'s answer is excelent. Just to add that if you have a tag hierarchy creating a tag on the fly in the tags area at the bottom of the note will add it as a top level tag.  You will probably then need to move it later. I therefore prefer to create my tags in the main tags window as he describes.

The easiest way to delete a tag from a note is to select it and press delete. There is no need to use the pop up menu. You can select a tag by clicking it or pressing F3 and then cycling through the tags with the arrow keys.

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