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Formatting of Checklists is Broken

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I'm finding that checklist formatting breaks after opening them on the Android app.

Given a beautiful checklist like this


and then I open the same note in my Android app I'll see bullet points in front ("android-goes-to-hell.png")


Going back to Evernote on macOS I see things are now ugly and gross


Now I need to fix them all.

The net result is that I'm avoiding using the Android app, which is very frustrating.

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This is an unfortunate side effect of you using the old Android app which doesn't support checklists. Once you get updated to the Android 10.x version, this problem should go away.

In the meantime, you might be able to minimize the issue by avoiding creating new checkboxes on the Android app. I believe (based on recollection as I'm currently on the newer Android version and I can't test) that editing and checking or unchecking an existing checklist on Android won't cause the issue, but creating new checklists will. At least, that seemed to be my experience back when I was on the old Android version.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

AFAIK you need to be on Android 10 to be able to run EN v10. If only v8 shows, you need to upgrade your Android version first, if possible.

This is my understanding as well. Evernote is supposedly working on a new release of the app which will work on versions of Android older than 10, but haven't given an indication of which older versions they will support nor when it might arrive.

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3 minutes ago, james.exe said:

So weird... I'm on Android 11 with a Pixel 3. You'd think that'd be current enough.

Ahh. Your phone definitely qualifies. It seems that they are doing a very slow, staged roll out (i.e. first a random 10% get offered the app, then 20%, then 30%, etc.) So, unless they've paused the roll out due to discovering a serious bug, you should get it fairly soon. 

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