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  1. I do the same, when I'm using Evernote and when I need to reference multiple notes for several different types of information. @todd1611 If you're on a mobile device (running Android) what you can do is run multi-window. Use the official Evernote app in one corner of the screen and then the web version on the second corner of your screen. When I needed to this this when my computer was broken, that is how I did my work. Multiwindow. What you can also do is create a tag or saved search to quickly navigate between two more sets of notes. For example. Use custom tags specifica
  2. I know! I have a Chromebook too, I was disappointed. You can try out Dropbox Paper or Consol.io. Whichever environment you prefer. The Chrome Web Store has an extension called "ain't" text editor. It has Workspaces like Notebooks, no tagging, though. It's minimal. You can also try OneNote, Google Keep, Diaro and Journey. Both are great notebook or journaling tools.
  3. I'm back, with my new discovery. Consol.io, which offers what Evernote does, but more, including: end-to-end encryption, powerful tagging and organizations, Calendar, Tasks, file organization, bookmarking tools, and more. Check it out for yourself. As I said before, I used to love and use Evernote and if it weren't for Consol, then I'd be on Dropbox. There's no more innovation or creativity left on Evernote and the Web interface just makes me laugh because there's no customization. I do see why so many people love it, but this is my opinion. I prefer Consol.
  4. Yes, it really is. I really don't understand why they changed Evernote Web. Changing the UI is fine, but the customization? This forum offers more customization! All kidding aside, even though I'm partially being serious, it's as though they don't realize they went "10 steps back", as you say. For this reason alone, I have switched to Consol.io. It offers what Evernote does, plus more (tagging, encryption, mobile support, bookmarking systems, Notes and Files organization). I have been an Evernote user for quite some time and I can honestly say that I prefer the old Web layout more.
  5. Prefixes are a fantastic idea, you just made my experience a whole other level of productive, thanks! Yeah, I use separate notebooks as well.
  6. I hear that, I guess I'm just not used to the whole tag system yet. I came from Google Apps and Dropbox, having used both for many years and relied heavily on specified folders, so maybe I'm just not using tags correctly. I think it was another users who suggest using prefixes if there the same tag is being used for both home and work. Some tags would be "Articles." For work, I write articles. For personal use, I save Articles. Or, for Reviews. I write reviews, but I also save reviews to read later. I guess there's an easy fix for that, being that the tagging system is powerful, so I may have
  7. How do tags work if you have the same tags for both work and personal use and you only wish to view tags for work documents? That's my issue with tags. There's no separation.
  8. One of the most important things for me that Dropbox Paper has that Evernote doesn't is consistency. They don't have one feature available on Web that isn't available on an app. I stil can't get over the fact that folders and sub-folders aren't available on Evernote Web. Don't get me started on how idiotic Stacks are, because you need a mobile device to create them. You also can't change the font. I wouldn't mind if you couldn't change the font at all, but you can on the Web and can't on the app. Idiotic. Next is images. On Dropbox Paper, I can resize an image, center it, align it to the
  9. I'm pretty much already making the switch. Evernote needs to wake up and realize internet services are everything, nowadays. Why download? It's like this scene in Silicon Valley where this one developer mocks Richard's project because they had to download some software to fully test it. What are we, in 1999? All of Evernote's features should work on the Web. I like Dropbox Paper because it works really well, it's on the web and it's not clunky and doesn't feel slow like Evernote Web does. Also, folders and sub-folders are very important for me and Evernote Web lacks when it comes to fully taki
  10. @Taios, to rename a notebook using Evernote Web, you first want to click on the notebook. Once you click to open the notebook, it will display a list of relevant posts within that notebook. Above the lists of posts within that notebook, you'll see the notebook title and below it, a share button. To the top right of that black box with the notebook title and share button, you'll see an "i" or what I call an upside down exclamation mark. Click that, a window will appear and you can the just edit the title.
  11. Hi @gazumped, thanks so much for your response. I've cleared browser cache and have even installed new browsers to check this; all ending with the same result. I asked the person it's shared with and they said the same -- the shared status is there but in actuality when she clicks it, she can't view it because an error comes up. Yet, the shared icon does not go away.
  12. I shared a note with someone (I use Evernote on Chrome) and then a few hours later, I un-shared that same note. When I open the note (via Chrome) on the top right, it has a "people" icon on the top right which says "Shared note" when you hover with your mouse. Yet, when I click the "i" for more details, I click to view advanced details near "Shared" and it says "Nothing to see here!" So, this part is saying it isn't shared. Yet, there's a shared icon on the note itself. Is this a bug, anyone else experience this? Any help?
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