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  1. I DID IT! I IMPORTED A SPREADSHEET INTO A TABLE IN EVERNOTE! IT CAN BE DONE! I experimented and experimented and stumbled on something that worked. I had my data in a Mac Numbers spreadsheet. I copied and pasted it in a note but there was no table. So I tried exporting the data to a HTML page. I opened the HTML page in Firefox but copying and pasting a HTML page into a note also didn’t work. Then, quite accidentally, I copied the HTML data into a new spreadsheet in Numbers. Most of the formatting also copied in including justification and background colors. I copied the sprea
  2. Well the data was in a tab deliminated note program. I am shifting everything to Evernote so I can easily access my notes on a Mac, PC or my iPad. I olny put it into a spreadsheet while trying to get te dat into an Evernote table. I may yet try an attachment but I'm not sure how easy it would be to edit on various platforms. Thanks for the idea. Evernote should post the html inport in their help...wait, there is not real help or manual
  3. It worked in both Mac and Windows! I exported from Numbers (I assume Excel would work too) to a html page, opened the page in Firefox (either OS), copied, went to Evernote and pasted and a table appears with the data. Now if I only had control over the data in the table, lol. I want to be able to select a row or column. Oh well, thanks.
  4. I have information stored in a spreadsheet which I would like to import/place into a table in a note. I have tried copy/paste, copy and paste tab delimited file, copy and paste comma delimited, pure text, rtf and .doc but all of the data always pastes into one cell. There appears to be mo import command available. Any idea how I could accomplish the import? Thanks, Jim
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