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  1. I DID IT! I IMPORTED A SPREADSHEET INTO A TABLE IN EVERNOTE! IT CAN BE DONE! I experimented and experimented and stumbled on something that worked. I had my data in a Mac Numbers spreadsheet. I copied and pasted it in a note but there was no table. So I tried exporting the data to a HTML page. I opened the HTML page in Firefox but copying and pasting a HTML page into a note also didn’t work. Then, quite accidentally, I copied the HTML data into a new spreadsheet in Numbers. Most of the formatting also copied in including justification and background colors. I copied the spreadsheet data to the clipboard again, made a new Evenote note, pasted and Surprise! the data was there in a table including background colors and justifications. I do not own Excel but the same steps might also work with Excel. I do not know why or how the new Numbers spreadsheet was different form the old but it worked with the new one. This morning, I could duplicate the steps with success again. Give it a try.
  2. Last evening, I deleted the Evernote application I had installed following the directions from your link. I downloaded a fresh copy and installed it. Everything seemed fine last night but this morning, the slowdowns came back. I keep some info in bulleted lists and I will type and notice nothing on the screen. A second later, everything appears slowly one character at a time. When I press Return to get the next line, that dreaded spinning beachball appears for a couple of seconds before the return happens. I leave my machine running 24/7 but put it to sleep in the evening and occasionally it sleeps when it has been inactive for an hour. All of the other applications I leave running, usually Firefox with 43 extensions, Mail and Messages work fine after waking from sleep. There is one extension in Firefox which is supposed to automatically execute a backup in the morning but it will not function automatically unless I restart Firefox in the morning. It does run though, only asking me to do a manual backup. I have been in contact with the author and he will try to work on it but feels the sleep cycle does something which causes that problem so he isn't promising a fix can be found. The machine I am running Evernote on is a 2013 iMac (14,2) with an Intel i7 at 3.5 GHz, 24 GB RAM, 3 T Fusion Drive, OS X 10.10.1 using a cable Internet connection. Also, I have some AppleScripts written to do repetitive daily tasks and when invoked, there is a long pause before it executes and then it executes very slowly. I have one AppleScript which will start then stop midway until I click the mouse and then it completes. All of my AppleScripts execute correctly and quickly in other applications. Unless anyone else has any idea I could try, I will submit a Bug report. Thanks.
  3. I have just started using Evernote primarily on a Mac. I chose EN because it is also available for my iPad and PC side. I only have 8 notes made so far and I notice that EN will slow to a crawl after a few hours of use. If I quit and relaunch, EN ghoes back to normal speed. Twice today though, I have had to restart it. I have an incredibly fast iMac with a 3.5 GHz i7 and 24 GB RAM so hardware is not the issue. When EN slowed, I checked other running applications and there was no slowness anywhere else. If this is a none bug for a v5.x product, then maybe I shold go looking again. Does anyone know what could be happening to EN on my machine? Is there a memory leak? Thanks
  4. Well the data was in a tab deliminated note program. I am shifting everything to Evernote so I can easily access my notes on a Mac, PC or my iPad. I olny put it into a spreadsheet while trying to get te dat into an Evernote table. I may yet try an attachment but I'm not sure how easy it would be to edit on various platforms. Thanks for the idea. Evernote should post the html inport in their help...wait, there is not real help or manual
  5. It worked in both Mac and Windows! I exported from Numbers (I assume Excel would work too) to a html page, opened the page in Firefox (either OS), copied, went to Evernote and pasted and a table appears with the data. Now if I only had control over the data in the table, lol. I want to be able to select a row or column. Oh well, thanks.
  6. I have information stored in a spreadsheet which I would like to import/place into a table in a note. I have tried copy/paste, copy and paste tab delimited file, copy and paste comma delimited, pure text, rtf and .doc but all of the data always pastes into one cell. There appears to be mo import command available. Any idea how I could accomplish the import? Thanks, Jim
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