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  1. Doing things only in response to popular vote, @DTLow, is not a good policy. We can see that in US and UK politics right now. 🙂 The design worked fine before EN took an arbitrary decision to suddenly hide an important interface element several clicks deep. I am guessing it was motivated by a desire to standardise between the iPad and iPhone versions even though there was ample screen-space on the iPad to keep these functions at the surface. It was a silly decision that could easily, at the time, have been reversed.
  2. I first flagged this problem in January 2017. Now at last it has been solved. Thank you, Evernote. It should not take three and a half years for a bad initial decision to be reversed. It could have been fixed in the next release.
  3. How are you hitting Tab on an iPad? (Sorry if this is obvious and I am being stupid...)
  4. Well, I suppose that's a step in the right direction... (Well done and thank you jengagne for pursuing this).
  5. An ongoing failure, yes. This clunkiness in the UI inconveniences and annoys me every day - and I do use Evernote every day. I cannot believe that a simple remedy to this has not been provided in all this time. Bad design, bad customer service.
  6. Yes, invu798, I agree. Bringing back the bullet buttons to the tool bar is a great restoration of something that went missing nearly a year ago. But we need buttons to indent and outdent bullets too. Maybe Evernote are forgetting that people often use the soft keyboard on the iPad not a hardware keyboard with shortcuts, tab keys etc? If there is not enough space on some screens, bullet hierarchy could be implemented as a pop-up from the bullet button itself - press to see promote/demote options?
  7. V8 for IOS is nice, but a real backward move was requiring two clicks to insert bullets and another two to indent them. On iPad there's plenty of room to give direct access to these functions in the bottom bar. (But thanks for at last putting the Expand button in the top bar instead of the top of the note - great improvement). Thanks.
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