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  1. Obviously, we all have our own ways of working. Given that I use Evernote as a repository of information, I'm much more likely to open it to read something than to create a new note. I had my most-used notes as shortcuts on my (Android) home screen, but that stopped working properly when I put an app lock on Evernote. It seems to work now, so that takes care of my issue.
  2. I wonder how much of the previous code is still in there and could be made an alternative to the new interface. I understand that there's a shortage of real estate on a phone screen. I've been down that road before, both as a designer and a programmer. What I personally would like to see is scrollable widgets. For example, I could add a filtered note widget that would only show one note at a time. That, however, could be a challenge. Tinkering with a screen layout can be a trip down the rabbit hole.
  3. I agree with everyone else's complaint. This isn't an iOS issue. I'm using Android. How ironic: they named the new screen, which you can't customize, "Your Evernote."
  4. This lack of compatibility with GBoard function drives me crazy. Evernote 10.77.0, Gboard
  5. It's now almost six months since I posted this question, and I haven't gotten any answers. This is a community forum, so fair enough. But I also opened a support ticket six months ago: Ticket# 3757427. I got some back and forth for a while, but they essentially asked me to start over in January 2024. I created a follow-up ticket, 3807879, with all of the information they wanted. That's the last I heard. How can I get their attention?
  6. My problem is quite different, so I'm signing off this thread.
  7. I have submitted this as service request #3757427 ***** Version 10.62.3-win-ddl-public (202230925144652) Editor: v176.13.0 Service: v1.74.4 Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on ‎2/‎9/‎2023 OS build 22621.2283 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22662.1000.0 Printer: Epson ET-8500 When I print a note, all I get is a blank page. This happens even with the simplest (text only) notes. If I print from the Evernote dialog, I get a preview but blank pages. If I print from the system dialog, I get no preview and I get blank pages. If I print to the Adobe PDF "printer," everything works properly.
  8. Thanks. If the problem persists, I'll start a new thread. Is there an Evernote-specific version of Revo?
  9. Well, I'm assuming that 10.62.2 is newer than 10.61.5. I used to be able to print notes without the extra effort.
  10. Unfortunately, I'm using 10.62.2 on Windows 11, and although I get a preview that looks right, all that comes out of the printer is blank paper. If I use the system dialogue, I don't get a preview; but the note prints as expected.
  11. As gazumped noted, it's more an annoyance than anything else. I don't find Note view useful.
  12. I did an update in place. At this point, I don't remember if I tried doing an uninstall and re-install; but I, too,, have not seen the problem in a while.
  13. I found I don't have to restart my machine. I just have to completely exit Evernote and restart it. One of the hidden icons (the elephant) lets you do this.
  14. I just did what you suggested: I saved the attachment from the note and used it to create a new note. Exact same document. The new note displays the Word icon and opens in MS Word like it should.
  15. I just created two more notes as attachments of .doc files, and when I went to open them I was offered the opportunity to choose Word our Hancom. I chose word, and the two new notes now work just fine. The older one, however, still opens in Hancom.
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