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  1. Sorry, I meant a new install of version 10 - latest and up to date. Don't know where I got 11 from!
  2. I am the original poster in this thread. I bought a new computer recently and installed Evernote 11 and I can say that in two weeks of use, I have had no issues with the new version. On my Windows 10 laptop, all seems to be good also.
  3. One Note for Windows 10 does have an importer for Evernote notes, but some work has to be done after importing.
  4. I found today that after restarting my computer, all my notes showed up correctly. Give it a try to see if it works for you.
  5. I can see all my notes in the left column, but clicking on a note does nothing - the note does not open. On the web, I can see the note thumbnail and the full note, but not on the desktop.
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