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  1. Apparently it is. Or else The Powers That Be have decided that adding line spacing is a low priority. Anyway, I like Evernote and have been using it for years, but I recently switched to OneNote. I primarily wanted to have access to my notes from more than 2 devices, which is free with OneNote (or maybe it’s included with the Office subscription I have?), but it’s nice to have line spacing control, too.
  2. To dcaseyrowe & lord snow ... what do you use instead of Evernote?
  3. Whenever I open Evernote on my iPad, it shows "all notes." I don't like that. I want it to only show notes from my main (default) notebook. I can change the view setting, of course, but Evernote changes it back to "all notes." What’s the point of notebooks when Evernote forces the view to “all notes”? There should be a way to change the default view setting to what the user wants.
  4. No, unfortunately not. I’ll try writing to them about it.
  5. I copied the block of Courier text to a new note, used the simplify/plain text command, and then copied the text back. Now to wait and see if that fixed the problem or if it will recur a month or two down the road. My thanks to both of you for your help.
  6. It only happens in one specific note, but I only use Courier in that note. The entire note is too long to retype, but I can try retyping that single line.
  7. I set the font to Courier for a few lines in a note. I want those lines of text to be exactly equal in length, hence the monospace font choice. However, one character will spontaneously change to the default font. I can tell because suddenly one line of text is shorter than the rest. I change the text to Courier again, everything lines up nicely again, but after a while, one character changes. Again. Initially the same line of text was affected. I reworded that line, and now it’s a different line that’s repeatedly affected. i use Windows and an iPad. I posted here about this problem a month ago, and someone said I should delete and reinstall EN on my PC and iPad, Did that. Everything was fine for a while, then it happened again. Any other suggestions?
  8. Efficiency. Most of the time I want to look up notes that are in my main/default notebook. The view shows the most recently changed notes on top (which are from my default notebook, which is good). However, sometimes I want to look at or add something to a not-updated-as-often note that’s in my default notebook. That means switching from all notes to my default, which is annoying. Predictability. I’m used to seeing the notes in my default notebook as the default! I don't remember having to fiddle with view settings before, so I’m thinking this all notes view is a new thing. A new annoying thing. As for creating a new note, yes, I can assign it to a notebook or let it save to the default. That isn’t a problem for me. (The way new notes get titled, well, that’s another annoying thing!) It’s the default view of all notes that I really dislike.
  9. Whenever I open Evernote on my iPad, it shows "all notes." I don't like that. I want it to only show notes from my main notebook. I can change the view setting, of course, but Evernote changes it back to "all notes." Is there default view setting that I can adjust to fix this problem?
  10. @dcaseyrowe ... I avoid retyping as much as possible, so when I run into problems in Evernote that I can’t fix by fiddling with Evernote options (like simplifying formatting or whatever), then I copy/paste the text into a different program, then copy/paste it back. On my iPad, I use Pages. On my PC, I use Notepad. If the text has formatting I want to preserve, then I use Word. Have you tried something like that?
  11. Thanks for cluing me in about Batch! But I don't want to spend $19 to fix line spacing. Oh well. Copy > paste into Notepad > copy > paste into new note still works for stubborn formatting problems.
  12. I think the wording "Paste and Match Style" (item is under Edit menu) is confusing. It's an odd, stilted phrase that I haven't seen anywhere else. I think "Paste as Plain Text" is more understandable and more common.
  13. J-Mac, those shorter workarounds used to work, but they don't anymore (at least they don't for me on an iPad).
  14. Well, the workarounds mentioned in this thread -- increasing then decreasing indent, adding then removing bullets, making the text bold then unbold -- aren't working for me. I'm using Windows version This really SUCKS.
  15. Fantastic! This work-around works! I've already tried paste-as-text and simplify formatting, but those two options don't always prevent or remove the double spacing. Fingers crossed this increase/decrease indent trick (1) works all the time and (2) works on the iPad.
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