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How to make "My Widgets" the default screen when opening Evernote

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When starting Evernote on my iPhone I always have to hit the 3 lines in the lower left to get to My Widgets.

Is there a way to set this as the default view when opening the app?


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48 minutes ago, dmoor said:

Is there a way to set this as the default view when opening the app?

Not that I’ve found, but it seems to stay that way as long as the app isn’t closed.  I’m hoping for a selectable option as well.

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I would also like My Widgets to be my default. I don’t find the new opening page very useful at all. 

Is there a place to formally make this request? Or vote on it? Or something other than reporting here?

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Another voice for this request. I got used to opening at Widgets, and had all my most relevant items there. Now I need to go through an extra step (on my phone, anyway) to get there. It's frustrating. At least let us have the option of going back to that as the start window.

Ideally, we'd be able to choose where it opens when we start the app. I don't like to keep it open because my phone is aging, and I try to keep the power/processor usage down to a minimum.

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I would also like this request to be addressed. It is a pain to open the app on the iPhone and then select widgets from a menu to get the items I use most frequently to show up. 

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