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  1. As gazumped noted, it's more an annoyance than anything else. I don't find Note view useful.
  2. I did an update in place. At this point, I don't remember if I tried doing an uninstall and re-install; but I, too,, have not seen the problem in a while.
  3. I found I don't have to restart my machine. I just have to completely exit Evernote and restart it. One of the hidden icons (the elephant) lets you do this.
  4. I just did what you suggested: I saved the attachment from the note and used it to create a new note. Exact same document. The new note displays the Word icon and opens in MS Word like it should.
  5. I just created two more notes as attachments of .doc files, and when I went to open them I was offered the opportunity to choose Word our Hancom. I chose word, and the two new notes now work just fine. The older one, however, still opens in Hancom.
  6. Bizarrely, I can't find Hancom in the list of installed apps on my phone. I know you can't completely uninstall it on a Samsung phone, and it obviously functions. That's a different problem, though, and has nothing to do with Evernote.
  7. This problem started just today. If I try to open a doc file attachment, Evernote Android will only use Hancom Office. It ignores MS Word completely. I haven't found any place to control that.
  8. Tags and notebooks have different advantages and are suited for different approaches. You can assign multiple tags to a note, but you cannot create a hierarchy with tags. With notebooks and stacks, you can create a limited hierarchical grouping but you can't directly put a note in multiple notebooks. Sometimes one is easier to use than the other when you're looking for something.
  9. The whole point of using notebooks and stacks is to help you get to a particular but of information. If I fire up Evernote to get the serial number of my range hood, looking for a notebook named Appliances in a list of twenty notebooks is faster and easier than looking for a note that might be under R for range hood, H for hood, or E for exhaust fan in a list of two hundred notes. This is particularly true for notes that I haven't touched in a year or two. Coming at it from a different angle, if I'm planning a day of shopping it is convenient to see a notebook view of my shopping lists.
  10. Is there a way to make Evernote show the list of notebooks when you open the app? It always shows the list of notes.
  11. I, too, would like to change the default view. When I open the Android app, I'd like to see the list of notebooks, not the list of notes.
  12. I'm having a similar problem. Not only isn't Acrobat offered as a possible viewer, but PDFs used to show directly in the note. Now they don't.
  13. I've noticed that things have gotten much better over the last year, but there are still some weird little nits. In the Android app, when you are working on a list of check-marked items, sometimes a new line will be capitalized automatically and sometimes it won't. I haven't figured out the pattern, if there is one.
  14. Evernote did not display anything on the lock screen or always-on display before. I suspect you're right that this is a case of "nothing to see here, folks."
  15. Yes, I've restarted the phone. I don't know if it has to do with the theme I'm using for the phone or for Evernote. I don't really need the notification icon, since all it's telling me is that I can quickly create a text note. If it weren't there at all, I wouldn't miss it.
  16. I'm on Verizon also. The icon you drew an arrow to is not the same as what I'm talking about. That's an icon for opening the app itself. I'm talking about the little one that shows up in the status bar (far left) when the phone is unlocked, the one that shows in a circle on the always-on display, and the one that shows up in a group with other notifications on the lock screen. I don't know why you can take a screenshot of your lock screen and I can't. I'm running a newer version of Android, and it did introduce some differences. None of this affects the way anything works. It's
  17. I used a screenshot of this screen as an example. I can't take a screenshot of the lock screen. I turned on the Evernote option to create a note directly from the notification bar, and that's working fine. My issue is that on the lock screen and the always on display, the symbol is transparent. That makes it invisible on the always on display screen except for the border. In fact, it took me a while to figure out where that empty circle was coming from. In the lock screen, there's just an empty space where it should be. If you look at the attached screenshot of this screen, you can s
  18. Release (306134) Prerelease (CE Build ce-1.30.2933) does fix this problem, so the problem wasn't the capture. What I did to create this note was Opened Google Contacts in Firefox Used the option in the Google contact screen to print my contacts. This doesn't go directly to the printer, it opens a new tab with a list of contacts, formatted for printing. I used Evernote's clipper to clip the entire page. The result is a text note. As I said, the problem seems to be fixed in the beta.
  19. I don't mean there's a problem with line wrapping, or anything like that. I mean that a line of text will get split so that the tops of the characters on on the bottom of one page, and the bottoms of the characters will be on the top of the next page. Take a look at the pictures I attached. I tried the printer's option for fit to page, and it had no effect. Suggestions?
  20. I'm having the same trouble, and I think it might have started with Android 7.0. (I have an S7 Edge.) The problem seems to be a conflict between an already-resident instance of Evernote and a new one, but it's evidently not that simple. Even reactivating the resident instance can cause this sometimes. My suspicion is that the "closed" but resident instance still has the database locked. It doesn't matter which note you try to open. It can be one you just edited, or one you haven't read in ages. The workaround is simple but annoying: go to the display of resident applications and clea
  21. Sorry. I meant that when I try to open a .docx file, Evernote offers me the choice of two apps to use: Hancom Office and Google Docs. It doesn't offer MS Word. Android Word is buggy, but it does integrate well with the desktop application. I could use different apps at different times, depending on how the files are opened, but that's a PITA.
  22. Aye, there's the rub—I'm not a paying user. I have sent in bug reports in the past, and not only have they responded but they even had me test some beta software for them. I don't blame Evernote for limiting support for freeloaders, but it does leave me stuck. The two apps that Evernote offers are both pre-installed on my Samsung phone. That's probably a clue, but a clue to what? I have no idea.
  23. I did exactly what you suggested. I was hoping that reinstalling Evernote would force it to take a look around and see which apps were installed, but that didn't happen. I'm still offered the choice of Docs or HanCom. I see an option to send the activity log to Evernote, but I have no idea what to put in the "To:" field. I don't see any option to send feedback, per se.
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