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  1. I was just in a particularly large evernote file and just when I absolutely needed the scrollbar to get around, it was of little help. I could not for the life of me find the thumb (the part of the scrollbar that you can drag up or down). Heck I could barely see the scrollbar! I like a clean seamless look as much as the next guy, but this 'invisible' scrollbar business that's in fashion lately should be optional. I want the: "No Where's Waldo for me; make the scrollbar & thumb bright purple" option 😉
  2. My way around this is to create a C:/toolbars folder where I have some folders for things like work and web and Evernote that I keep on the bottom toolbar. That way all my computers can use it because they all have a C drive. I keep a bkup on the NAS and copy it on all my computers.
  3. What a great idea! I do that with my filterize codes but never thought to do it with links. I too keep a string of links at the top of many of my notes hence the renaming (to something super short).
  4. Thanks. Too bad we can't search for the links. Remind me to never change their names again so that I can at least find their source that way 😉
  5. I realize that. What I'm asking is to avoid the "If you encounter". I know what you are saying, but I'm closing an account and importing everything into my main account. I do tend to change some link names, so I'd rather do the necessary clean-up while I still have the original account open on a separate screen, where I could click on links and see where they lead, then re-create if necessary. So, if I could search for "notes that contain internal links" then I'd be way ahead of the game, having filtered out hundreds of notes.
  6. Right. But I'd rather not manually go through each one of the notes I've imported just to determine whether or not they include a link. If I could search for any note that includes such a link then I could do the necessary re-linking.
  7. Is there a way to search for notes that include links to other evernote notes? You know, the results of : "copy internal link"? I just imported an enex from one of my other accounts and I wanted to re-create any links that are in the files as these will, of course, be broken now that they are in a new account.
  8. Interesting.... Evernote wouldn't stop syncing. I changed a tag on 6000 notes so I put it down to that. Over 1 hour to sync all files, then when the log showed it was at 100% evernote stopped responding. I restarted, and again with the sync for an hour. I waited out the not responding and Evernote came back after a good 5 min. Then it starts syncing again! And that's when I noticed this from my log - notably the stuff about a business account: 21:32:34 [INFO ] [24020] [23660] Performing business search [timmins] 21:32:34 [ERROR ] [24020] [23660] 0% Business user account has been deactivated, host: www.evernote.com 21:32:35 [INFO ] [24020] [4048] 91% * rsrc={f3baef37-15d5-4ff0-b409-ce54d5601c65}, note={3a27635d-e329-499d-9d94-e1e4c8941076} 21:32:35 [INFO ] [24020] [4048] 92% Updating server note "Algonquin Place Street", resource count: 1, content: 0 B 21:32:35 [INFO ] [24020] [4048] 92% * guid={52569758-560c-4055-8f3a-076107e0bed5} 21:32:35 [INFO ] [24020] [23660] Performing business search [timmins] 21:32:36 [ERROR ] [24020] [23660] 0% Business user account has been deactivated, host: www.evernote.com The only explanation I have is that I created a new "work" notebook and I have a "personal" notebook, so maybe that is confusing Evernote? Or, I tried business briefly 2 years ago. Not sure how that could cause any of this though considering all other versions of Evernote since then do not show "Business Account" stuff in the logs.
  9. This version keeps crashing on me and the syncing is too slow. Can someone point me to the previous version so that I may install it? I thought I had 6.19, but I couldn't find it here.
  10. CalS, I currently have both instances of Evernote open (desktop vs web) so that would really amount to the same thing. I'll just have to try a few things until I'm happy with the workflow. You know how it is when you decide to try a new method - it takes a bit of time to figure out if it is worth your while.
  11. dcon, I forgot to thank you for this information. Works like a charm.
  12. That's a great suggestion... although doesn't this solution assume that I'm auto saving my screenshots in an external folder first (and then auto naming/moving them into separate subfolders which are watched by the two instances of Evernote)? I didn't think you could save Evernote screenshots to a desktop folder. If I could then that would solve all my issues. As you point out, I could use evernote exclusively for work screenshots set to save in a work folder watched by my work account, and I could use another of my multiple capture tools to auto save in my original folder. If I decide to import that folder into my personal account I could do it if I choose to.
  13. Ah darn. All that research this morning and the solution was right there in Evernote:
  14. Nutshell version of what I need - I am running 2 instances of Evernote: work and personal. I need one keyboard shortcut to send my evernote screenshots as new notes in my Work account, and another (default) shortcut that creates the note in my personal account. The problem - When 2 instances of Evernote are running, the screenshots are saved as new notes in the last account that was selected. The solution - find a way to specify "create new screenshot note in x account". That could be too complicated. A simpler solution would be to just have a shared 'Screenshots' folder and have all screenshots saved there. More work for me in that I would have to go through it at some point and move the work related ones into the work account, but at least it solves my problem. The new problem I can't find a way to specify the notebook that should be used when creating the new screenshot notes. I figured it would be easy enough using ENScript to do that, but it turns out it isn't. According to this Developer page https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php I could (and have) created a windows shortcut to create a new screenshot note. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" /task:ClipScreen However, that page also specifies that "individual commands cannot be combined", so i can't add the ENScript function /n notebook which "Specifies the name of the notebook to create the note in" (oh I tried!).
  15. hmm. So is that in addition to creating the windows shortcut then pasting the link to that or is this some way of skipping the windows shortcut bit altogether?
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