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  1. Thanks for that article. It's great! Even better is this other page the article links to: https://idlewords.com/talks/website_obesity.htm. I laughed so hard. All developers should read this.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, legacy is 6.25.2 and the previous version is 6.25.1, so in effect they are both 6.25. I thought I read today that there was an update to the legacy version although I don't recall what was changed.
  3. That's good. I'm taking a look at obsidian now. Very interesting. Not the simplest thing in the world, though, I mean in terms of how to deal with filetypes they don't support.
  4. That's what I'm doing as well. As long as it still syncs, it's good for me.
  5. This sounds promising... there might be an independent way to OCR, and as for mobile, I'd probably be happy just to use a sync service (google drive, dropbox) to have access from anywhere...
  6. I'll take a look, but honestly I think that Evernote was the last proprietary thing for me (aside from email). If I get out, I'll stay out. I'll revert to old school with txt and jpg and a good file explorer/search engine, or maybe some database that keeps my files where they are but just displays them in a pretty way.
  7. It answers my misunderstanding of what he was saying 😉 I thought that installing legacy auto installed *both* legacy and win 10, thereby increasing the space taken on the drive.
  8. Ok. But if I install legacy it only installs legacy, right? It doesn't auto install both legacy and v10 (after which I would have to uninstall v10)?
  9. gazumped: can you clarify something for me? Does this increase happen when you install both legacy and v10, or does it also happen when you install legacy on its own?
  10. haha.. that wasn't the change I was thinking of. I thought it related to syncing or exporting or I don't know, it was important enough for me to avoid legacy.
  11. That is exactly my thinking as well. I've never liked using anything proprietary but I have, a lot, and have always had to get out at some point, losing data or having to take screenshots of the data. I never learn my lesson. Evernote is/was so perfect for my needs: text and images and attachments and links all in one note. Cross platform. Searchable. But I was concerned about the single exb file or enex file exports. And I despise what exporting to html does to my local folder/file structure. If only txt files could include images and attachments and easy local links! That would be my dream
  12. I read something somewhere that the "legacy" version differs from the last known good version 6 ( Whatever it is I read sounded an alarm bell that made me stick with v6. Does anyone know the differences between the two aside from the fact that legacy is apparently getting updates?
  13. Thanks for checking that. The timing is good. I was just in OneNote, not having used it since version 2016, and immediately had to google something *very important*. There is no way to export OneNote notebooks anymore (in the Windows 10 cloud only version). All one can do is print to pdf. Geez. This is getting crazy. I love the cloud as much as the next gal, but don't these companies and programmers realize that way more than half the world doesn't have a good internet connection if they have it at all? Seriously. I live 15 minutes outside a large city that has fiber, and our internet is D
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