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  1. Look at you apple heads showing off....
  2. All true, but my scrolling finger can only do so much on my Android phone... 😀
  3. Yeah, that's what I do now but I have a few people who are only tagged in about 8 notes and I'd rather just stick @terry inside the note instead of using up a tag. Or at least that was the plan. To be consistent in my searches I'll have to either keep the tags I was going to eliminate, or change the tags to reflect whatever method I use in the notes (ie _terry in the note and _lucie as a tag, so that any search with _name will show up, whether in a note or in a tag).
  4. Ok, thanks guys. That's too bad for me, because I am so used to having @ precede a person's name, # precede a place and other such symbols I use throughout my tags for easy reference. Would have been nice to use them in the text as well. I guess I have to choose: use a letter like gazumped does or use the _ and hope Evernote doesn't change its mind.
  5. I agree with most of what you say except for the first sentence which I find too narrow as it excludes a reasonable user expectation. If a program includes a pop-up asking to select a tag and not all tags are displayed that, to me, is a bug. If instead they asked only: select a parent tag, then ok, but that is not the case here. It would be like asking users to filter by notebook but only displaying their default notebook rather than all of them.
  6. Not sure this is a feature request as much as it is a bug.
  7. I know that search excludes some characters from a search (things like @mary or @terry will be found when searching for mary or terry even though they begin with the @ sign) but how can I force the exact match "@mary" or "@terry"? I was using @mary and @terry tags but they are too infrequent so I decided to put them inside the note instead, specifically keeping the @ at the beginning to filter for the mary and terry I know rather than have to go through hundreds of web articles with references to mary and terry. Is there a way to force a search for "@mary" or is this also the result of the way Evernote searches and I'm up the creek...? Update: ok, turns out that if I use an underscore (_mary) I can search for that without have to use the exact match quotation marks. I can definitely go ahead and make these changes however I'm not sure I should invest that much time doing it if it turns out it is a fluke or a bug or something that Evernote will change. Anyone know why underscore seems to be the only exception?
  8. Probably should, although it seems like a rather unimportant one in comparison to other requests.
  9. Ha. Good guess. Not sure even I, collector as I am, can have 290 Adobo recipes!
  10. Right, that's where I saw it! You have to do a search and get that note under the search that says "Found notes with search terms in SEVERAL notebooks". When I click several I get the filtered list. I knew I saw it somewhere. Not sure why that same option can't be displayed when we search using tags. Maybe it used to be there and they accidentally removed it? (Now I really want to see which note has both chicken and pork in my Personal folder! - which, as it turns out, is an example of why I want that functionality)
  11. PinkElephant Windows. Well ideally I would be able to include -notebook:archive in a search. Or to the very least the list of notebooks would include the number of relevant results, ie NotebookA (3), NotebookB (0), NotebookC (14), then at least I could see which notebooks contain the results. Tags don't filter the number of relevant notes either (they include a number, but it is the total number of notes with that tag, not just the relevant ones). But at least it is possible to display only those tags that are relevant to the search results. Maybe I never noticed the notebook issue before because I only ever had about 6 notebooks (I would only have 3 but you notebooks are the only thing you can share, so I have to have 3 extra ones). But a few months ago I added a few more and now I know I'll go back to minimal notebooks and use tags instead, the way I always did.
  12. I select "All Notes" then in the search bar I search for: tag:somethingorother I get the list of results. Now I want to filter by Notebook. Seems to me that in previous versions (I could be wrong about this) when I clicked on the "All notes" button drop-down above the search box it would list only the relevant Notebooks - but now it just displays the entire list of Notebooks. I know I can sort by notebook but that isn't what I want. Is there a setting somewhere to filter by relevant notebook the way one can search then hit the tag button and display only the relevant tags?
  13. I have it in Win10 Desktop version: (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  14. Oh yeah. Lots. Obviously they are not syncing over to Android. The shortcuts are synching EXCEPT for those shortcuts that are searches... so there is obviously an issue with searches. I hope they fix it soon. I'm leaving for Europe on Tuesday and on pretty much all my travels there is always some bug in Evernote that prevents me from using it properly!
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