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  1. I'll check-out those clipboard format disply programs, thanks. When I do what you did I always get the correct format. The issue arises when I select something on the screen using a clipping program (including the Windows Snipping Tool) and then paste directly. So no image is saved anywhere. It's like Print Screen where the result just goes to the clipboard, and then you paste. That's what is always png. Drag and drop and Copy Paste work the way they are supposed to. Edit - Now I'm wondering where the clipboard gets its format info...
  2. (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) Summary: I have a jpg in the clipboard and when I paste it in Evernote it turns into a png file. Dragging jpgs works fine though. I capture the screen with FastStone, which is set to save as jpg. In fact, it auto-saves in a folder as jpg and it auto sends to clipboard as well. One would think that pasting said clipboard contents into Evernote would paste the same format, but it doesn't. It pastes png files, which are substantially larger (as in increasing a 39 KB file to over 300 KB). If, however, I drag the jpg from my screenshot folder to evernote, it remains a jpg. I come across a thread in which Evernote was changing formats on Macs back in 2015 and it turned out to be a bug, so maybe something crept in recently? If anyone can reproduce before I put in a ticket that would be great.
  3. lisec

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    There is an issue with creating a new note in a shared folder. Evernote interrupts typing in the new note to display the "created by and shared by and last edited by" info. If the user is typing on the one line (i.e., just the one paragraph) when "created by and shared by and last edited by" appears, the user may lose a character or two, depending on how quickly they type. But if they had typed a few words and hit ENTER before "created by and shared by and last edited by" appears, then when it does appear the cursor moves to the top of the note and the typing continues up there. To reproduce: Disable "Set new note focus to title" Create a new note* in a shared folder: type 3-4 words, press <enter> and keep typing. After a short delay, "created by and shared by and last edited by" appears and when it does the cursor moves to the top of the note. *I have not tested with "create new note in new window" enabled.
  4. I have, and it does exclude some notes, but for the life of me I can't figure out why. The results show a whole bunch of titles that include London, so it looks for exact maches in intitles (unless I end the search with an asterix), so I know they are not being filtered according to my search. One would assume, then, that it is looking to the content of notes for Lond and excluding those notes. And there are notes that are being excluded. I just can't find the search term in them. At all! I searched for tag:#London -Londo and one of the notes that gets excluded has no text and only 3 pictures with absolutely no words (signs, etc) in the pictures. When I searched for tag:#London -L, 4 notes got excluded but searching within the note only displays ending "l"s as in the phrase "as well. ". TItles are never excluded when the search contains the partial word searches -Londo or -L I think I'll have to re-create the tests I did earlier today with 5 notes with different content, e.g. 1 with Lon another with Lond etc and see which notes get excluded. It's all getting to be very complicated ?
  5. DTLow is correct. Note1 does not have London in its title or body, but it is tagged with #London. That's the note I want to find. There is only 1 way to find that note when using its London tag as a filter, and that is to search the title: tag:#London -intitle:London (or its variants, e.g., -intitle:Lond*) Without specifying the title, searches look at both note content as well as tags. (Hey, at least it doesn't also search notebook titles!) I'm not averse to the search function including tags in general, indeed, it can be useful especially when you forget the tag's exact formulation, but I'm not sure I like that there is no way around it. Perhaps it is a bug?
  6. Yeah, that's what I've been doing, but was hoping to get around that method. I'm almost certain that word searches ignored tags a couple of years ago.
  7. When searching for "London", my results display all items that have the word in the title, body OR tags. I need to search for all notes tagged with London that do not have the word in their title or body. My goal is to eliminate some tags and rely on search alone, but first I want to see how many notes would not get picked up by a search for London were I to remove the London tag. I know how to search for items not tagged as London (-tag:London) but is there a way to search for a word in title and body only while ignoring tags?
  8. In testing something I came across an issue that is potentially very bad. In Chrome, I signed into a free account, signed out, signed into a premium account, signed out, and signed back into a free account. Only this time, the free account is being listed as the account I'm signed into, except that the notebooks being displayed INCLUDE my premium account! Notice that it isn't confused about my signed in account - the notebooks displayed aren't from one or the other but a MERGE of both accounts! I don't know if this is an issue with Evernote or the Chrome cache, but since Evernote is clearly listing my free account and listing a MERGE of both the free and the premium account it seems to me Evernote might be responsible for this rather than a Chrome cache which could not have "merged" both accounts' notebooks. Seems to me this is one hell of a security breach! Note: I signed out again and signed back in and this time it displays correctly with just the "First Notebook" and "capital" under "Shared with me".
  9. lisec

    Evernote death spiral

    The major problem with Evernote is that they don't fix bugs. Simple as that. They want us to use Evernote Business. They've been wanting that for the past year or more. But here's the thing. Do they think companies sit around their conference room table and decide on a business product without anyone there having used the product? Of course not. Someone has to be at the table who uses Evernote, and who convinces the table that it's the way to go over all the competitors. That's how its done. But in the last year and half, users have been pretty pissed at Evernote, as personal users, because of the lack of SQA and bug fixes. I tried Evernote for business. I wanted our company to use it because I use it and I tried competitors and I preferred Evernote (if there were a few changes/tweaks). But there is no way I could recommend it (and I'm married to the President of the company!). There are too many bugs that don't get fixed in a timely manner, and by timely manner I mean DAYS, not years. Yes, DAYS. Usability bugs, of course. The big ones. And some still exist after a year. Who in the world could recommend that for a business? I don't know if the article is accurate or not, I don't know if it is a good thing that all these executives are leaving, but I know one thing: Evernote for Business will only succeed when regular Evernote users are happy with it. They are the ones who recommend it (or not). Fixing the elephant is salt on the fire with so many outstanding bugs. So is the ask to try Evernote for Business. By not fixing bugs they are saying: we have more important things to do. And users like me tell CTOs and CEOs, don't go with them. They don't take you seriously.
  10. Like everyone else I know I have duplicates in there somewhere and I just remove them when I come across them. This particular situation was a stupid mistake on my part. The excel thing (I would have used google sheets) would probably have been simpler with a query to just display non-duplicates. I'll remember that next time.
  11. jbenson2, I made the mistake of copying 3 private folders from my main laptop into my tablet/laptop, and then ended up updating both of them with different info over a 2 year period, so I had to find the extra notes in both notebooks. If this ever happens to anyone else, here's what I did: I exported the local notebook from one laptop and imported it into the other. I put them both under a stack so that I could see all the notes in both notebooks by selecting the stack. Then I sorted by name. I was seeing duplicates everywhere, and when there was a single I moved it somewhere else. It would have been much simpler with a 'find duplicate' tool within Evernote though, that's for sure. At one point I swore I was going blind...
  12. I'm *this* close to doing just that ?
  13. lisec

    Selective Notebook Sync

    Gotcha. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I really don't want to leave that to the last minute. I'll just keep hitting the down button on my list until everything is downloaded (and hope I don't forget anything).
  14. lisec

    Selective Notebook Sync

    Basically because if the import creates "new" notes, then updating one of those notes on my main laptop before I leave will not update it on the travel laptop and I certainly wouldn't want that.
  15. I'm trying to find duplicates. It turns out that my duplicates would have the same title and the same creation date. Anyway to search for duplicates? I am using a workaround right now, but I'd sure prefer to have Evernote list them all for me.