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  1. I would love this functionality as well. It would be so great especially for android, where searching for multiple words can be a pain. It's really hard to search for: "notebook:recipes tag:made tag:@jonnie intitle:Chicken tag:#Italy But if everyone in the house could just go to the kitchen tablet and select a link from a nice table like this: that would open a main page with yet another table Links on this last page would just execute a saved search. Search results would be displayed normally, the way they are now. My husband wouldn't have to browse through a bunch of tags or all those results when he searches for "chicken" (turns out 'chicken broth' is in every recipe!). Now I know there are ways around this right now. I could execute one of these searches right now, create a Table of Contents, and link it to the word sous-vide for example. However, that TOC doesn't get updated when I add new sous-vide recipes, so I would constantly have to re-create TOCs. Now there's a program called Filterize that creates dynamic TOCS. That works. It isn't cheap. The thing is I like the results of a search in Evernote; I like seeing the pictures in snippet mode. I like being able to sort my results by date created or by title. We already have the ability to save searches, and we have the ability to create shortcuts to them. Is it really a different ballgame to stick some of those shortcuts in our notes?
  2. Well, I don't use the web either and I took the two minutes it takes to login to the web, noticed it was beta (I don't remember ever turning that on), changed it back, exited, and my desktop syncing issues were gone. That's all I'm saying.
  3. Did you check to see if you were using the beta version of Evernote web? If so, revert to non-beta. It seems to have fixed the problem for me. Also, note that I don't use Evernote web. Ever, really. But as far as I understand, when we sync that's what we sync with, so issues in the web can easily translate as issues with the desktop version, especially where syncing is involved.
  4. dcon, now that is a neat trick. I can't wait to see it in action. For the moment, though, I'm not sure such heavy guns are required. I discovered that I was running the web beta and that was causing a whole bunch of syncing issues. I've since turned it off and I'm going to wait a week or so to see if I still get the crashes. I suspect I will not, and I've been 2 full days without one so far. (I've told the techs via my open ticket; here's hoping they advise others with sync issues to disable evernote web beta as a start towards troubleshooting).
  5. Brilliant. You are right. You have to complete the search by clicking on the magnifying glass on the keyboard, presumably to 'execute' the search. I can tell, I can just tell that I'm never going to remember to do that...
  6. Jefito, well now that is interesting. DTLow, Yeah, I'm connected to the internet. Just regular notebooks; not offline, not "On device". Proof: I just did another test with 2 notes: one with the word Fandower in the title, and one with the same word in the body only. Checked that my phone got synced, it did. Looked at the files in my Cabinet notebook on my phone: both files are there. Did a search: only the note with Fandower in the title appears. Oh, and it doesn't matter if I complete the search (e.g., "fandower" instead of "fandow"), I get the same result. Screenshots from my Pixel2, Evernote Android v8.11
  7. No title. That's part of the issue - I can't find the note to fix it. I selected about 2-3 months worth of notes and fixed those, hoping that would do the trick, but the log still shows this one. I'm really not tempted to fix my entire database - it just takes too long. And yeah, the number is completely uninformative. Doesn't match anything else that I could see in the log. Anyway, I'm sure i'll have to go back to support with this one. I swear if the front-liners tell me to re-create my database before they send anything to tech I'm going to scream.
  8. Evernote for Android v8.11, still with the search issues... This time Android is searching in titles only. I reproduced a number of times. Desktop search includes body of notes, Android does not. E.g., I searched for 202008 and the desktop shows 2 notes, 1 with the search term in the title, the other with it in the body. Android only finds the item that has the search term in the title. I've reproduced plenty of times.
  9. I've been dealing with this issue for the past few months as well. Sometimes I get 10 crashes a day (a crash being Evernote simply disappearing). I've had tickets opened and after dealing with the "um, did you reboot" and "oh, just re-create your database" first line customer service rep nonsense for weeksI finally got through to tech only to be told that there was a new version out, could I try it. The thing that is hard with this bug is that when you get it, you get it multiple times/day, multiple days/week and then for some reason you could be free of it for weeks. Then bang, it comes back. What I'm seeing in the log is also [ERROR ] [18256] [440] Unable to load note: uid=119218 Can't fix it using Ctrl Help fix note. If I knew which note it was I could remove it. How can I find out which note it is?
  10. Yeah, I do that too. Actually, I was sort of wrong. When selecting multiple tags it actually works nice in android because after selecting tag 1, the resulting list is filtered so there is less scrolling. You don't have hierarchies, but you don't need them at that point. I'm trying to think of what the issue is... whatever it is, I get a pop-up screen of my tags and that one has all of them in a flat list. I just don't remember when that happens. One feature that would be nice is the ability to keep filtering on a search result. I don't bother using search on my phone because there is no way to narrow down the results.
  11. but the hierarchy disappears when selecting tags as filters
  12. Look at you apple heads showing off....
  13. All true, but my scrolling finger can only do so much on my Android phone... 😀
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