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  1. I have, and I do use it sometimes, although accidentally, when I hit the wrong shortcut for my other programs! It doesn't resize though. I don't remember how I set up snag-it to do it, but it's perfect for taking screenshots and auto-resizing. It pastes the smaller image, and a smaller image of web junk like fridges or recipes makes Lise a happy camper.
  2. Now I remember the issue. Maybe I can do it with faststone, but the program only allows me one keyboard shortcut, so I reserve it for 'bigger' images (for work). I could probably create an AutoHotkey, but it's not worth the bother, because snag-it does the 'smaller' picture just fine. Come to think of it I think I have yet another shortcut for Evernote's native screen capture as well, but I've got so many keyboard shortcuts on the go now that I'm this close to having to ask Google or Alexa what my shortcuts are!
  3. PinkElephant, yeah, you are right. You *have* to sync after posting each image just in case. Images don't disappear all the time, but if you can't trust it, well you basically have to sync every single time. It's a fairly important bug if you ask me, especially if you come back later to discover your work is gone! (I use Evernote for bug testing at work, and my notes are filled with pictures - dialog boxes I saw, etc) and oftentimes I can't get them back without reproducing all the how-to steps I was documenting, especially errors and bugs!
  4. When I'm researching something, I either clip to Evernote, or I keep a note open and then I just Alt-C to capture any image/clip. Alt-c is just a shortcut to Faststone that saves to disc and to clipboard. I then past the clipboard immediately into Evernote. It's rote. I do it a gazillion times/day. Then I notice that the image size is like 2MB - I don't need it that big. If I notice in time, then I go back to the webpage or whatever source I'm working with and to Ctr Alt C, which is snag-it, which also saves to clipboard but 60% reduced. So I take the shot again, put it in Evernote, remembering to paste it *after* the existing image before deleting the previous image (if I forget, and I delete the original image first, Evernote hangs for about 30 sec - an old bug that was never fixed). If I notice too late, like the next day, well, then it's right-click, open in a program, reduce, save. All I'm saying, really, is that it would be nice to just right-click on the image and have an option that says: reduce by... and have options, like 75%, 50%, whatever. Not the end of the world to do it the way I do, but for quick research and note taking it's just a few steps extra that I wish we didn't have to take.
  5. Constraining the size of the picture by using a table or 'resizing' the image in Evernote with the little arrow in the bottom does nothing for file *size*, and that's the issue (for me, anyway). I don't need huge 2 to 4 MB pictures of fridges when pasting clipboard images into my Shopping for Fridges note. Lots of pictures in the same file and it can quickly become quite large, and that effects the size of the Windows database (for those of us who like to back that up). If Evernote offers a way to noodle with images by adding arrows and stuff, couldn't it also offer a "resize image" option much like the small built-in Windows paint does? And by resize I mean make it smaller in terms of *size*. There are workarounds, yes, like having a dedicated capture tool that auto-resizes as you are capturing, then pasting that into Evernote. But you have to remember to use *that* program when creating the screenshot. If you forget, it's quite the noodle to open each picture within Evernote with a different program, resize, and put back.
  6. It just happened to me (again). About 20 minutes ago I created a note and pasted 3 screenshots from clipboard (I use another program set to both save my screenshots to a folder and also to clipboard - I paste directly into Evernote). Less than 5 minutes later the three screenshots were gone. They weren't on the web version of the note either. The last time this happened to me was about 6 months ago or more, and after much troubleshooting I figured out that it was due to my using the "new" web version. When I changed back to using the 'old' version, I didn't see this issue. Until now. Edit... I just refreshed my web browser with the open note, and am getting the "refresh circles", so the page *knows* there's something going on. A sync in Windows version does nothing - still no pictures. This is the web version where the blue marks are part of the rotating 'refresh' circles:
  7. Here's a simple useful case of why a password-protected *account* isn't always the same as a password protected Notebook. I keep everything in one account, including Recipes. On the kitchen tablet I want to display my recipes, but I don't want every Tom Dick and Harry to have access to some of of my more personal notebooks. On my living room computer I want to share my Films & TV notebook to see what I should watch next. That's it. That's the only reason I would like to see a password protected Notebook feature. And yes, I could always create another account and share my recipes notebook and my Films & TV notebook, but the mess that ensues with tags in shared notebooks prevents me from doing that.
  8. Yeah, me too! Thanks for the reply 😉
  9. Found the problem. One of the notes in the group had a very odd "tag" assigned to it (the light blue line to the right of "Add tag". I've never seen anything like it before. I selected that note along with another then right-clicked for "tag notes" just to see what might appear in the list of tags, but there was nothing. Similarly when I duplicated the note the odd 'tag' wasn't duplicated. So basically the "move" operations were never working when this particular note was in the group.
  10. That would have been the cat's meow... result: says that the note doesn't exist, but it's saying it in a nice way, not an error type way. I wonder if it is in the trash. Hmm. But thank you for that method. What a fantastic tip!
  11. My sync log is showing this error: 15:32:02 [ERROR ] [4976] [17888] 0% Failed to save item style: {"color":"#fc483d","guid":"7B44ADE5-65F7-4148-9E74-2D261CBF8F7B","style":["bold"]} I want to search my notes for those with tables and re-create the ones with red ("color":"#fc483d). At least I'm hoping it's a table header and not just regular red font. I'm not in the mood to export my entire database to mysql to find the note number.
  12. Very odd. I'm having issues moving notes to a notebook. I select a tag, sort the list by notebook, select the notes I want to move (over 10 notes) and I tried dragging into the notebook, I tried "move note to notebook" but they will not move. It doesn't even work when I select a single note, right-click and select "move note". Here is what is strange: it works sometimes. The first time I selected a block of about 20 notes in drag & dropped and it worked fine. Then it only worked again when I selected only 3 notes. Then it worked when I selected another 3 and used the right-click method. THen it worked when I selected a single-note with the right-click method. Now no method works. When I exist Evernote (fully, including killing the webclipper in Task Manater) and come back in, it's the same story: the first (small) group might or might not be draggable, and then it is random whether or not it will ever work again, even for individual notes.
  13. Ha! I shred stuff too, and for the same reason - so that I don't stick it in evernote again!I And before I throw junk mail in the recycling bin I tear off the name and address part and stick in the wood burner. I might not care if the entire world has my info, but I won't let the guy at the dump get my address 😉 Now about those floor plans...
  14. PinkElephant & gazumped - I always had that same 'who cares' type of attitude. I mean, like gazumped says, there's so much stuff out there that if they really want to find that picture of my driver's license that I keep for when I travel, well, they deserve to get it for all the work they did to find it. Also, we use google home devices, alexa, we store stuff in this cloud and that cloud, and it was all so overwhelming that at one point we gave up. "It's the new way" we said. "There isn't much The Cloud does not already have" we said. "Lets just flood it with so much stuff that it will bury the important stuff". All true in a sense. All quite logical if a bit defeatist. And yet there's something that doesn't sit well with me... So 3 days ago I took it upon myself to search and encrypt every instance of my full address and phone number in all my Evernote notes. Then I had the pictures of receipts to deal with as well. SO much work and no where near done (Evernote does not make it easy). But then I remembered something Warren Buffett said: make a list of your top 25 priorities in life. Circle the 5 most important. Delete all the other ones - they just interfere with the important ones. So, yeah, excuse the language but ***** that. For every receipt i don't encrypt I can write 3-5 lines of a screenplay. DTLow - I read that you encrypt or password protect your pdfs. Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉
  15. Shoot. Here I was thinking I was doing a good thing. Do you use something to protect pictures of receipts, taxes, that sort of thing?
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