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  1. This is also happening on Android. I can't believe this issue is from Nov! I thought the whole point of moving into this new 1 code base for all was to make it simpler to fix bugs! Please fix asap. Evernote on the phone is pretty much useless now because all I do is save clippings to read later.
  2. Oh that is not good. Like you, I use that feature all the time - multiple times/day.
  3. Yeah, I don't consider that an option really. I mean if we only relied on search, we might was well just have one large Evernote note with everything in it, or one large file in our windows Documents folder with everything in it. That's not the way people do things (rightly or wrongly). My guess is that option is there as a last resort type of thing, where you have confidence in being able to access your data the way it is, but if *everything* goes sideways, then at least you know you've got one big file with everything in it just in case.
  4. I Found the solution to the truncated thing, by the way. I'll edit this to provide more details in a few minutes, but for now, you get the full non-truncated title ONLY if you export one file at a time, and select "Export as Single html web page". Yup. 1 file at a time. It's going to be a very long next 7 days. Edit: To be fair, if you select multiple files and "Export as multiple web pages (html)" you will get an index file called "Evernote_Index.html" and when you open that, it includes the full titles with a link to the title's url within that folder. So... it's a crappy work around if you ask me because it's just an extra step to see your full file names and if you export new files into the same folder you end up with an another Evernote Index and if you happen to export duplicates (easy to do if you forget that you already exported some notes) then you end up with duplicates and triplicates all over the place because Evernote doesn't overwrite, it just adds a [2] at the end of the html file and its corresponding folder.
  5. I don't think we have "note-id" in Windows, or if we do, it is under the hood and we can't see it. And yeah, there is no Notebook option. I think people usually select a notebook and export the entire thing into a folder with the Notebook name.
  6. Hmm. Could that be an Apple thing? On windows when you export a note to html you get to choose from a bunch of meta data and it goes into the note.So for example, this appears below the note title when I open the html file: Evernote eXport options:
  7. RavBoy, Are you running the latest Windows (v1909)? Maybe that's what is causing the truncating thing as well as the search business.
  8. Oh shoot! I mean great, and thanks for posting that, but man, why doesn't it work on my machine!!!! I get this, so I couldn't even search for "manual" using windows title search (which I prefer cause it's faster) because it truncates!
  9. yeah, I backup to enex all the time and am up to date. I wanted to export to html (as well) to see if I could go back to living with everything on my notebook and just using evernote for web-clipping stuff.
  10. html. Apparently v1909 of Windows could have issues with Windows Search. They changed something. I think it's time for me to go into my cinema and watch all 25 movies of my Zatoichi box set. Maybe things will work better when I come back in about 3 weeks 😉
  11. I tell ya, there's no winning. I'm being good, exporting all my files for backup purposes (and also just in case I need to dump evernote). Then I discover the titles are all truncated and I'm missing half the relevant info. Ok, well, Windows Search function is pretty good nowadays, so I can just search for the contents of the html files when I need to find something. HA! Windows Search doesn't find anything in html files! Geez. So now I have to research that. What a frustrating day.
  12. I lost a pdf receipt today that was in an Evernote note from 2018. I noticed that it had encryption so I entered the password, the pdf displayed as expected within the evernote note, I opened it with Acrobat, removed the encryption, Saved, and all was good... until I synced the note. Poof - pdf is gone. It is *not* cool to mess around with our documents and attachments, and this missing attachment business has been going on for a few months now (with pasted jpgs disappearing all the time). Luckily I'm a paid subscriber and have access to note history and was able to recover. I repeated the process and all worked out fine. BUT the only reason I caught the missing pdf was that I double-checked on it right after modifying it. Had I just gone about my business I never would have realized the attachment disappeared. It might be time for everyone to backup their notes & attachments onto a hard drive or some more reliable cloud-based solution (which I was in the process of doing). And honestly, if we have to do that, then evernote becomes nothing more than a very expensive web-clipping service.
  13. I could swear I used to export and get the full titles, but now my titles (and corresponding folders) are all being truncated at 140 characters (incl extension). Is that new? More important, is there a workaround?
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