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  1. My mistake. I kept sorting and sorting, but I didn't sync. After a sync it sorts fine.
  2. I've opened a ticket, but thought users might like to know. When sorting by create date (and possibly modified date) it sorts properly by the date but it doesn't take the time into account. In the screenshot you see that of the three dates for June 6, 9pm appears before noon, and then 8 am. ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750))
  3. but it isn't as far off as you think. If one could exclude a private notebook in a search, then all would be good.
  4. I used to do that but I was afraid of losing the date info on export. And now I use that date trick for all my files and pictures on my desktop as well. Nice and consistent.
  5. I avoid using tags for dates by putting the date in the title, 20190426 along with the rest of the title like "taxes" or "Amsterdam trip". Search is a breeze. I then search for 2012* or 201204* to get all notes from that year or from April of that year. Add a few words or tags to filter and I'm good to go. I think I got that trick from gazumped.
  6. They aren't in color on my updated Windows 10. Some were with my previous version of Evernote (beta 2 I think?) but I just got the latest (downgraded) beta, and there is no colour to be had in Windows. In fact, some (like ➕) aren't rendering at all (display a small narrow box). Here is the green checkmark: ✔ (seems it's not green here either! supposed to be:
  7. @Austin G, any update? Seems to me this hasn't changed yet - still just black and white (or just boxes) in titles and lists.
  8. I returned to the previous version and while the shortcuts now appear, clicking on any of them do not display any of the notes! Also there is an issue with tags beginning with @. When looking at a note that includes @fred that tag is displayed correctly as being one of the note's tags. However, when selecting "tags" in the left menu or when searching for @fred or tag:@fred, I get no results. Using (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  9. I needed this functionality just now and I must confess I keep losing confidence in Evernote. I am so invested in this platform, but I'm looking at changing that. This function isn't some crazy-ass thing that is merely inconvenient, where if one really wanted to edit they could just go to their laptops and do the 'real work' in the desktop version. It is that kind of thinking that turns people off Evernote. I wrote a lengthy post a while back when I discovered that Evernote wasn't exactly the best thing to depend on when travelling. Today's example is something that I should be able to do on all platforms. It is a note called Freezer-downstairs. Inventory. Table. Shared note. Easy concept. I have an Android tablet stuck to the freezer. The note has stuff like: 3 1lb pkgs of lean ground beef 16 single-servings butternut squash-apple soup 12 single-servings fresh cooked corn from Levie Farms summer 2018 It is in table format so that we can easily edit the number according to what we are removing or adding to the freezer. Ah, but now we are downstairs adding 5 bags of frozen zucchini and we don't have an entry for that. Well, imagine my surprise when we can't add a row under Vegetables. And what if we were adding 5 different items to the freezer? Are we supposed to remember to add all 5 when we go back upstairs and open Evernote on our desktop just to do that? Yeah, not likely. What is going to happen instead is that the Evernote list is going to go straight to the recycle bin and we are going to find an alternative. And while we are it, why not use this alternative for everything else we do in Evernote... I mean plenty of these alternatives don't cost $80/year (or more for multiple accounts) and some don't change what you can do depending on the platform... and then next thing you know you are seriously investigating getting out of Evernote because at the end of the day you realize that all your content is held hostage in a way because you can only export to html and you might want pdfs or text files and oh shoot, what did I do investing all my stuff in this.... That is the problem with Evernote not being consistent across platforms.
  10. I don't use Evernote without my phone nearby to read the news or even do in Evernote Android what I started on the laptop before it froze!
  11. Not sure if I should mention this here, but since we are on the topic of issues with code... there is no longer any way to indent the code block.
  12. The title of my note should say: Roma 2018 ★★★½ Instead, it displays as (interesting that when I copy/paste the title here it displays correctly as Roma 2018 ★★★½. )
  13. I'll check-out those clipboard format disply programs, thanks. When I do what you did I always get the correct format. The issue arises when I select something on the screen using a clipping program (including the Windows Snipping Tool) and then paste directly. So no image is saved anywhere. It's like Print Screen where the result just goes to the clipboard, and then you paste. That's what is always png. Drag and drop and Copy Paste work the way they are supposed to. Edit - Now I'm wondering where the clipboard gets its format info...
  14. (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) Summary: I have a jpg in the clipboard and when I paste it in Evernote it turns into a png file. Dragging jpgs works fine though. I capture the screen with FastStone, which is set to save as jpg. In fact, it auto-saves in a folder as jpg and it auto sends to clipboard as well. One would think that pasting said clipboard contents into Evernote would paste the same format, but it doesn't. It pastes png files, which are substantially larger (as in increasing a 39 KB file to over 300 KB). If, however, I drag the jpg from my screenshot folder to evernote, it remains a jpg. I come across a thread in which Evernote was changing formats on Macs back in 2015 and it turned out to be a bug, so maybe something crept in recently? If anyone can reproduce before I put in a ticket that would be great.
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