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  1. This is perhaps a bit silly, but when hovering over the announcement links at the top of the forum page the link's text colour is 'Evernote' green and is barely visible. Might want to modify that css. this is what it looks like without hovering and this is what it looks like when hovering.
  2. The web version seems to work correctly. I should stress that the problem occurs only when the page containing links is a result of a *search*. When picking a tag from the left panel, clicking on a link with one of the resulting pages works fine. When searching for the tag though (tag:sometag), then the links in resulting pages will not work unless the links refer to a page that includes "sometag".
  3. I thought I had an issue as well with links not working, and in a sense, it remains true: the links do not always work. But the reason for that is that filters could interfere. If I start a search with Tag:Today and one of the resulting notes includes an internal link to another evernote note, clicking on that link *will not open the note* if the note does not respect the original filter (e.g., it is not tagged with "today"). This is so incredibly annoying! Every time a link doesn't work, I have to open the page with the link in a new window, go to "All Notes" in the main window and then click on the link again in the page. I hope this isn't a "feature".
  4. Thanks for that clarification. I figured it wasn't random per se, but random in the sense of imagining people sitting around the conference table deciding that a red pin or red flag emoji isn't as important as a green checkmark or a heart, or that a simple double-quotation mark should be sorted well above a curly double-quotation mark.
  5. that's what I couldn't do. THere was no option. On the image there's a big + to add, but no - or delete option, and everytime I clicked on the image to see if options might come up it would add it to the post! Oh, you are saying there IS a minus, in the bottom right? I'll go see if I had one. Ok, I see it now. It ought to be more visible - it's really hard to see if you don't know it is there.
  6. Rob, I agree with you. Without using all the other ways to search, to the very least the order of results should be by most relevant first. I mean if a title has all 3 words searched for, why would it display near the bottom? I don't know. Makes no sense to me. The search in Evernote is a pet peeve of mine. The rules one must know is just too much. You must know that you can't exclude a notebook. You must know that you can't combine "and" with "or". You must know that you can't search with wildards unless they are at the end of a word. I'm sure there are other rules. It's just too cumbersome.
  7. I would never start a tag with an emoji because you can't search for it without searching for the emoji (and try doing that on your phone!), and when assigning it to a note you must again type in the emoji otherwise it will not show up. (I hate that assigning a tag only looks at the beginning of the tag.) For example, I have a tag called flag, and I tested with one called 🚩 flagtest. When adding a tag to a note and typing flag, I got this: And it's not like the emoji would bring the tag to the top of the list when browsing through tags beacause, as we mentioned above, some emojis go to the bottom! The best one can do is to save a search with it's name as the emoji so that it could take up less room in the shortcuts bar. (Another peeve is all the room taken up by the "search", "note" and "notebook" icons in the shortcut toolbar). Boy, my peeves are coming out today! Damn... Anyone know how to delete an uploaded image? I can't get rid of this one, and even when I delete it from this message it still shows:
  8. For others coming here to find out how to use it I created a how-to https://www.evernote.com/l/ANDzoZKcIWVIhrokhgQ4hqp6HlE_5ANjp54/
  9. It seems fairly random. Here's how my notes get sorted (by title) !word "word #word $word (word ***word ...word ..word .word [word 'word (curly) "word (curly) ✅ word ✔ word ❗ word ♥ word 1word 2 word numbers alphabet 👍 word 👎 word 📆 word 📌 word 📞word 🚩 word 🛒 word
  10. Has something changed recently such that notes that begin with an emoji are now placed last in list view when sorting by title? It seems counter-intuitive. When you place a flag in your note title you either want it to display first, or you might expect the emoji to be ignored altogether thereby sorting by whatever you choose, but to put it last seems odd to me. Evernote 6.32
  11. I have, and I do use it sometimes, although accidentally, when I hit the wrong shortcut for my other programs! It doesn't resize though. I don't remember how I set up snag-it to do it, but it's perfect for taking screenshots and auto-resizing. It pastes the smaller image, and a smaller image of web junk like fridges or recipes makes Lise a happy camper.
  12. Now I remember the issue. Maybe I can do it with faststone, but the program only allows me one keyboard shortcut, so I reserve it for 'bigger' images (for work). I could probably create an AutoHotkey, but it's not worth the bother, because snag-it does the 'smaller' picture just fine. Come to think of it I think I have yet another shortcut for Evernote's native screen capture as well, but I've got so many keyboard shortcuts on the go now that I'm this close to having to ask Google or Alexa what my shortcuts are!
  13. PinkElephant, yeah, you are right. You *have* to sync after posting each image just in case. Images don't disappear all the time, but if you can't trust it, well you basically have to sync every single time. It's a fairly important bug if you ask me, especially if you come back later to discover your work is gone! (I use Evernote for bug testing at work, and my notes are filled with pictures - dialog boxes I saw, etc) and oftentimes I can't get them back without reproducing all the how-to steps I was documenting, especially errors and bugs!
  14. When I'm researching something, I either clip to Evernote, or I keep a note open and then I just Alt-C to capture any image/clip. Alt-c is just a shortcut to Faststone that saves to disc and to clipboard. I then past the clipboard immediately into Evernote. It's rote. I do it a gazillion times/day. Then I notice that the image size is like 2MB - I don't need it that big. If I notice in time, then I go back to the webpage or whatever source I'm working with and to Ctr Alt C, which is snag-it, which also saves to clipboard but 60% reduced. So I take the shot again, put it in Evernote, remembering to paste it *after* the existing image before deleting the previous image (if I forget, and I delete the original image first, Evernote hangs for about 30 sec - an old bug that was never fixed). If I notice too late, like the next day, well, then it's right-click, open in a program, reduce, save. All I'm saying, really, is that it would be nice to just right-click on the image and have an option that says: reduce by... and have options, like 75%, 50%, whatever. Not the end of the world to do it the way I do, but for quick research and note taking it's just a few steps extra that I wish we didn't have to take.
  15. Constraining the size of the picture by using a table or 'resizing' the image in Evernote with the little arrow in the bottom does nothing for file *size*, and that's the issue (for me, anyway). I don't need huge 2 to 4 MB pictures of fridges when pasting clipboard images into my Shopping for Fridges note. Lots of pictures in the same file and it can quickly become quite large, and that effects the size of the Windows database (for those of us who like to back that up). If Evernote offers a way to noodle with images by adding arrows and stuff, couldn't it also offer a "resize image" option much like the small built-in Windows paint does? And by resize I mean make it smaller in terms of *size*. There are workarounds, yes, like having a dedicated capture tool that auto-resizes as you are capturing, then pasting that into Evernote. But you have to remember to use *that* program when creating the screenshot. If you forget, it's quite the noodle to open each picture within Evernote with a different program, resize, and put back.
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