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  1. I have it in Win10 Desktop version: (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  2. Oh yeah. Lots. Obviously they are not syncing over to Android. The shortcuts are synching EXCEPT for those shortcuts that are searches... so there is obviously an issue with searches. I hope they fix it soon. I'm leaving for Europe on Tuesday and on pretty much all my travels there is always some bug in Evernote that prevents me from using it properly!
  3. gazumped: How do you save a search in Android? none of my saved searches from Windows are in Android, and when I search for something on Android I have no option to save it. All I get are "recent searches". More info: when I do a search, the Hamburger menu has these options: Select notes, Add to homescreen, sort, sync and settings. No "save search"
  4. There you go. It was indeed unchecked. Thanks CalS!
  5. There is an issue with this build that causes it to suddenly disappear randomly but always when there is a search involved, ie it only ever happens after I have typed (or started to type) something in the search bar. Before I hit enter the program just disappears. It happens at least every 2nd day. Perhaps it is to do with the 'search as you type' delay, which was set to the default "50". I've just changed it to 0 to disable the feature and I'll see in the next few days if that fixes the issue. I'll report back.
  6. It probably does under normal circumstances. I had duplicated a note then changed it's date. Come to think of it if Evernote accepts new titles for duplicate notes without a sync one would think it would take all edits including the date. Hmm. I think I'll look at the sorting by title (of a dup without sync) to see what happens.
  7. My mistake. I kept sorting and sorting, but I didn't sync. After a sync it sorts fine.
  8. I've opened a ticket, but thought users might like to know. When sorting by create date (and possibly modified date) it sorts properly by the date but it doesn't take the time into account. In the screenshot you see that of the three dates for June 6, 9pm appears before noon, and then 8 am. ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750))
  9. but it isn't as far off as you think. If one could exclude a private notebook in a search, then all would be good.
  10. I used to do that but I was afraid of losing the date info on export. And now I use that date trick for all my files and pictures on my desktop as well. Nice and consistent.
  11. I avoid using tags for dates by putting the date in the title, 20190426 along with the rest of the title like "taxes" or "Amsterdam trip". Search is a breeze. I then search for 2012* or 201204* to get all notes from that year or from April of that year. Add a few words or tags to filter and I'm good to go. I think I got that trick from gazumped.
  12. They aren't in color on my updated Windows 10. Some were with my previous version of Evernote (beta 2 I think?) but I just got the latest (downgraded) beta, and there is no colour to be had in Windows. In fact, some (like ➕) aren't rendering at all (display a small narrow box). Here is the green checkmark: ✔ (seems it's not green here either! supposed to be:
  13. @Austin G, any update? Seems to me this hasn't changed yet - still just black and white (or just boxes) in titles and lists.
  14. I returned to the previous version and while the shortcuts now appear, clicking on any of them do not display any of the notes! Also there is an issue with tags beginning with @. When looking at a note that includes @fred that tag is displayed correctly as being one of the note's tags. However, when selecting "tags" in the left menu or when searching for @fred or tag:@fred, I get no results. Using (308380) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
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