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  1. Ha! I shred stuff too, and for the same reason - so that I don't stick it in evernote again!I And before I throw junk mail in the recycling bin I tear off the name and address part and stick in the wood burner. I might not care if the entire world has my info, but I won't let the guy at the dump get my address 😉 Now about those floor plans...
  2. PinkElephant & gazumped - I always had that same 'who cares' type of attitude. I mean, like gazumped says, there's so much stuff out there that if they really want to find that picture of my driver's license that I keep for when I travel, well, they deserve to get it for all the work they did to find it. Also, we use google home devices, alexa, we store stuff in this cloud and that cloud, and it was all so overwhelming that at one point we gave up. "It's the new way" we said. "There isn't much The Cloud does not already have" we said. "Lets just flood it with so much stuff that it will bury the important stuff". All true in a sense. All quite logical if a bit defeatist. And yet there's something that doesn't sit well with me... So 3 days ago I took it upon myself to search and encrypt every instance of my full address and phone number in all my Evernote notes. Then I had the pictures of receipts to deal with as well. SO much work and no where near done (Evernote does not make it easy). But then I remembered something Warren Buffett said: make a list of your top 25 priorities in life. Circle the 5 most important. Delete all the other ones - they just interfere with the important ones. So, yeah, excuse the language but ***** that. For every receipt i don't encrypt I can write 3-5 lines of a screenplay. DTLow - I read that you encrypt or password protect your pdfs. Like everything else, it must be simpler to do on a MAC 😉
  3. Shoot. Here I was thinking I was doing a good thing. Do you use something to protect pictures of receipts, taxes, that sort of thing?
  4. I'm an idiot is what I am. I had the document already open in Acrobat, so when I opened it again through Evernote, the password box was displayed over top the existing open note in Acrobat which happened to be the same note, so that made me think it was displaying the note while asking for the password. Yup. 4 espresso is obviously not enough for this gal. .
  5. I have a password protected pdf in my document (password entered using Acrobat). I put it in Evernote and all is fine, except that I'd rather just see an attachment than the whole big black box with the "enter password" field. But once a password protected pdf is in the note, there is there no way to right-click and select "view as attachment". Ok, so I tried it the other way. I deleted the pdf from my note, right-clicked in the note and selected "Attach Files". I browsed to my pdf and bingo, it is displayed as an attachment. Great. Except that when I double-click on the attachment in Evernote, it opens in Acrobat and I can see the entire note behind a small dialog box asking me for my password! All the info I wanted to hide is right there to see!
  6. Ok, that's it. I'll be telling the evernote folks. Some things trigger Evernote web to include a "HTML Content" notice in the notes on the web. If you were to save that note as a template and then use it, you would get html code (so far just the spaces ( )) everywhere in the note. Your best bet is to re-create the note from scratch, avoiding the things that cause that notice to appear. What causes it? The one thing I know is that if you have text in one cell where you are using two different formats (maybe a different colour, a different font size) in the same cell you will get the notice (when you look at the note on the web). That's what triggered it for me. Once it got triggered, even deleting the row of the table in which the cell appears will not fix it; the space codes appear elsewhere in the table the minute you have a space in a cell (or perhaps only a formatted cell?). My guess is that other things might trigger this, but I don't have time to spend another 5 + hours troubleshooting.
  7. I may have found it. Some of my rows had text with different formatting (font size & colour) in the same cell. The minute I added that, my save as template got all the nbsp;s.
  8. Hmm. I'm not getting those results. I'm redoing my test with explicit steps. I'll report back.
  9. Thanks for the test RavBoy. I just spent some time chatting with Evernote, and it seems that the issue might be when the first thing in the note (or perhaps the first thing in the first row of a table where the note is just a table) is an internal link to another Evernote note. I say this because when I viewed the note I was using in the new Evernote Web, the first thing I got was "HTML Content". I'm troubleshooting that now, by creating a note in Win10 and another in new Web where I just have a table and the first thing in it is an evernote link. Then I'm going to create a template from each note on both platforms, then I'm going to create a new note using the template with both platforms. We shall see.
  10. btw, it isn't due to the table. I created a template with text above the table and spaces between the text (they are links to other Evernote pages) and the same thing happens
  11. I saved a note as a template (it is a table) and it is full of nbsp; code where there should be spaces. It looks like this before I save it as a template: And it looks like this in My templates, and like this when I create a new note using the template.
  12. I'm in the process of searching all my Evernote notes for certain phrases (phone number, address, full name) and encrypting them. Boy what a pain in butt to do them individually (especially when searching for email addresses because Evernote will not encrypt hyperlinked text as I discovered). I sure wish I could tell Evernote to search for phrase A and then phrase B and auto-encrypt it. Better yet, it would be fantastic if I could store some phrases in my account settings such that Evernote would auto encrypt them whenever it did its word indexing on my notes.
  13. Ah, that might work. I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  14. Thanks Pink Elephant. Unfortunately that doesn't preserve any of the other formatting which I want to keep.
  15. I did a search but the results were from prior to 2017 and none worked. Is there a way to remove all hyperlinks in a note? I know I could probably use "simplify formatting" or "remove formatting" but that moves the note formatting which I want to keep. It is only hyperlinks I want to delete. (This is an archive of a Facebook conversation, and every instance of someone's name includes the hyperlink. That's what I want to remove and there are way too many to click on each name and select remove hyperlink)
  16. I tested what would happen if I had a 3 col table with 2 tags listed and one notebook for use with a rule that says: if the new note is in the notebook then apply the tags in col 1 and 2. My purpose was to see what would happen if one of the tag cells was left blank. Basically if it worked, it would have been a good way to combine even more filters together: if in this notebook add these 4 tags; if in the other notebook add these 2 tags, etc. Alas, that's not the way it works. I tested with 3 columns, leaving one cell blank. Result? The blank cell gets replaced with the custom tag created to represent the header, so in this case {tag2}. In other words, the note I created in the OnDevice notebook got tagged correctly with have, but it also got tagged with {tag2} Also interesting to note: In the table, the notebook names *must* match the case of the Evernote notebook. Tags on the other hand, do not have this requirement. In fitlerize there is no indication of match case when creating the actions and/or conditions, nor is there a way to enable/disable. So to stay on the safe side, users should probably always match the case of tags and notebooks. My tests if anyone wants details: My filterize filter:
  17. Yeah, I use "deletetag". Another way is to change the creation date to "now"
  18. I was about to fiddle with that. I would need an extra column then, do you think? Tag1 and Tag2 with the action to add both.. and I will assume that if one column is empty then just the non-empty tag column gets added.
  19. Gazumped, I saw that on Facebook. I was going to post there but I had to join and my request was pending so I just posted here instead. Also, there is a mistake in my HowTo: I didn't know how to set 2 tags for a note that appears in the same folder, and my last screenshot shows that if something is in the Archive_work it should set tag work and tag archive (2 different rows). Well it turns out that didn't work (even though I said I checked and they all worked) so I have to figure that one out.
  20. I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to use this feature to no avail, until today, so I thought I should share my (successful) procedure. You can see the original shared Evernote note here: https://www.evernote.com/l/ANDzoZKcIWVIhrokhgQ4hqp6HlE_5ANjp54/. (is there no way to make pictures smaller on this forum? this looks awful!) Step 1: create table in Evernote to be used Example: This table will be used for a filter that says: Apply the tag in the left column to (new) notes that appear in the notebooks listed in the right column. (New notes in notebook 3Next will get tagged as 3) Do not use any kind of brackets in your table. Step 2: get the shared link for the note that includes the table Right-click on the Evernote note that includes your table and select Share > Copy Shareable Link Things get tricky here. It never works for me if I paste the Evernote generated shared link directly into the parameterization section of the filter. I have to first paste the link in a browser (I use Chrome), and go the page (by pressing Enter). When the web page opens in the browser the link changes and becomes substantially longer. Now I copy *that* link into filterize and it works. Step 3: Set the Action Action > tag > Add custom tag > insert your table column header within curly brackets (you have to click on the empty space under "tag text" to enable it) Example: Step 4: Condition Condition > General > In Text Notebook Insert your table header within curly brackets note: (you have to click on the empty space under "name" to enable it) Example If you preview your filter after creating it ( select "click here to open preview") you will see something like this: Step 5: You may have to wait a while You may have to wait a good 10 minutes or more depending on how many actions Filterize is updating. To see, go to Activity Log on the left side of your my.filterize wepage and look at the top. You will see something like this: Step 6 (optional) : verify that it works Create a new note to which the filter applies, refresh in evernote a few times and see if it works. If it does, then you can add more rows to your original column. Example: I added all the conditions in yellow, tested it and they all worked.
  21. I don't dare - poor guy is inundated with emails from me about how to get stuff to work!
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