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  1. I've shared a note with my business account with edit permissions, and I got a link in the chat that gives me access to the note. The note is not available under the list of notes, though, which is what I would expect. This is not what I would call a shared note! What's the point of having edit permissions if I cannot see it under the list of available notes, and have to go in the chat to find it? I can't see any rationale behind such a choice, is this working as intended?
  2. This is one more case in which Evernote does the opposite of what people are used to, and are familiar with. Search using a browser, a word editing software, and it just works how you'd expect. This implementation is fine for global search but makes no sense when searching within a note. As highlighted elsewhere, search in Evernote is dysfunctional in all possible ways and as months pass by, problems like this are still there. And every time you are supposed to apply some special syntax so the search is going to take 4 times longer than it should.
  3. I don't think that Evernote is mainly targeted to power users, or is it? I believe most people will never find out that they can add an asterisk, they would rather want to see what they are looking for easily. I appreciate the tip that you are giving me. Once more, though, this is a workaround and I don't see why it should be so overly complicated. It's an hidden feature. I would have never found out about it if I didn't come on this forum. And to be honest, it's too much work. I am not going to install a piece of software just to be able to do what looks to me like such a critical feature that one would want to see on Evernote: search notes by titles, easily, and without losing data if you don't use the right syntax. Different view, no doubts about it. But I would be very surprised if the majority of Evernote users agreed with you on this. It looks to me like the "evernote gurus" I see here are mostly developers who assume that everybody on this planet would use computers the same way that they do. Well no, most people like simple UIs. You can do pretty advanced things on Google, if you know the tricks, but the search engine is designed to be easy for most people. That's how I think Evernote should work, as well. Advanced features should be available at an extra cost, it shouldn't be the other way round (making simple and rather obvious things difficult). Thanks
  4. If people are pointing out that there's a problem, it means that they are having a problem. Are you guys going to listen and help with that, or keep pushing suggestions as if there's something wrong with us thinking that the way it works is counterintuitive? There already 3+ topics on this, and people are highlighting the key issues, let me remind you once more: 1. Searching notes that match the search query by title should be a cup of cake, since titles are higher level entities than notes content, so we would find it tremendously useful to have an easy way to do that, without typing in weird syntax such as "intitle". 2. (in response to the above comment): If a note has the word "travels" in the title, and you type in "intitle:travel", that note is not included in the search results. Since the human brain is not a machine, good search engines are designed to be flexible. That why they've invented specific technologies to handle that, such as controlled vocabularies. There's great search engines out there that understand what people need by speaking their language (google, amazon), and there's also inefficient search engines such as the one on Spotify, to mention one, where missing a character or making a simple typo is enough for the search engine to come up with no results. Evernote looks more like the second type, right now. I hope I don't need to quote some book on human-computer interaction so you guys agree with me on this. I am seriously considering a migration of all my notes from Evernote to Scrivener, because search on Scrivener is so much more powerful and efficient. I believe this should have already be added to the backlog of new features, and am quite disappointed by the fact that there's still been no progress on this. I appreciate you guys reading and replying to our comments, but please try to understand that people coming here are already quite frustrated because the software doesn't work as they would like, so it's twice as much frustrating if their comments are not been examined with the attention they deserve. Cheers
  5. Overly-complicated, if that option is going to be used several times as day. It should be easy to find notes whose titles match the search query, as the title is a higher level attribute I would expect a super-easy way to get all notes that include the word(s) I am typing very quickly. More possible solutions have been highlighted on this topic:
  6. I would also find it a lot more useful to see notes ranked by relevance with titles having the highest priority, rather than just sorted alphabetically or by date. Besides other possible solutions highlighted on similar features requests (showing title matches in the autosuggest panel, and offering an option to search by title only), a simple solution would also be to highlight the word match in the left hand pane, so one can easily spot the notes whose title match the search query.
  7. It's also important to point out that right now, if I have a note that includes the word "travels" and search for "intitle:travel", that note is not going to be included in the search results, as one would expect. I know there's a way around it, but it's ways too complicated, the UI should be simple and work as expected, I'll never use UNIX-like commands for a simple search, Evernote is just one of the many tools that I use on a daily basis.
  8. I appreciate you providing the link, but apparently there's at least three feature requests on this topic already: This is clearly a sign that many people are having problems with the way search works on Evernote, so I hope you guys are going to take this request seriously into consideration. As I've already mentioned in the first thread quoted here, I do understand why you are saying titles should not be the default results, but I do think that 1) they should come up as top recommendations in the autosuggest pane 2) they should be included as search criteria ("search title only", sort of - without the need to type a syntax). Thanks
  9. If you need to search for title match several times a day, typing in 'intitle:' each time is actually quite annoying, not to mention the fact that most users will never be aware of that, and also the fact that a plural might not be included in the search results because the search engine in Evernote is quite strict right now, and you have to know the exact syntax in order to get the results you need (a problem also mentioned here: I believe searching by title match should be an option under "Add search option", but note titles should also be listed on top of the autosuggest. Titles are more relevant than content so that would make perfect sense in the context of the autosuggest. I don't even understand why it's giving me "suggestions". Are they based on previous searches? Notes that match by title would be much more useful than generic suggestions. Someone is suggesting to create a keyboard shortcut as a temporary solution, how do you od that?
  10. I totally agree with WolfChild that this is a feature you would expect as default, without any hidden/overly complicated workaround (typing 'intitle:' each time is really not very practical, especially if you want to search by title match several times a day). Or at least notes should be displayed in the autosuggest. Seeing the notes titles that fit the search query more closely would be more useful to me than seeing generic "suggestions", or "tags".
  11. So you are telling me that since the notes are sorted by date, the search results should not prioritise titles, and it's an error on my part? I don't see it that way. Titles are a hierarchy step higher, why should date come first? I don't see an option to sort by relevance. Titles describe the note content at a higher level than the content itself, it should be prioritised by default, otherwise what are titles supposed to be used for, if they are not a high-level description of the note content? I don't see any use case scenario where users would want to prioritise random content sorted by date, rather than titles first, dates second (or whatever the criteria). Looks to me like the interface was designed by software engineers with little thinking about users' mental models. This is certainly an assumption on my side but your replies so far did not bring forward any reason why it should not work that way. What's written in the documentation is also incorrect. intitle:coffee searches for notes whose title contains "coffee" This is not how it works. I have a note whose title contains "travels" and it does not come up in search results if I type intitle: travel. That to me means one thing: search is not working properly, as explained above with my example based on google. There's no reason on earth why I should type in "*". I am a guy using a computer, not a tech nerd. If I am still missing something, I'd like you guys to tell me. But thank you for adding your comments.
  12. Hi Jeff, thanks for taking the time to answer, unfortunately I don't find your suggestion very useful for practical reasons. Using "intitle" in the search query is already in itself more complicated than it should be, it means I had to browse on the internet, look for a solution to a problem that should be solved by the Evernote team by designing a search engine that works as expected, instead of needing such workarounds. I don't see a valid reason why users wouldn't want to prioritise notes titles first. Adding star in the end? I will never do that, it just doesn't make sense, and the reason why I wrote this complain is that I would like the search engine - that is, the very core of the app - to work just fine, and be easy to use. If I type "travel" on Google, it returns search results where "travel" is in the page title, first. And whether I type "travel" or "travels", I am not going to miss important content just because of an "s". That's how a search engine is supposed to work. The fact that the tech team at Evernote has not addressed this issue yet is not a good sign, either they don't have good programmers, or the app is badly set up in its foundations.
  13. The search engine doesn't have limitations, it's either badly designed or badly implemented. I am paying for the product, I expect the search engine, it's most important feature, to be impeccable.
  14. Search results on Evernote are a joke, and it's a shame that despite being so successful, they still haven't fixed it. Firstly, you have to type "intitle:[keyword]" in order to prioritise cards that have the search query in the title, otherwise what you get is an endless list of all cards where that words appear, with no prioritisation based on title (which should be default, or at least customisable). Check the screenshot attached. I have a card containing the word "Travels", but it does not appear if I only type in "Travel". I have to type in "Travels" to make it appear in the results! That means one simple thing to me: the search engine on Evernote is seriously flawed. I remember that famous article called "Evernote, the bug-ridden elephant". He was damn right. Note that I am paying my damn premium membership...
  15. That's a very good recommendation indeed, thank you very much for this useful tip, I do appreciate! I still like the idea of keeping the amounts of notes to a minimum and have some structure instead of generating hundreads of them, but I could, let's say, split each big note into chunks of 5-6 separate notes and then create a TOF for that note. The only drawback is that you can't scroll, but it's still a reasonable solution. Saved searches is also something interesting that I was not aware of. It's great that there's someone like you who knows the software in detail. Thanks
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