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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I did try it but didn't work, was not aware the equal sign must be used, instead (and wonder why, it's actually not fully consistent with standard browser behaviour).
  2. I don't hate the new Evernote and overall I find lots of improvements, even though a few things really annoy me (see below). I am luckily not among those who had their workflows broken, e.g. I hardly use tags, but I do understand the frustration of the many power users who feel like they've been abandoned. The latest post from the CEO sounds promising, and while they've made some mistakes, it doesn't seem to me that they are ignoring their customers; I have some hope that a lot of what is infuriating people is going to be addressed soon. I personally find the new Mac version better overall, it
  3. I'd expect tabs in evernote to work as in a browser. It should display the name of the note that I've selected, and keep the content static. Instead, all the tabs that I have open display "all notes", and apparently, the content within those tabs changes without me doing anything. This way, having tabs is completely pointless. I would like to use tabs so my most important notes (a subset of what's in my bookmarks) are constantly open an easy to reach. If I open a new tab and select a note from the bookmarks, there is no logical reason for the name of the tab to be the name of the notebook that
  4. This is clearly a UX flaw and should be fixed. I suspect it won't, as the team at evernote doesn't seem very keen on hearing the users' feedback. So I am probably wasting my time here. Thank you for your reply, but such workarounds are just cumbersome.
  5. If I search within all notes using keywords and then select a note within the group, there's no value in having the tab title display "All notes". First of all, it's wrong, because it's not showing all notes, but rather a specific search result within those notes. Second, I don't see why the name of the tab should be based on what appears on the middle pane. If I select one note within that pane, I expect to see the name of the selected note as a tab name. That would help me recognize the note that I need and open it when multiple notes are opened in multiple tabs, regardless how I got there (
  6. I am having the same issue. If the content of one tab is a single note, I don't see why Evernote is not showing the title of that note, no matter how I got there. This is unhelpful because you cannot recognize what the content of each tab is, and inconsistent with the mental model that users have of how a tab should behave (browser navigation).
  7. I've shared a note with my business account with edit permissions, and I got a link in the chat that gives me access to the note. The note is not available under the list of notes, though, which is what I would expect. This is not what I would call a shared note! What's the point of having edit permissions if I cannot see it under the list of available notes, and have to go in the chat to find it? I can't see any rationale behind such a choice, is this working as intended?
  8. This is one more case in which Evernote does the opposite of what people are used to, and are familiar with. Search using a browser, a word editing software, and it just works how you'd expect. This implementation is fine for global search but makes no sense when searching within a note. As highlighted elsewhere, search in Evernote is dysfunctional in all possible ways and as months pass by, problems like this are still there. And every time you are supposed to apply some special syntax so the search is going to take 4 times longer than it should.
  9. If people are pointing out that there's a problem, it means that they are having a problem. Are you guys going to listen and help with that, or keep pushing suggestions as if there's something wrong with us thinking that the way it works is counterintuitive? There already 3+ topics on this, and people are highlighting the key issues, let me remind you once more: 1. Searching notes that match the search query by title should be a cup of cake, since titles are higher level entities than notes content, so we would find it tremendously useful to have an easy way to do that, without typing in
  10. It's also important to point out that right now, if I have a note that includes the word "travels" and search for "intitle:travel", that note is not going to be included in the search results, as one would expect. I know there's a way around it, but it's ways too complicated, the UI should be simple and work as expected, I'll never use UNIX-like commands for a simple search, Evernote is just one of the many tools that I use on a daily basis.
  11. I appreciate you providing the link, but apparently there's at least three feature requests on this topic already: This is clearly a sign that many people are having problems with the way search works on Evernote, so I hope you guys are going to take this request seriously into consideration. As I've already mentioned in the first thread quoted here, I do understand why you are saying titles should not be the default results, but I do think that 1) they should come up as top recommendations in the autosuggest pane 2) they should be included as search criteria ("search title onl
  12. I totally agree with WolfChild that this is a feature you would expect as default, without any hidden/overly complicated workaround (typing 'intitle:' each time is really not very practical, especially if you want to search by title match several times a day). Or at least notes should be displayed in the autosuggest. Seeing the notes titles that fit the search query more closely would be more useful to me than seeing generic "suggestions", or "tags".
  13. That's a very good recommendation indeed, thank you very much for this useful tip, I do appreciate! I still like the idea of keeping the amounts of notes to a minimum and have some structure instead of generating hundreads of them, but I could, let's say, split each big note into chunks of 5-6 separate notes and then create a TOF for that note. The only drawback is that you can't scroll, but it's still a reasonable solution. Saved searches is also something interesting that I was not aware of. It's great that there's someone like you who knows the software in detail. Thanks
  14. Many people like me use Evernote to save topics, links, and short snippets of text, on a few curated notes rather than importing a large amount of notes and then get an overwhelming amount of information that makes it difficult to retrieve the desired information later. What is really missing though is an easy way to quickly jump through sections within the notes that I have. The way Evernote works right now, makes it easy to novagate through notes but not within. What I would really need is the possibility to select a header/portion of text, or just a point in the note and save it as a book
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