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Set Default Note Zoom Level



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Unless I've overlooked it in the Windows options, it would be nice to be able to set the default zoom level for a note.  I use a large display and whenever I open a note I will increase the zoom a couple of levels for ease of viewing.   I currently have to do this for every note I open. 

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When will this be available? Is it available already? Can't seem to find it.

I'm having trouble on my 13'' Mac, 'cause I have to zoom out for each note, each time. When using a desktop, I'm all good, but we should have a permanent zoom in/out solution.

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It seems to be developers ignore that question totally. Why? There's a real need to have the feature for so many users. Please help us to set default zoom level... only for Windows. Evernote for macOS looks much more comfortable as the default zoom is well adjusted to known display parameters. The windows world has more diversities

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The difference between 'actual size' and 'zoon in' size is from front 16pt to font 24pt. Why such a large leap? This is madness. This is an easy fix. Evernote team, what are you guys thinking?  

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