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  1. Nice life story, bro... How is *any* of this relevant to the subject in question, namely: that the notes reset to the top after switching to a different app or a lock screen? One doesn't have to be editing a note to experience this problem. Heck, you don't even need to be using a mobile version: this happens on the desktop as well -- you switch between notes, and your place in the previous note is reset to the top. Nope. Ah, therein lies the objective.
  2. Thanks to @gazumped for advice; it really does look like you're trying to help. However, I would like to reiterate the above. What you're proposing is a workaround to a lacking feature (at best -- a bug at worst). To pitch in with my workaround: I switched completely over to Google Docs a few months ago. Because I like my notes to be long and have complex cross-references within those notes, Docs seems to be much more suitable. With a much richer array of formatting features (formulas, color schemes, etc.), I think I'm sticking to it. I can create bookmarks anywhere in a document and use a link to that bookmark anywhere in that -- or another -- document. [P.S.: This wasn't the only issue I had with Evernote. The final straw was it losing days of progress in a (long) note due to a synchronization failure, and discovering that in order to restore it, I needed to be paying more for my Evernote subscription than I already was.]
  3. Resolving this bug is now a "feature request". It's actually three of those that were just recently merged together. Please endorse it here:
  4. I'd like to second this feature request. It seems that this was in fact a feature of a previous Evernote version: The disappearance of the feature was recognized as a bug and was attempted to be solved multiple times, to no avail. Not all notes are conducive to being split. Very few of my notes can fit an arbitrary resolution of the screen I am looking at. Splitting my numerous longer notes into multiple components would be an Utter. Madness. Once this feature is implemented (i.e. bug resolved), it would be trivial to have the user define their preferred behavior. This a recurrent request:
  5. I'd like to second (or Nnd) this. A persistent and annoying bug for sure. A lot of my notes are quite long. The very fact that this bug requires all notes to be short limits the usability. Whatever limits the usability cannot be a feature. Especially considering this was recognized as a bug years ago. Just because it's persistent shouldn't mean that we should all accept it as a feature now.
  6. I'm experiencing this issue as well: Evernote resets to the top note at some point after I switch windows. Windows 10, Evernote version 6.16.4
  7. I've the same issue as Shikhar: No .dic file, no Dict directory in Evernote folder, and none of my "Add to dictionary" words are being remembered between Evernote sessions. Adding user.dic manually does not fix the problem. My Evernote version is
  8. Dave, I followed your recommendation. This is the database folder accessed through General Options: C:\Users\{username}\Evernote\ There are folders 'AutoUpdate', 'Crashes', 'Databases', 'Logs', but not 'Dict' (see attached). I tried adding the folder myself, with a user.dic text file, but it is not being used by Evernote. An added problem that I have is that none of my dictionary words save from session to session, and I've no idea why.
  9. I agree: This function is absolutely essential. This needs to be prioritized. I'm having to switch the default font to larger (e.g., 24), but then I'm having to switch it back to small to be able to print or save a note into PDF.
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