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  1. Here is another one who in two months will not renew the Evernote subscription. One thing is to improve and another is to go backwards. - No correction in two languages. - No possibility of deactivating word correction. - No auto-start with Windows -...
  2. Same problem. Just recognize English. However I am paying for a Spanish-English one.
  3. Just yesterday I had the same problem. After editing one note, these things that hgalilea says, started in my device. No solution was found in any EN forum, blog or webpage. Just uninstall and reinstall EN Android App. Therefore last paragraphs that I had added to my note on my Moto G (XT1032 - 1st generation, 8GB) have disappeared now. All texts from a very important conference have gone! Just for future updates: keep EN local data inside our devices. It could be there is no synchronization and crashing App at the same time. Therefore, you should give the option for repair EN App or some
  4. Thank you! On the web platform they are perfect. So at least, all strikethrough format is correct in somewhere. However in my desktop windows App, this format still without appears.
  5. My strikethrough text in ALL my notes has disappeared with the last EN update for Windows!!! Is it normal? Has anyone the same problem? I have the text, but all strikethrough format have been lost for always. So, if this is that happens in formatted texts with EN updates, it is a very, very upset issue.
  6. Until now, two years and 195 positives points... How many years and points are need for Evernote finally decides to include different colours for Highlighter?
  7. Also I am a supporter of this idea. Moreover, having headings and subheading, it will be automatic to access to a very minimalistic tablet of contents / index in each note. Another big +1!
  8. Like many, I would like to have headings, body, style and even a list of contents/index in each note. This is really helpful when you have many paragraphs, contents and levels. So, a big +1 for this idea. * It is not the first time that users are demanding this improvement:
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