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  1. I was a daily Evernote user in the past with a premium subscription, but seeing that critical features such as this one has never been implemented made me switch to Onenote. I never looked back and I am entirely satisfy now. Different colors highlights, nested notebooks, anchor points, works really nicely with my tablet... Evernote stopped evolving probably due to bad management. The fact that such a feature has not been implemented in all these years is completely insulting to the users. I stopped paying even though I loved the app in the past.
  2. I've been waiting for this for years... I'm paying and I don't see any sight of this feature coming... Come on...
  3. I have a problem with the new tables : When I change the background color in a specific cell with black text, and I pick a color such as dark green, my black text changes automatically to "white" . It is really annoying as I sometimes have my text written in different colors, not only black, and I have to readjust everything. It is a nice idea in theory to automatically adapt the text to the background color used, but not in practice as it messes up the existing layout. Or at least, put an exception to the rule and don't change the text color when it is different than the default one (black).
  4. Thanks, I didn't know that this feature was accessible. For those interested, I found out how to use it there: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/105063-evernote-for-windows-65-ga-released/ This feature should have more visibility, especially for heavy users. A pop-up or something when you reach more than 500 MB of data could be useful for example.
  5. Thanks for your answer. Nevertheless, It would make sense if Evernote only stored locally the "most used / recents" files. I attach a lot of files to my Evernote notes, and I could soon have to download several GB of data every time I install Evernote on a desktop... That's problematic. This should be a suggestion of feature.
  6. Hello, As a Premium member I regularly save files to Evernote. Since my disk space is limited on my work computer, I want to know how Evernote saves the files I attached on my notes. Does Evernote download and stock on my computer, locally, all the files that I attach to my notes... or does it NOT download any kind of attachment locally, unless I explicitly need to download something ? And if there is a "cache" somewhere on my local computer, how can I empty it ? Basically I want to know if I upload 20 GO of data in my Evernote account, will these 20 GO be downloaded on every computer where I install Evernote ? How does Evernote deal with that, temporary files, and use of memory / cache in general ? Thanks
  7. Thanks for trying to help here. Nevertheless I've never used a script before, so when I see your answer, I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing. I guess I need to read webpages about how scripting works, but I have no idea where to start.
  8. I've read your answer, I get the idea behind it, but I don't understand concretely which software you use to do that and how you do that within the software ? I have TextExpander on Mac (5.1.4, before the new "online subscription model"), but I don't think I can do that kind of thing with it.
  9. I need to manage projects with a lot of information, and I really need this thing.
  10. Indeed. Thanks if you can help. Something that could be useful: thanks to Dropbox, a JPEG file is automatically created every time i take a screenshot. If a script could, let's say, resize the last file within my screenshot folder, then copy it to my clipboard, I guess it could work. I could then just paste the screenshot I just took within Evernote. But again, I don't know how scripting works, and this sounds like some kind of astonishing dark magic for me right now.
  11. I found this http://lifehacker.com/5962420/batch-resize-images-quickly-in-the-os-x-terminal that gives me a command that I could put in the Terminal of OS X, in order to resize pictures. Nevertheless I have no idea of how I can automate this for every screenshot I take.
  12. Hi, thanks for your answer. I don't know anything about scripting, do you have a guide or something where I could start ? How can I use this ? (I imagine this as something that would perform all the steps for me automatically) I'm a bit surprised that Evernote does not propose this option tough, since I guess this would "free" some bandwidth on their servers.
  13. Hello, I often take screenshots on my Mac that I directly copy within Evernote. Nevertheless, the resolution and the size of these screenshots is bigger than what I need. The size could be lower, and the quality the same. Is there a way to optimize the picture size, when I copy one into Evernote ? I know I can change the size in another software before importing it into Evernote, but it takes ages to do it over and over again. (I'm a Premium member, but this is annoying when I want to export what I saved into Evernote later on. For example, when I export a screenshot to Anki that I previously saved into Evernote, the size is way too big) Thank you for your ideas
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