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(Archived) more elegant tagging solution



Hi guys! Love the product. I'd love to be able to quickly tag and sort multiple notes at once. Using the current Mac version, the only way I know to tag multiple notes simultaneously is to drag them to the specific tag on the left hand sidebar. Maybe there could be a keyboard shortcut, like command+K that would bring up a box similar to tagging in Picasa or iPhoto?

Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

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One concept that has occurred to me is a sort of "meta-tag"....

You could set it up sort of like a saved search and drop selected items on it to apply multiple tags at once!

For example, let's say I have a 1973 Ford Pinto.

Every time I add a note related to it, I want to be able to apply the same set of tags.

If there were a "1973 Ford Pinto" meta-tag, I could drop the new note on it and instantly have my tag field populated with my pre-saved tag series... things like:

  • [*:3spdcga6]Ford

Whatever.... you get the idea. :)

And now that my "usual Pinto tags" have been added to start the tagging, I can quickly go through and add additional ones specific to each note.

Meta-tags could have their own spot in the sidebar, or they could live in the main tag sidebar but look different that single tags somehow.

Just a thought...

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I was going to say that if you highlight multiple notes and click Control+Command+T, you can apply a tag to all the highlighted notes. However, since I hadn't used that before, I just tested it out, entering an existing tag I have, and I got the message "Tag names must be unique." So it appears the hotkey can't be used to apply existing tags. Is that correct?

(Dragging multiple notes onto an existing tag still works.)

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I wrote an AppleScript that does batch tagging, and has the functionality of the Ctrl-Alt-T on Windows. The code is somewhere in an old post of mine on these forums. But to make it easier I'm taking that script, along with my other AppleScripts for Evernote, and throwing them into a github repository. I expect I'll push the repository content over the weekend.

There are also a lot of good scripts on veritrope.

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