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  1. At the bottom of the services menu (in any application) there is always a "Services preferences" option. You can also get to this from System Preferences, under "Keyboard". From there you can add keyboard shortcuts to any menu item. You just have to give the name of the menu item. See, for example, that I have the same shortcut defined for "copy note link" and "copy note links". They don't clash because the name of the menu item changes if more than one note is selected.
  2. koen's certainly right, you can run it using FastScripts, but I don't believe that will get the menu option in Evernote, which I like to have. If you use Automator, the settings which I know work for my version are below. The same settings should work fine for koen's version. -- New service -- Run one application (the script app) -- receive no input -- If you select "in Evernote" then the service will appear in the services pull down menu of the Evernote app, and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it. It should look like this:
  3. That error -- which also happens in the template script I posted -- is because of some idiosyncracies running scripts from Automator. If you save them from the AppleScript menu as Applications, rather than scripts, and then run the applications from Automator, this doesn't happen. There's a little bit more detail on my github site.
  4. Oh, hey, I just noticed this. Thanks for the props in your code. I see how you added the time-stamp feature to the version I posted earlier. That's a nice feature. I add keyboard shortcuts without using FastScript by saving the scripts as an Application and then creating an Automator service to run the application. Out of curiosity, what else does FastScript offer?
  5. From your keyboard to Phil Libin's ears, I hope. Ironically, I've created a tag in EN just to keep all my notes about how to get around EN's pernicious and relentless reformatting of notes. My current workaround is the terrific evernote-mode in emacs, but people who don't use emacs are SOL.
  6. My interpretation -- quite possibly mistaken -- is that BurnThatGloom means a different feature: make a note read-only. Once locked, a note could not be altered or deleted, unless you unlock it. Nothing to do with encryption, everything to do with volatility. At least that's what I'd mean by lock a note. And it would be very useful indeed.
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