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  1. You're right that "we are not alone in our frustrations with the lack of thoroughness of support in reading support correspondence." But it seems like you find unacceptable things which I find inconvenient. For $45 a year, I'm not sure how I could ever justify saying "I am a customer and I don't care how hard it is for you, I just want a good customer service experience." I understand that my $45 fund a lot of different things, and though there are a number of facts about the Evernote product and my Evernote experience I wish were better in my eyes, the company wouldn't last long if it were obligated to give me everything I asked for—in exchange for $45 a year. I also wouldn't write "I have refrained from copying and pasting the contents of the relevant support correspondence in the interests of not identifying specific support personnel but I am pretty certain if I did my original points would be fully substantiated for all to see" if I weren't willing to back that up with anything at all when asked about it. Anyway, now you know you can PM Heather, rather than posting publicly, when you're really mostly interested in reaching Evernote staff (other than those who answer support tickets).
  2. The specifics are irrelevant as the points are covered by the generalised comments I have made. I would suggest that if any of those resonate with you then you might want to lend some support to them from your own experience. Evernote will have the details of your support cases on file to be able to substantiate your concerns (irrespective of what they might be willing to acknowledge in a public forum). I don't know how many people have had poor support from Evernote but if there are lots then now is the time for them to raise their "voices". I raised my voice when I had a problem—by sharing the details of my complaints on this forum. I can't stand with you, though, when you say the specifics are irrelevant. I'm very interested in them, and I can't understand why, when you're so confident we'll see your side in this affair, you refuse to share the details, as I did.
  3. Can you share the interactions that you're pretty certain will show your original points to be fully substantiated? It seems Evernote has no problem with you sharing their support responses, and even if you'd like to shield individuals, you can share a lot of interesting information while taking out names. As a user who has had some frustrating customer support experiences, I'm very interested to see the conversations that have given you the impression you have.
  4. I can't add anything to the debate about the technicalities, but I would also value this ability. I would love to be able to link to tagged notes, effectively the ability to put mirrors of a tag name into notes. Right now I can see all notes grouped by a tag by clicking that tag in the tag tree. If I could click something within a note to perform the same function, that would be great. I don't know whether it's feasible or not, since I know less about this stuff than either of you.
  5. [Moving to the Clippers forum, since this is about clipping.]
  6. I think at this point the thread is more accurate with the "request" title, so I've made that change. (It still makes clear that the ability to select the displayed image is not currently available.)
  7. I'm not sure what this has to do with this thread. I've split Foreign Devil's post and BNF's response onto a new thread, since the previous thread was about something entirely different. Foreign Devil, I don't understand. You just want to copy and paste images into notes? You can do that—or at least I can. I right-click on an image, copy it, and paste it into a note, wherever I want it. You can't do that? EDIT: I missed BNF saying Yeah, you'll need a desktop client for what I wrote above. The clipper serves a specific purpose, and the desktop clients offer much more functionality.
  8. Welcome to the forum (and to the world of internet forums), mactease! I think: —If you're a premium user, and this note was synced, with the text you're looking for, sometime in the past, you should be able to recover it. Go to "Note" in the menu bar, then "Note History..." and you'll see options of past versions that you can recover. —If you're a free user, you're SOL, since note history is a feature offered only to premium users. But if I'm wrong I know someone will come by soon to correct me. Also, when you say you "'found' the evernote data back up from a day ago (no easy task!!). But even going back in time does not seem to recover the text from that note," how are you trying to open the note/access the data? If you truly backed this up before deleting the text, I don't understand how the contents of the note at the time of the backup are deleted or otherwise inaccessible.
  9. No, never. Except that it's coming "soon" (as of late 2009). I'd give more advice, but I don't use a mobile device, so I can't help there. On the desktop, I used Evernote for all my GTD until Metrodon recommended WorkFlowy, which is where all my tasks and projects are now.
  10. Welcome to the forums, s.mackesey. I haven't used this program, since I don't need what you're asking for, but you could try out Desk in the Clouds (newly available, it seems, for Mac as well as Windows). If you want more information on Desk in the Clouds, search the forums, since users have described it in other conversations.
  11. You're not doing anything wrong. Stacks can only be one level deep. If you need more than that, you might try tags. They're not identical, and they don't replicate the folder structure so many users are used to from their OSes, but they're far more flexible in Evernote. I highly recommend organizing with tags over notebooks or stacked notebooks. Here's just one conversation on the matter that you may find helpful:
  12. Welcome to the forums, Got2bFree. Currently, no. Sorry. I've changed the title to show that you want this feature.
  13. GuyF: Sorry about your problem and the disappointing support response. What Jeff said is right: If you never got a confirmation email, somehow your support ticket was never received. So if you didn't get the confirmation email, file another support ticket. Every ticket gets a response. In my experience, this is false: Evernote support is not always what I wish it were, but I think your warning is hyperbolic.
  14. I'm not sure exactly how best to search this, but GrumpyMonkey has posted a lot in the forums about how Evernote could/should offer a lot more options, and Evernote employee dlu has made pretty clear that Evernote usually wants to make choices internally and not provide options. Sadly for those of use who want more control, it seems that we're more likely to get fewer options than more over time.
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