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  1. Wow. This seems excessive, but I can't really judge without some more data. Would you mind sharing: Total size (GB) of your Evernote folder Total number of notes Reinstall, or new computer If new computer, brand/model Thanks. 1. I don't know how to find that. I asked here, and no one responded. 2. A little over 20,000. 3. Reinstall. 4. Nope, same computer I've been using since before I started using Evernote. EDIT about #1: The total size of my /Library/Application Support/Evernote folder, which I backed up before deleting it to do the initial sync, was about 17.5 GB. But, as I explained in the linked post, that can't be the size of my account, since I've only been a premium user for nine months.
  2. What the others have said is right, and my personal guess is that alphabetic ordering is here to stay (though I have no inside information). What some users do to hack a personalized order is to include symbols or special characters before names. Example: _C .B A
  3. In my experience, my account has reset at midnight, U.S. Pacific Time (GMT-8, though note that the U.S. is on Daylight Savings Time for most of the year) at the end of the last day in the monthly cycle. Since I live in New York and upgraded to premium on October 1 last year, that means that at 3 a.m. my time on the 1st of every month I start a new cycle.
  4. I started an initial sync before going to sleep Sunday night. It was done when I woke up this morning—meaning it took around 30 hours. Sigh. Dlu or other Evernote employees, if activity logs or anything on my end can be of use, please let me know.
  5. GrumpyMonkey is correct, though Evernote will also search recognized text in images. And what he mentioned about PDFs is what I do: I have lots of Word documents I want searchable in Evernote, so I print them to PDFs and send those to Evernote.
  6. I did a clean re-initial sync of my database yesterday, and the problem is already happening again. Here are some searches I just did, and the results on the Mac and web clients: —"philosophy": Mac 395, web 397. —"earth": Mac 975, web 976. —"evernote": Mac 382, web 389. —"finally": Mac 1687, web 1690. —"search": Mac 1963, web 1972 Jack, is there anything more I can do to try to help you guys fix this?
  7. Jack, unfortunately I'm still having the Keychain problems. I also had two elephants in the menu bar the last time I had Evernote open, but this time there's only one. And my initial sync took well over 24 hours (it ended sometime during the night, probably at 30-35 hours).
  8. No, sorry; I just mean that I'm not sure whether, without the Evernote application, I can view all the metadata (tags, notebook, created and updated date, author, etc.). Do you know whether that's possible?
  9. Yeah, but the CEO loves food. And meeting people, I guess. Apparently remembering meals and people is very important to Evernote.
  10. Evernote bulleting/outlining is very sad, and there's no indication it's going to get less sad in the near future. I love Workflowy for my task management, but it's a great outlining tool in general.
  11. I have three Evernote passwords in the Keychain. One of them lists 15 different Evernote applications, and the other two list an application called "Evernote 2" that has the generic document icon, not the Evernote icon, next to it. I added Evernote to the list of allowed applications for the two passwords that didn't have it, but the problem is still occurring.
  12. My impression, though I could be wrong, is that there is metadata that will be lost if you only access your notes outside of Evernote (such as by opening the HTML files as GrumpyMonkey recommended). That said, you definitely won't ever lose access to note content if you've backed those files up, since those HTML files are easily viewable outside of Evernote.
  13. I reported it a number of times to support a long time ago and they acknowledged the bug after reviewing my logs. To be honest, I got tired of resubmitting it and sending logs after each update when it didn't appear that the engineers had even attempted to fix it yet. If someone wants to tell me the engineers believe they have fixed the bug I've already submitted many times, then I'll go to the trouble of redownloading the db. But I'm done spending time on troubleshooting something that I have no reason to believe has been addressed. Same situation as cjedeheer. I "only" reported this twice, but I don't know whether it's worth my time or Evernote staff's time to keep reporting this. Jackolicious, you think more reports would help Evernote fix the bug? Also, wiping the local database clean and doing a new initial sync "solves" the problem—for a little while. The issue is this: Over time, repeatedly, our local Mac databases are becoming corrupted or un-indexed or something. That's the problem.
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