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  1. Paid User here adding a vote for the return of Horizontal View. It's essential to my workflow. I hope that until an updated version with Horizontal View is released I can use an old version from Time Machine.
  2. Unfortunately here's no reliable pattern. Today I was browsing through Notes in List View, using a one-word search to filter results (not a tag search). I've had 2 instances in the last hour, clicking on the Note title in the List view. They were probably 12 or 13 notes apart, meaning I had looked at 12 notes with no problems in between the two notes that forced the application to hide itself. Evernote version: 5.0.7 (400995)
  3. Using Evernote 5.0.7, when I click on note titles in the list view, sometimes the Evernote main window disappears and I'm suddenly looking at whatever application is behind it, ie Chrome or Reeder. It happens sporadically and has been happening for a few months. There seems to be no pattern other than it keeps happening. Anyone else running into this?
  4. Also will throw my hat into the ring for interest in batch tag function
  5. I'm a premium member and logged in but I'm getting a message in the chat window that the service is currently unavailable.
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