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  1. Chris I'm dealing with my problem with Evernote Support. You policing my vocabulary is not helpful to the discussion. I have no obligation to detail for your benefit the "many many problems" because the Support staff are aware of them. Nothing you have offered in this thread is helpful, encouraging, supportive, or welcoming. You are alienating people. What I have learned is that the Forum is not the place to go for help because it's patrolled by "Evangelists" who have lots of opinions, but no real knowledge. Lots of time, but no real sense. Please feel free to have the last word becaus
  2. Hi Chris I appreciate that by definition evangelists are zealous advocates who will only see the good. Having used Evernote for 2 years now clearly I think it's a good product as well. However that doesn't mean that the developers don't make mistakes. Having someone like you finger-wagging at me for daring to criticise your beloved product does nothing to increase my faith, it only increases my frustration. So unless you have something constructive to add to the conversation, I politely suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. Thanks
  3. Hi Chris I'm not sure it's correct for you to say that others are not seeing the same problem, unless you are on the EB Support Team and know this to be a fact? For us, Support have been unable to resolve our problems in over two weeks, and are now suggesting we try beta versions of the app, which is indicative of known issues. There are definitely flaws and we have lost many productive hours trying to resolve them with the help of EB Support. Allison
  4. Definitely not working in Chrome 29 with OS X 10.8.4. I have a support ticket in now on this and the many, many other technical problems our team is having with EB. The support team has not been able to resolve the tagging issue as of yet. Really very disappointed that the Business version of Evernote is so flawed.
  5. Hi Chris! I'm using OS X 10.8.4 and the latest version of Chrome. Web Clipper shows "Tags not supported" if I chose to clip to a Business Notebook, but allows tags for my Personal notebooks. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers! Allison
  6. Hi there. I have been a bit disappointed to find that the Web Clipper tells me "tags not supported" when I clip things for my Business Notebooks. Is there a reason for this? Thanks Allison
  7. Good for moving stuff but still doesn't help with batch tagging, which seems like a fundamental feature that is still missing from the Mac versions.
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