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  1. The nice thing about AppleScript is that it's pretty easy to make it do **EXACTLY** what you want it to do! For example -- To keep the script from deleting the files, all you have to do is remove this line of code: tell application "Finder" to delete added_items For future revisions of the script, I'll probably include some "switches" to make customization even easier.... but hope this helps for now!
  2. (Cross-posting this to the Developer Forum) Hey Everyone! One of my readers asked if I could put together an AppleScript which lets you select a text or CSV file and then import its many rows and columns of data into separate Evernote items. I've been playing around with some different approaches to doing this and I've just published a very early version of one of them to the Code Library: http://veritrope.com/code/evernote-csv-and-text-file-importer/ Thought I'd mention it here in case anyone on the Forum wants to "kick the tires" and offer any suggestions, bug reports, etc.
  3. Glad that it worked for you! If you feel like sharing your AppleScript with other Evernoters, you can quickly cut-and paste it into this form and I'll host it at the Veritrope.com Code Library.
  4. I have -- Same thing happened to me with a script I was working on and, when I asked, discovered it was part of how Evernote parsed HTML content on the way in. I've been told that there's a report filed on that. I'll try to follow up on that and let you know if I get an update!
  5. I'm glad it's working well for you and I appreciate the kind words... Thanks! This script was the template for the Outlook-to-OmniFocus AppleScript that I also released at the same time -- and the OmniFocus crowd had a pretty positive, vocal response. As you might imagine, I had been wondering how all my Evernote people were enjoying their version... Hope to further refine and improve the script so, should you encounter any issues or come up with ideas to make it even better, please leave me a comment over on the script's page. -Justin
  6. Viv, FYI -- I just released a new AppleScript to Connect Evernote to Outlook 2011 here: http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote-beta-2/
  7. Just released a new AppleScript to Connect Outlook 2011 here: http://veritrope.com/code/outlook-2011-to-evernote-beta-2/ It's working reeeeeealy well for me! Give it a whirl and let me know what you think in the script's comment thread.
  8. With Spencer's permission, I've mirrored his AppleScript at the Code Library: http://veritrope.com/code/evernote-new-note-based-on-template/ On that page, you'll find a button that opens his script directly in the AppleScript Editor for easy saving, making into an app, etc. Enjoy!
  9. Weird -- Just checked that link again in Safari and Firefox and both work fine.... but I am glad you got things working and I hope find the script useful. (Also glad to hear you installed FastScripts as it makes this stuff a lot more fun!) Any questions, suggestions, or missing parenthesis reports can be made on the script's page in the comment thread.
  10. In response to this thread, I hashed out a script to do the job! It creates a duplicate copy of a note (including tags) and prepends “Copy Of” to the title, a.k.a., “How the Mac Finder’s Command-D Function Works”. Set this script up with a keyboard shortcut and you should be all set!
  11. Hi Des, Ahhh -- the joys of beta stuff, right? I've been trying to work around that issue for a little bit now and haven't found a solution that I like so far. If I can't find an elegant way to fix this, I'm going to fork the script into "MailTags/Non-MailTags Versions" soon. Hang in there and check back soon for an update... or watch my Twitter and you'll see an announcement of some kind. If you like, you can download a trial version of MailTags which will resolve this pop-up in the meantime. Kind Regards, Justin
  12. This combination of Gmail filters and Tarpipe is something that people should really take the time to check out! If you're not a Gmail user, there are other ways to achieve the same result (I've also been doing stuff like this on the Mac with Mail.app's "Mail Rules" and some AppleScript). The important conceptual thing to grab ahold of here is that, with a little forethought, Evernote users can set up a system that automatically files and tags a lot of stuff for you -- and keeps your inbox cleaner for you at the same time. Sounds pretty awesome to me!
  13. FWIW - I've released beta versions of my "2.0" Mail.app-to-Evernote scripts (in both English and Japanese). Click here for details and the links to each. @mdave - Thanks for the comment -- really appreciate it! With Kind Regards, Justin
  14. @lucianofuentes -- I won't judge... I'm on holiday as well and I knocked out that script as a way of unwinding after a day at the beach! If anyone has any suggestions, bug reports, etc., please feel free to leave them as a comment on the script's page!
  15. Hi Everyone, I just wrote an AppleScript that will make this much easier for you all... Hope you enjoy it!
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