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Can I add a second email address to one Evernote account?



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Only one email address can be associated for now, I'm afraid. What you can do, though, on desktop, is switch between 2 or more Evernote accounts connected to their own email addresses. Not what you're after, I know. A good case for associating 2 email addresses, though.

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From a test a while ago - what happens if you click on the shared note icon from the email and then log in to Evernote with your correct account details?  I think I was told the 'new' email address would be associated with my account.  It didn't replace the original (I nervously checked) and I don't now know if that changed how I was notified of shares...  just sayin'. 

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Howdy, Team --

I just wanted to weigh in as another frustrated Evernote user who frequently gets notes shared with him via two separate email addresses (personal and work) and does not want to create a separate Evernote account, because that completely defeats the purpose of Evernote, which is to store everything in one searchable place! Also, there's enough overlap between my career and my personal interests that I have many notes pertinent to both. 

Incidentally, I'd also prefer not to have to share my personal email address with everyone who might want to share something with me via my work email address.

From searching the Evernote Forums, it seems that this feature has been requested by a number of users over the span of a couple years now -- so Evernote development team, please get on it!

Many thanks,


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Right now, it is not a good idea to give Evernote any more than one email address as I have found out. By signing in with my google account Evernote got a secondary email address for me. Now that my primary address is no longer valid, and the former secondary is now my primary address, because the address is "already in use," I am unable to update and get rid of the old invalid address.

I have explained in more detail here:


Think twice before giving Evernote any more than one email address.

Update: I figured out how to add a Gmail subaddress and this worked to update my login address. But the warning still applies, best to avoid giving Evernote any more than one email address at a time to avoid this hassle.

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On 10/08/2017 at 8:42 PM, jmillerpa said:

This would be really helpful.  Like you can associate multiple email addresses with your google account - I get invites to share with the wrong address and its very frustrating for the sender!

Please add this feature.

Hi.  AFAIK You can't have two addresses associated in such a way as to get invites to both.  If you're having invites to the wrong address did you subscribe to the Google login,  or is this a case that invites consistently go to the same wrong address?

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This seems a no-brainer feature. You have your Evernote associated with your personal email; but you want to scan a business card then auto-send your details from your business one. Self-evident, right? But somehow not yet enabled, despite having been discussed for many years now.

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