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  1. Look, I guess I'm just trying to point out that this is a forum and people have the right to air their opinions/grievances and of course positive feedback. You say you aren't defending Evernote but my impression is that you are. Again we all know "Evernote calls the shots" when you point out the obvious and then add more defensive comments it seems to me that it chills discussion. I'm going by exchanges people have had with you on other threads ... the entire picture. You have raised some hackles. If you are just another user, why not just post what YOU like or don't like about Evernote, as most everyone else does. With this I'm bowing out of this discussion, I see you have a supporter so perhaps there's something more to your activity than I've missed so far, if so I apologize. Have a good night.
  2. Respectful question: have you appointed yourself the Evernote "public relations" voice to take the place of Evernote actually listening and actually responding to customers? Your "I'm sure they listen" is distinct from what I think you know people mean when they write such comments. I for one have been voicing suggestions to them via a direct contact form, for years, without any acknowledgement much less response or action. There are many ways Evernote could be improved but I for one am just about tired of spending my time and energy trying to get these folks to show signs of life or interest in their product. I just try my best to work around the crappy parts of it and get on with my life. The only reason I posted today was to share my workaround for the duplicate issue ... I really did not need the "they don't have to do anything" -- I can only imagine every business being conducted with that thought foremost in mind -- which seems to be more and more the case. PR spin and rude comebacks in place of a product that is democratically found useful.
  3. Same issue and it has been reported to Evernote for years now. For me, the duplicate notes are enough trouble, but imagine much more of a concern for Evernote since all of those deleted note copies take up considerable room on their servers. The major problem for me is of all the duplicate notes, which one is showing my latest updates and which ones can be deleted. So as I'm editing, I've starred to add shortcut to the latest one, the one I want to keep editing on. That worked until today, the system ended up starring the copies too. So I put an asterisk (*) in the title of the one I want to use and that worked. The point is to make some kind of distinguishing mark so you are only working with one note. Another issue for another topic but an annoyance is when clicking a link in Evernote. In the past, you would go right to the web page of that link. Some time ago, they added a most (to me) unhelpful extra step -- clicking a link takes you to a browser page to tell you that you are leaving Evernote. You need to wait for this page to load and then click again to reach your destination. It's easier to just copy the link and paste it in a browser. This is an example of Evernote's mindset, add extra features that are pretty useless, instead of fixing the issues most users are complaining about such as the duplicate notes. Why these folks don't listen to their customers -- or at least explain why they can't fix the issue -- boggles the mind.
  4. Hello - Reporting a Bug Since your latest update, am unable to download a note. This is typically done by using CONTROL-S. In the past this has always worked to save a note to my computer but now only the header, not the body, or even the title, of the note is saved. I've tested my CONTROL-S function on other webpages and it is working normally; only on Evernote is it now failing. Inserting a screenshot below for your example of what occurs, showing that only everything above the note title is saved. I used to be able to download notes all the time and would truly appreciate being able to have this useful function. Appreciate it if your techs could take a look. Chromebook, latest version. Thank you.
  5. My workaround - I created a notebook 1 Web Clippings and set it as the default to clip to. It is at the top of the list of my notebooks. Now I can quickly access my note and transfer it to the proper notebook.
  6. Just discovered another bug ... formerly you could download (save) a note in Evernote to your computer - just by using CTRL-S. Now that does not work anymore; it does appear to save, shows up on your computer but when you open it the note is blank. I tested my CTRL-S function with other web pages and it works perfectly but no longer in Evernote.
  7. I have discovered a Web Clipper bug and am attaching a screenshot. The options page lacks the ability to scroll to all of the options, the bottom is cut off and you can't scroll further down. Please see screenshot. Running Chromebook, latest version. Other than this the clipper is now back to normal, thank you. EDIT: Discovered workaround, just reduce the size of the font (CTRL AND -); just reduce it to 90% and the entire options screen does show.
  8. There is a display issue - the Clipper window appears so low on the page that half of the "Remark" field is cut off and it is also difficult to see scroll for the various notebooks. Running Chromebook, latest version. Update: I went to take a screenshot and now it displayed OK. So will keep you advised. Thank you for returning the Remarks section, very helpful. Edit: I discovered that indeed the bottom section is cut off in that I can't see my notebooks which are low on the list (name of notebook begins with "Y"). However, I will try the option of reducing my screen size (CTRL -) and see if that works. Meantime I setup a workaround ... created a notebook titled "1-WEB CLIPPINGS" and set that as the default notebook where all clippings go. Then I can go there and cut the article to paste to the correct notebook.
  9. I was quoting mastahype from an earlier post on this thread ... wish I could answer your question and would like to know myself. I'm on a Chromebook and there's no way to revert to an earlier version of Evernote because there are no programs on a Chromebook; the icon is no more than a link that brings up the Evernote website in a separate window. For my desktop, I'm still running XP with Chrome browser but don't use the Web Clipper on that machine. Check mastahype's post above and see if he will be able to address your question.
  10. By mastahype above, how to go back to an earlier version: https://crx.dam.io/ext/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc.html Download the version you want and load as unpacked extension in Chrome. I can't ensure the validity of this side nor that extensions haven't been modified. However, 6.13.2 still works in Chrome Version 66.0.3359.66 (Official Build) beta (64-bit), so the message I see posted about Chrome breaking the clipper is sketchy. I suspect they wanted to have incremental releases of the new ground-up rebuild. The rebuild actually looks and functions like a very old version of the clipper from my recollection. It seems like a poor decision and totally screwed many paying and non-paying customers. This feels like a bonehead move, but mostly because there was no real notice (there is a post in the forum from 2017 saying they were stopping announcements of new releases). On a Chromebook however there would be no way to revert to an earlier version of Evernote.
  11. Thanks for educating me on what happened with Clipper. Chromebook's updates have been generating multiple issues for me with loss of ability to log onto some websites, loss of functionality on others, and DNS issues after the updates. I vote 100% for getting back the original features which only yesterday before I updated my laptop, worked fine. That included the "remark" field. I used that field to add the website URL for further reference and sharing. I can also enter the URL in the "tags" section but the former was better as it shows as part of the note. The Clipper is also noticeably slower since the change; as stated it was working fine only yesterday before I updated Chromebook.
  12. Once again, an "update to a newer version" that eliminated a useful feature - the Remarks section of Web Clipper. I use that to put the website address of the article I'm clipping in case I need to return to the article or share it elsewhere. How long do you think it will take to put this feature back, if it ever will be? Seems anything functional and useful these days can be counted on to be taken away.
  13. This is not the only thread discussing the issue. Another thread here https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79148-duplicate-notes-issue/ has an Evernote employee acknowledging that this issue is a bug, claiming they issued a fix where there will be no more multiple notes when the Internet connection is lost so that speaks for itself. In my case my Internet connection has been weird, not completely lost but on and off slow the past few days. As far as "not using the installed client" I am on a Chromebook and am using the Evernote app from the Chrome webstore. I wonder, are you an employee of Evernote with authority to make decisions or just a user attempting to be helpful to other users?
  14. I have had this problem on and off but it got worse recently. Trying to paste in and edit a note, was repeatedly thrown out and immediately more copies of the note appeared. At one point I counted 29 duplicates. I know my connection has been slowing on and off the past few days (iSP Frontier, don'tcha know). Worse the duplicates take a very long time to delete and then I must go into the trash and delete them from there. I've never had so much trouble with Evernote. I guess since this has been an issue they've known about for years, I should not hope very much for a fix. Another issue I've reported is that in moving text around inside a note, the font size of all or part of the pasted material dramatically changes to from 14 to 24 and must be put back at 14. Instead of adding so many bells and whistles such as chat for which there are other apps, why not just make a functional product in which to paste, edit, and save notes.
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