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Autoname using first line



None of the auto note naming rules suit me. I don't want notes to be named after the place I'm in, or any event that is in my calendar. I would like the note to be autmatically named after the first line of the note. This is because I tend to write a title as the first line of the note, and it would be really convenient to have the note automatically named as per the title.


MS Word works like this. When you save a new Word file, the default fgile name is the first line of the file.


Could this be added as an option?


Thanks - Rowan

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That's the thing, Gazumped. I too don't want to do 2 extra actions -- scroll up and delete something -- before I can jot down my first line which I want to be the title of my note. The lack of this feature has always irritated me on Android, and I'm here today because the capability to autotitle with the first line of a note seems to be gone from Windows.


Now the Windows new note defaults to "Title," and I"m forced to do the same 2 extra actions -- go to the title field and copy my first line -- so that I don't end up with "Title" as the note title. Versions before 276742 seemed to pull the first line of a note and make it its title, but now this capability seems to be gone...  with no option to configure.


Why break something that worked well? I end up with several notes titled "Title" because now Evernote is forcing me to enter data into its fields a certain sequence. Where's the "freeform" freedom that we used to have?



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This is a great idea.  There should be more auto-naming options in the Android version.  For example:

1. first (user selectable quantity of) words in the note.  This should be able to work with the document camera too, with the built in hand writing OCR. 

2. current time and date only (without grabbing calendar event info).  


I'm sure there are more good ideas.  I had a not self-title itself "clean cat litter" because I have a reminder all day event in my google calendar to change my cat litter 3 days a week.  I have had others even less helpful. 


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Hmmn.  Grabbing a headline from OCR'd content takes time and a network connection - and the results aren't always decisive:  'horse' could be 'house' and vice-versa.  And too many options means it could be quicker to type in a heading than select from a lengthy list.  I agree the 'smart' naming isn't very smart at all,  but maybe that will get better...

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