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  1. That sounds like exactly what I want. But how do I enable beta features (on EverNote for Android)? I can't see beta features mentioned anywhere at all... Thanks - Rowan
  2. Well spotted - that was it. So I really was being incredibly stupid... Thanks anyway! Rowan
  3. Thanks for your reply. This doesn't do what I want, because every note is then called "Untitled Note". Rowan
  4. Thanks for your replies. That works in Windows, but not in Android. If I open a note in Evernote for Android, I see the title (in this case "Untitled Note") in green at the top of the screen. If I then click the pencil icon, an on-screen keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen, and the title disappears. Why is this not working for me? Thanks - Rowan
  5. None of the auto note naming rules suit me. I don't want notes to be named after the place I'm in, or any event that is in my calendar. I would like the note to be autmatically named after the first line of the note. This is because I tend to write a title as the first line of the note, and it would be really convenient to have the note automatically named as per the title. MS Word works like this. When you save a new Word file, the default fgile name is the first line of the file. Could this be added as an option? Thanks - Rowan
  6. I am no doubt being extremely thick, but I can't find out how to rename a note. How do I do this? I need to know on both the Android and the Windwos version. Thanks - Rowan
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