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  1. The prior public version I had installed for Windows (7) showed all notebooks that were shared with me. After this update, even though the release notes promised to display the notebooks the prior capability is broken. The only thing I see in "Shared with Me" is a note someone shared with me and that I cannot delete. On my Win 10 machine, running version, the feature works as promised. I'm holding off on updating Evernote on my other machines until this is fixed.
  2. This issue is still not fixed on Windows Release version 6.17. Though the release notes say "- Now there’s one easy place to find all the notes and notebooks that have been shared with you. Check out “Shared with me” over there in the sidebar." the only I thing I see under "Shared with me" is a note shared by someone that I cannot delete.
  3. Just happened to me, version for Windows; this was a first. I closed Evernote -- including right clicking on the EN icon inside the notifications taskbar to close all EN processes -- and restarted EN from scratch. The note panel is now displaying properly. Lena
  4. Evernote took forever to implement reminders -- users requested them for years -- but I consider them very unfriendly. The assumption that I want to be reminded of something in one hour, and having to manually go through the individual D/M/Y/H/M/S subfields (thanks @jefito for typing this out) to change that, is shortsighted and limiting. I would love to be able to set the reminder for a date without having to specify the time. I wish I could have any untimed reminder pop up at a time I specify (for me it would be 9 AM). Evernote reminders are so annoying in this aspect I seldom use the feature. As a result I've implemented my to do lists in Todoist, not in Evernote. lena
  5. That's the thing, Gazumped. I too don't want to do 2 extra actions -- scroll up and delete something -- before I can jot down my first line which I want to be the title of my note. The lack of this feature has always irritated me on Android, and I'm here today because the capability to autotitle with the first line of a note seems to be gone from Windows. Now the Windows new note defaults to "Title," and I"m forced to do the same 2 extra actions -- go to the title field and copy my first line -- so that I don't end up with "Title" as the note title. Versions before 276742 seemed to pull the first line of a note and make it its title, but now this capability seems to be gone... with no option to configure. Why break something that worked well? I end up with several notes titled "Title" because now Evernote is forcing me to enter data into its fields a certain sequence. Where's the "freeform" freedom that we used to have? lena
  6. Thanks, northxnortheast -- did this a month ago not hoping for much but it really fixed the problem. What a shame that this command is hidden in the depths of this forum and in the depths of evernote.exe.
  7. Hi, Today I finally installed EN5 to see whether the initial issues I read about in this forum have been resolved. On EN4 I can nest tags created by someone else, in a notebook they shared with me, into a main category (called, for example, NOT MY TAGS). Doing so keeps their tags out of my visual field, and they don't disrupt my workflow with my own tag hierarchy. On EN5, however, I could only nest the tags I'd created myself, not the ones from a shared notebook. Those tags appeared flat, on a hierarchical level identical to my personal tags' main level. Every single one of them was followed by the email address of the notebook owner. I like knowing whose tag it is (especially when it's something long and too detailed like "bread_suppliers_benjamin_franklin_stone_bakery_2013_may"), but for me the final effect of not being able to nest them is that of EVC: Extreme Visual Clutter. I also couldn't find a way to make those tags disappear by selecting only my own notebooks. For me, having other people's tags in my face all the time is a dealbreaker. Someone shares a notebook with me, and their tags are more important than my own? Perhaps pertinent distinctions: Was running EN5 on an XP computer; EN4 on Windows 7; Was running EN5 on a free account; EN4 on a premium. Does this happen with premium accounts on Windows 7? If so, is it by design or is it a bug? Thanks, Lena
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