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  1. Sorry Gazumped, didn't see that. Thanks for linking.
  2. The prior public version I had installed for Windows (7) showed all notebooks that were shared with me. After this update, even though the release notes promised to display the notebooks the prior capability is broken. The only thing I see in "Shared with Me" is a note someone shared with me and that I cannot delete. On my Win 10 machine, running version, the feature works as promised. I'm holding off on updating Evernote on my other machines until this is fixed.
  3. This issue is still not fixed on Windows Release version 6.17. Though the release notes say "- Now there’s one easy place to find all the notes and notebooks that have been shared with you. Check out “Shared with me” over there in the sidebar." the only I thing I see under "Shared with me" is a note shared by someone that I cannot delete.
  4. Just happened to me, version for Windows; this was a first. I closed Evernote -- including right clicking on the EN icon inside the notifications taskbar to close all EN processes -- and restarted EN from scratch. The note panel is now displaying properly. Lena
  5. Evernote took forever to implement reminders -- users requested them for years -- but I consider them very unfriendly. The assumption that I want to be reminded of something in one hour, and having to manually go through the individual D/M/Y/H/M/S subfields (thanks @jefito for typing this out) to change that, is shortsighted and limiting. I would love to be able to set the reminder for a date without having to specify the time. I wish I could have any untimed reminder pop up at a time I specify (for me it would be 9 AM). Evernote reminders are so annoying in this aspect I seldom use the feature. As a result I've implemented my to do lists in Todoist, not in Evernote. lena
  6. That's the thing, Gazumped. I too don't want to do 2 extra actions -- scroll up and delete something -- before I can jot down my first line which I want to be the title of my note. The lack of this feature has always irritated me on Android, and I'm here today because the capability to autotitle with the first line of a note seems to be gone from Windows. Now the Windows new note defaults to "Title," and I"m forced to do the same 2 extra actions -- go to the title field and copy my first line -- so that I don't end up with "Title" as the note title. Versions before 276742 seemed to pull the first line of a note and make it its title, but now this capability seems to be gone... with no option to configure. Why break something that worked well? I end up with several notes titled "Title" because now Evernote is forcing me to enter data into its fields a certain sequence. Where's the "freeform" freedom that we used to have? lena
  7. Zapier works but is expensive, and your reminders take awhile to show up on gcal. You can try it out for free and find out if it's enough for you.
  8. Thanks, northxnortheast -- did this a month ago not hoping for much but it really fixed the problem. What a shame that this command is hidden in the depths of this forum and in the depths of evernote.exe.
  9. Whoever "I" is above, thanks -- found this video about TaskClone on YouTube, and will most certainly try out. May be able to get rid of Zapier, which is leading me to the poorhouse. TaskClone guys, you need market yourselves better. How come there seem to be no videos on your own website? Lena
  10. In the spirit of all the negative sentiments expressed on the Mac forum, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/73743-how-to-turn-off-work-chat/ I would like to reiterate the same request here, with the aggravation that I'm running EN on a Samsung phone. To see the HUGE Work Chat icon right next to the search icon, and to have the Work Chat feature rammed down my throat ABOVE All Notes is EXTREMELY IRRITATING. What makes you think that I'll even use this feature? Thank you.
  11. https://zapier.com/z...ernote/todoist/ Zapier works in a limited fashion, especially when it comes to reminders and integration with Google calendar, but it's expensive. I'm about to investigate IFTTT within the next 2 weeks.
  12. I understand that EN doesn't have its own addressbook, and can appreciate the myriad reasons (including our having to keep different addressbooks synced). However, it's obnoxious to have to go hunt for an email address when I'm forwarding a note (share | email). A workaround was posted in 2013, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/28887-populating-the-address-book-in-evernote/. I might try that - easier than going to gmail, composing new message, and allow autocomplete in gmail to pop up the address which I copy and paste onto Evernote. (Ugh.) In Windows, the newly implemented Work Chat somehow accesses my Gmail addressbook. However, no addresses at all are accessed: 1. On my Android Nexus Tablet. 2. When I email a note to someone -- far more powerful than the one-line chat capability. Are these capabilities in the works? Has someone found a better solution to use the Email from Evernote option? Thanks, lena
  13. Just emailed the Todoist forum asking for app integration to become an EN authorized service. But just found a workaround. Open the note in EN desktop, and use Copy URL on the toolbar instead of Copy Note Link. The correct note title appears. The note will open in the browser only, however; I need to click on the "View in Evernote" button to view it locally. Complete workaround: In each Todoist task note, insert 2 links to EN note: Copy URL to generate the note title Local link to note to be able to access it offline. All right!! Thanks for the inspiration. I hope others find this useful. lena
  14. Thank you both for your replies. s2sailor, I had already tried using the local link also to no avail. Instead of Welcome Back I see the part of the hyperlinked path, as in evernote:///view/5313419/s48/2bbc0a... . If I go to Evernote web version and look at my account, I'm not seeing Todoist as an authorized application. I'm guessing it's having to negotiate my login cookie in my browser each time it accesses the note, and also the reason why it can only see the local link instead of the note title. Until Todoist and Evernote work together on this level of integration, I'm guessing nothing is going to change. Does that make sense? Thanks, lena
  15. Todoist is an online To-Do and task list manager with a concept similar to EN -- multi-platform, local Windows version can be installed, syncs automatically. Enables many levels of nested projects and nested next actions, with good calendaring functions. In sum, it's potentially a great outliner for one's projects and next actions. It's supposed to integrate with EN. The paid version (sign up and get 30 days trial for free) enables you to associate a Todoist task note with an EN note by merely pasting the EN's note link. Which is really, REALLY cool. The problem is that every single EN note I link to a Todoist task changes the title of the hyperlinked EN note to Welcome Back Every single EN note I bring into Todoist displays as Welcome Back, which renders the system useless if I can't see the note title I'm linking to a task. Another annoyance: I click on a link, and the note opens twice: in a separate window of my browser and on my EN app in Windows. Their people wrote, "Our system auto changes to the title of the link. So it must be picking up Welcome Back from which ever Evernote note you are linking to." Obviously, Welcome Back is not the title of my EN note, and isn't even on the text. Can anyone explain this? How can every EN note be sending Todoist "Welcome Back"? Is my clicking on an EN note link make it log on to my EN account every single time? And why does a note open twice? Is there a way to specify that I only want the linked note to open in my EN app? All insight much appreciated. Thanks, lena
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